Saturday, December 27, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 17

Last Week: 9-7
Overall:155-84 (65%)

This week's picks:

Falcons over the Rams
I wore a bag over my head to the family Christmas party.

Patriots over the Bills
This is an automatic win for the Pats every year

Chiefs over the Bengals
Will a victory help Herm keep his job? I don't know but Marvin Lewis is probably safe with his gig no matter what. The reasons behind that type of thinking are why the Bengals suck every year. This is after all the team that brought back the talented but habitual screw-up, Chris Henry.

Packers over the Lions
Detroit is desperate to win a game but the Pack should be desperate to avoid losing to a 0-15 team.

Titans over the Colts
This one's a toss up really because both teams have their playoff positions set. So do their starters play all game or what?

Saints over the Panthers
I'm a very big Drew Brees fan but I don't want to see him take Dan Marino's passing yards record with the so-so year the Saints have had. It doesn't mean as much.

Steelers over the Browns
Last year was such a tease for Browns fans. Now it's back to the usual.

Bucs over the Raiders
Gruden gets motivated against the Raiders still doesn't he?

Texans over the Bears
I give up on picking these teams. They both lose or win games they shouldn't.

Ravens over the Jags
I really like Ed Reed. One of my favorite defensive players of all time.

Redskins over the 49ers
Singletary is the man now. Good luck dude.

Dolphins over the Jets
I usually root for Favre because I like him. But seriously, who's been more likable this year, the classy and resilient Pennington, or the erratic and increasingly annoying Favre?

Cowboys over the Eagles
It's tough to tell who will self-destruct in this game, Romo or McNabb. I guess I'll go with the latter.

Cardinals over the Seahawks
Don't care.

Chargers over the Broncos
Rivalry game at it's best. These teams hate each other so this should be good.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 16

Last Week: 9-7
Overall: 146-77 (65%)

This week's picks:

Colts over the Jags
The Jags are at home and the Colts are not dominant so this may turn out in favor of Jacksonville. However, it's hard to go with a team that has played so badly this year.

Cowboys over the Ravens
Too much T.O. talk as usual in the press. He gets a hugely disproportionate amount of attention for the talent he has. He is at times a great receiver. He has never been the best receiver in the game. Never. He is a narcissist and unfortunately we give him what he wants: attention. Look-- I'm even writing about him now. I'm part of the problem. I like Tony Romo, I like Whitten, I like Patrick Crayton, and Marion Barber. But I can't embrace my former favorite team (from childhood and teens) with Owens running the asylum. Jerry Jones may think he's in control of this franchise but the only thing he's in control of, besides an extremely creepy face, is turning his teams into dysfunctional madhouses with his personnel decisions.

Jets over the Seahawks
More "I might retire comments" from Favre? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Giants over the Panthers
NY might be in an offensive crisis if Eli doesn't pick up the slack for his suddenly unreliable receivers. If he has to do this without Plaxico, then so be it. The Panthers have won a ton of games this season and I still don't know what to think of them.

Patriots over the Cardinals
Cassel shreds another so-so team. I don't know if he's really good or a system QB. If their system is that good why don't my Rams start using it. Oh yeah-- because they have no leadership on the team, on the coaching staff, in their management or ownership. Hmm that sounds like a high draft pick to me. Bring on the losses at this point. I'm officially rooting for the top pick, but since the Lions are a lock for that, I'm hoping for number 2.

49ers over the Rams
see above.

Falcons over the Vikings
Peterson is hurting with that ankle and though the Viking defense will stifle Ryan and Turner a bit, I sense an eked out victory here for the Dirty Birds. Of course my senses are a little off right now based on a batch of chili I downed for lunch. Where is that orange spray when you need it?

Texans over the Raiders
I think it would be cool for the Texans to finish above .500 this year. I think any bad thing that can befall the Raiders in a football sense is also a good thing. Oakland (Al Davis) deserves all the bad karma he can get after giving away Randy Moss to the Evil Empire.

Dolphins over the Chiefs
Is the firing over in K.C.? Their G.M. isn't the only problem.

Titans over the Steelers
I'm torn over this pick. I think Kerry Collins has had an amazing season, but I don't trust him. Haynesworth is out but I think they come after Roethlisberger and every body's new fave team will lose a tough and defensive game.

Lions over the Saints
Detroit isn't going to win next week in Green Bay. So this is the shot they have to avoid total defeat for the season. 0-16 cannot happen in today's NFL. At least it shouldn't. Jim Rome may have a dream but I think he may be disappointed because I believe the Lions may just surprise the very up and down Saints.

Broncos over the Bills
Is Cutler really Pro Bowl material? He should be playing the Bills

Bengals over the Browns
I'm not sure why.

Bucs over the Chargers
ditto. by the way, how does Philip Rivers have such good stats this year and his team is so bad? I would be interested in his 4th quarter stats and 3rd down stats. It can't just be the running game and defense that has left San Diego in shambles this year.

Eagles over the Redskins
I don't think McNabb is a great QB. I've watched too many Eagle's games this year to be swayed otherwise. His receiver's body language when he throws a ball in the dirt or way over their head in critical situations is very interesting. What their body language doesn't say is, "wow, how did that happen?", --Nope--it's more like, "not again, (sigh)". That doesn't mean he can't have an amazing game occasionally. He had a good game against the Giants and the talent has always been obvious with him, but I just don't trust the guy to make the right throw when he has to. I do think he'll play ok against the Skins and get Philly closer to almost making the playoffs this year.

Bears over the Packers
What a disastrous season for the Pack. If they can improve on defense next season I think things will improve.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pro-Bowl Voting: The Skill Positions

So Pro Bowl announcements came out today. In my opinion, the Pro Bowl is the most irrelevant of all the major sports all star games. That may change if they go forward with the plan to hold the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl. That would make it far more interesting and give us something else to talk about in those insanely long two weeks before the big game. Still they need to do something about how the voting is done on this thing. First of all it's crazy to have the rosters done 2 weeks before the season is finished. I could maybe see the argument with setting the team before the last game is played, with a few teams resting starters that week,--- but in reality, what makes the first game of the season anymore important than the last game of the season for Pro Bowl voting. You can make a strong case that many of the last games that have playoff implications are more indicative of how crucial a player and his stats are to a team. Anyhoo, as far as the skill positions go for the Pro Bowl I wanted to make a couple of comments about how the rosters filled out.


Quarterback: Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, & Eli Manning
Not a lot of argument from me here. Warner played crappy competition all year but his stats are great and you simply can't keep him out with him being 2nd in yards, QB rating, TDs and first in completion percentage. I agree with the Brees selection as well. Even though his team sucked this year, they are at least at .500 and this game should recognize individual success when it is outstanding as well as team success. On that point, Manning's selection I can see because his team was great, he was the leader of that team and his stats were very good (not great though). I could also see an argument for Matt Ryan or Tony Romo based on very good stats and fairly decent team success. Others might tout Aaron Rodgers, Jeff Garcia, Jake Delhomme, or McNabb but they are weaker arguments based on their stats, recent benchings (that's you Donovan) and in the case of Rodgers, his team's lack of success.

Receivers: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith, & Roddy White
Fitzgerald and Boldin are solid picks here with almost 90 receptions each and over 1000 yards. Calvin Johnson has more yards than Boldin but only by about 100 yards and remember Boldin missed games with that awful facial injury. Roddy White also deserves a spot based on his receptions and yards. The 4th pick is in my mind a little debatable but I think it's the right one. Steve Smith is 2nd in yards, and is 1st in yards per game, being the only guy over 100 ypg. Antonio Bryant has a case here being 4th in catches, and over 1000 yards, and Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings could argue they belong as well. Bottom line is I think the 4 selected are the right ones based on what they have done to this point.

Running Backs: Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner, & Clinton Portis
Peterson is the best back in football (having ripped that title from Tomlinson last year) and Turner and Portis join him in the top 3 for rushing yards. Turner has 15 TDs, tops among NFC running backs and again not to bash Tomlinson, but MT has been better than LT among the two former teamates. Here is where I think early voting screws some guys. I actually might take Deangelo Williams of the Panthers over Clinton Portis based on how Williams is surging and how he is responsible for much of his team's late season success. He may end up with more yards that Portis and his average yard per rush is 5.5, almost a full yard above Portis. Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Grant and Matt Forte also could make a claim here, with probably Jacobs having the best case if he wasn't hurt.

Tight Ends: Jason Whitten, Chris Cooley
There isn't anybody close to these guys in receiving yards so they are obvious selections. Blocking is important but you need catches to be known as an all-star Tight End.


Quarterbacks: Payton Manning, Brett Favre, & Jay Cutler
The way Manning started the season I would have bet this was one year he wasn't going to make it. But he's pulled it together as of late and ranks high in most categories so I think he's a good choice here. Cutler has the most yards passing and Favre has the best completion percentage so they are both worthy candidates for the Pro Bowl. Philip Rivers has the best QB rating and very good stats but the disappointment of the Chargers is even worse for me than Brees and the Saints debacle this year. So I really do think Cutler deserves the nod over him. Plus Rivers is such a punk it probably really bugs him Cutler got in and that's ok with me too. I think Chad Pennington has a case to make too and I'd probably go with him over Favre this year based on consistency. What a weird thing that he is dumped by the Jets and he goes out and has a great year for the Dolphins. I wonder if the Jets regret it at all? Probably not because Pennington had plenty of years to prove something to them and he basically had one great year earlier in the decade and then a whole lot of injured or crappy years. Also weird is that I could see someone making the argument that Matt Cassel should get some thoughts here for the Prow Bowl. I think he has played brilliantly for most of the year and whether it's him, the system, Moss & Welker, or just plain luck, you can't argue with the results.

Receievers: Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker
Johnson and Welker are no brainers here with both having over 100 receptions and over 1000 yards. Marshall and Reggie Wayne also make sense because they are the only other receivers over 1000 yards at this point. However, you could make some noise for T.J. Houshmandzadeh who has pulled in nearly 1000 yards and has over 90 catches compared to Reggie Waynes 72 grabs. I think Houshamwhatshisname is more deserving than Wayne even though I like the Colt's receiver much more. Randy Moss is having another decent year also with 10 TDs and over 900 yards but he'll have to wait until Brady is back for his trip.

Running Backs: Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, & Ronnie Brown.
How does Ronnie Brown get on this list? The only thing I can think of is that all those wildcat formation highlights he starred in must have swayed some people. Steve Slaton absolutely deserved to be one of these guys. He's third in yards with over 1100 (Brown barely has over 800 yards), and he's averaging 4.9 yards a carry compared to Brown's 4.2 yards. This pick is a joke. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I get Jones and Johnson, both whose leading rushing yard totals and yards per carry and TDs easily get them the nod here. I just don't see Ronnie Brown here.

TE: Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates
These are almost automatic picks right. You don't even have to think about. But you should, Owen Daniels of the Texans and Dallas Clark both have more receiving yards and catches. I think this year Dallas Clark is the guy that should go instead of Gates. His big catches have saved the Colts season and he's one of the main reasons they have won so many close games.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 15

Last week's picks: 12-4
Overall: 137-70 (66%)

This week's picks:
Bears over the Saints
at Chicago, cold weather game. Looks like it favors the Bears right? Plus the Saints have been more up and down this year than my 2 year old daughter in the middle of the night. And that's saying a lot.

Falcons over the Bucs
I like the Falcons to rebound here from last week's loss to the Saints. It's not that I don't think the Bucs are good because they are, but so is Atlanta. In fact this division might be the best in the NFL. We would have laughed about that before the season started. Having said that, the teams are very good, but I don't think a Super Bowl candidate comes out of the division.

Giants over the Cowboys
I do think Plaxico Burress is a good fit for the Giants (at least on the field), so they will be hurt by his absence come playoff time, but last week's loss should be enough to motivate them for the final stretch.

Lions over the Colts. ....No seriously, that would be wild though wouldn't it. Upset of the year. But I'd have to be smoking something to make that pick. Back to reality....
Colts over the Lions

Chargers over the Chiefs
Both head coaches should be fired after the season. Reports indicate both will be back in 09. Yay. Look forward to more mis-management of games and heavy disappointment K.C. and San Diego.

Patriots over the Raiders
Is Cassel healthy this week? It shouldn't matter.

Seahawks over the Rams
These two were the class of the NFC west a few years ago. It's got to be embarrassing when the Cardinals wrap this thing up so early.

Redskins over the Bengals
Cincinnati is the right medicine for the Skins. The Bengals are more dysfunctional than they are so they have that going for them. Which is nice.

Dolphins over the 49ers
The 49ers have won a few games I didn't they would. This is another that I'm not picking them for.

Jets over the Bills
if NY can't win this game then they are dead for the season.

Cardinals over the Vikings
I see Peterson having a decent day but ultimately the receivers for the Cardinals will be too much for the Vikes.

Broncos over the Panthers
I can't believe I'm picking the unbelievably inconsistent Broncos over the fairly consistent Panthers. And the Panthers are at home! But every week there is a team or two that do the inexplicable.

Packers over the Jags
I've picked the Pack a lot and they have lost a lot. Both these teams are really disappointing this season. I should pick the Jags at home to run all over the defenseless Packers. Except the Jags can't run or throw the ball.

Ravens over the Steelers
another mild upset.

Titans over the Texans
I'm interested to see how the Titans handle the end of the season.

Eagles over the Browns
sometimes the Eagles struggle with games like this. Maybe not this week.

Monday, December 01, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 14

Last week: 11-5
Overall: 125-66 (65%)

This weeks picks:

Chargers over the Raiders
Sand Diego has no pride and no heart left if they lose this game.

Dolphins over the Blue Jays....I mean Bills.
So they are in Toronto. Big Deal. If I was a Bill I'd be all for an indoor game in December.

Bears over the Jags
Jacksonville is lost and I don't really trust the Bears. It's a toss up.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Time for some consistency Denver. Otherwise Mike Shanahan's eyes are going to pop out of his head. .....Oh wait, that that already happened......never mind.

Vikings over the Lions
They may lose a couple of suspended offensive lineman and that's bad news for a running team. Whether they have them for the Lions or not shouldn't matter.

Packers over the Texans
I can't believe I'm picking the Pack with the crappy run defense they have exhibited this year. And Steve Slaton is coming to town to boot. He's a good rookie runner but ultimately the Texans have been even more inconsistent than the Packers this year.

Titans over the Browns
Who's Cleveland's QB now? I forget. Why not fly in Vinny Testeverde. He played for the Browns at one point in his career didn't he?

Colts over the Bengals
Indy is winning ugly and Peter King of is touting Payton Manning as a leading candidate for MVP this year. Too many lattes for Mr. King because he's thinking of the wrong Manning. As good as the defense and run game has been for the Giants this season, Eli should be getting some love for his play as well.

Falcons over the Saints
New Orleans is putting together another underachieving season and the Falcons are overachieving. I have a man crush on Matt Ryan. Why didn't my Rams draft him? (sticking my head in an oven right now). speaking of which....

Cardinals over the Rams
Kurt Warner comes back to torch his former team again. The team that he totally took to the heights of NFL glory and then just as rapidly took to NFL mediocrity with his fumbling/broken thumbs/and ghastly interceptions. He's pulled himself back together in the past few years but he is still as likely to lose a game all by himself as fast as he can win one all by himself. This week he'll do the latter.

Giants over the Eagles
One team wins the tough ones and one loses the tough ones. Don't go straining anything while deciphering which one is which here.

Steelers over the Cowboys
Pittsburgh is going to pop the Dallas receivers and pressure Romo into mistakes. I think.

Jets over the 49ers
It's not time for a late season NY collapse is it? I hope Favre can pull it together this week.

Pats over the Seahawks
New England has the Raiders, Cardinals, & Bills after this. They should easily end up 11-5 and into the playoffs. Not bad for a Brady-less team. That should earn the serial killer look-alike/hoodie wearing Belichick a few coach of the year votes

Ravens over the Redskins
another decent rookie QB this year and another year of Redskin owner Daniel Snyder eating through his limo's leather seats after a disappointing loss. It's just a game Dan, relax.

Panthers over the Bucs
both are 9-3 and teams you probably won't trust either one to make it out of the first round in the playoffs. Carolina is at home so I'm going with them this week.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 13

Last Week: 9-7 (ouch)
Overall: 114-61 (65%)

This week's picks:

Titans over the Lions
The only Thanksgiving miracle we'll see for the Lions is if their fans aren't wearing bags over their heads.

Cowboys over the Seahawks
I like Barber, I like Romo, I like Crayton & Roy Williams. I even like Wade Phillips. Heck I was a Dallas Cowboy fan from 3rd grade until my college days. Jerry Jones, Terell Owens, Adam Jones--not so much.

Eagles over the Cardinals
I see the Eagles having a good turkey day and surprising people. Then the drama continues with McNabb of course as the benching last week becomes even bigger. McNabb needs to start earning his paycheck and then he has nothing to worry about.

Bills over the 49ers
Is Trent Edwards back? Not that he went away necessarily but he sure played like a stiff for a few games.

Ravens over the Bengals
The Bengals can play occasionally, but they are still a mess.

Colts over the Browns
So I keep picking against the Colts and they keep defying me with these tough wins. This week I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon and prophesying a victory for Indy. Your welcome Cleveland.

Packers over the Panthers
I just can't figure the Pack out. Their defense stinks too much for the kind of players they have on that side of the ball. Could be time for a new defensive coordinator then.

Dolphins over the Rams
Doesn't seem that long ago that I thought of the Dolphins in the same way I now think of the Rams. I wouldn't even watch my Rams if they ever were broadcast here in Utah (which they aren't). By the way I hate the fact that I have to get a steady dose of San Francisco, San Diego, Denver and Seattle games just because I live in the West. Now I know why I got the NFL Sunday ticket a few years back. Once I can afford it again, I'm back with Direct TV even though their prices are criminal.

Bucs over the Saints
I want to pick the Saints. I like Drew Brees and they are fun to watch when they are on. But they have been equally off this year (hence the mediocre record) and frankly I don't trust them. The Bucs found out that Warrick Dunn can still play and they ought to give him a few more carries. He's a stud.

Giants over the Redskins
If the NY can keep perspective and realize it's not who's kicking ass in November that's important but who's playing well in January, then look out. They dominate on both sides of the ball.

Chargers over the Falcons
I might regret this pick because I really like the Falcons with their balanced offense, and decent defense. Still the Chargers should have beaten the Colts and probably would have if their coach had any balls. Norv Turner is a good coordinator. Why is he a head coach? If I go on any longer I'm going to talk myself out of this pick.

Patriots over the Steelers
Matt Cassel's success is not a fluke. But he has help in the form of the shotgun formation, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, & Randy Moss. In regards to that Raider trade of Moss to the Patriots, does Patriot owner Bob Kraft call Al Davis up at 3 am, giggle maniacally, and then scream into the phone, "thank you Al for the gift. Your insane you know that right? But thank you....(more hysterical cackling) tone.....

Jets over the Broncos
Denver is a mess but I wouldn't be surprised to see them win this game. They can get hot and Cutler is good about every third game. Bronco fans must pull their hair out watching this team struggle. I'm not sold on the Jets but they have been playing well and they are at home.

Chiefs over the Raiders
must see tv.

Vikings over the Bears
I would like to see Peterson run over Urlacher. That would be cool.

Texans over the Jags
The Jags have really fallen for me to make this pick.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 12

Last week: 12-3 --I don't know what to do with last week's Bengals/Eagles tie game so I'm throwing it out.

Overall: 105-54 (66%)

This week's picks:

Steelers over the Bengals
Division rivalry game so it should be a little bit closer than ought to be.

Falcons over the Panthers
Here I am drinking the Matt Ryan kool-aid. If the Panthers can't run the ball this game belongs to Atlanta.

Browns over the Texans
I have no interest in this game. None.

Cowboys over the 49ers
Romo fixes flats, takes the homeless out for dates and hooks up with Jessica Simpson. He's all about charity and I like that.

Broncos over the Raiders
Cutler is on the verge of greatness but has been sitting on that fence for awhile. He needs to just jump off and dominate week in and week out.

Bucs over the Lions
How many Detroit turkey jokes are we due for this week?

Titans over the Jets
It's tough to pick against a team that doesn't kill itself.

Chiefs over the Bills
Buffalo is reeling and with K.C. at home it's a good time for them to pull off a 13-10 or 17-14 type of game.

Bears over the Rams
If I could wear a bag at home I would. I can't believe my Rams have become a joke again.

Patriots over the Dolphins
Cassel is looking great. I keep hearing how these college QBs aren't going to be able to live out of the shotgun formation in the pros like they did in college. Why then have the Patriots played a ton of shotgun spread football these past two years and blown defenses away? I would love to see a coach like Mike Leach of Texas Tech come into the NFL and prove it works. You have to have a decent offensive line and a QB that can make quick decisions but it's possible. Cassel is proving it.

Giants over the Cardinals
I like the receivers for Arizona but the defense for NY is awesome. With their rushing attack they can keep the Cardinal offense off the field.

Chargers over the Colts
I've been picking against Indy most of the season because Manning and his offense have been unimpressive and their defense has been bad. And not the good "bad" either. Then they go out and look good against a decent Baltimore team. I don't know if I trust Indy yet and San Diego seems to be the only place that the Chargers can win so even though I hate to do it I'm going with the Chargers on this one.

Redskins over the Seahawks
maybe a dose of Seattle is just what the Skins need.

Jags over the Vikings
Another pick I'm not sure about. In fact I flipped a coin. Both lack stellar QB play and have made too many mistakes to be taken seriously this year.

Ravens over the Eagles
It's hard to trust McNabb right now. He and his Eagle team are underperforming. Again.

Packers over the Saints.
When is Reggie Bush coming back again?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 11

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 93-51 (65%)

This week's picks:

Patriots over the Jets
The Jets have laid 40 points on a couple of teams this season but I don't see it happening in New England against one of the best coached teams in football (As a Patriot hater I had to saw my pinkie finger off after typing that last part).

Falcons over the Broncos
This is a tough one. Matt Ryan has made me a believer but occasionally Jay Cutler can really dice teams up. The difference is one team has shown an ability to keep teams from scoring over 30 points against them. And yes, Mr. creepy eyes Shanahan, I am insinuating something about your defense with that comment.

Eagles over the Bengals
I thought perhaps Andy Reid had surpassed Mike Martz in the "worst game management skills" department until I saw that offensive debacle at the end of the Cards/49ers game on Monday night. Still, Reid consistently prove that he doesn't handle pressure situations very well as evidenced by the end of the Giants game this past week. It's unfortunate because in most respects Reid is a good coach. He does a lot with the talent he has (which is never quite what it should be--also partly his fault) but play calling in critical moments, clock management, etc. is something maybe he ought to think about delegating. As for this week, even though Cincy played Jacksonville tough a couple of weeks ago they shouldn't be able to handle the Eagle offense which is much better than the Jag's.

Packers over the Bears
What is disturbing about the Packers is that I thought they had a good defense. But they allow too many points and too many rushing yards for me to say that now. They are a better team than their record indicates but that doesn't mean much if you don't make the playoffs

Colts over the Texans
Houston always plays Indy tough so this could be really close. Plus, Manning looked downright awful last week. I know some who wrote about how he singlehandely pulled that game out last week but for most of the 4 quarters against the Steelers he was terrible. Manning has never had the most beautiful tight spiral like other QBs have, but he has made up for it with a fairly strong arm and great accuracy. Maybe it's the knees but his throws look very weak and most of them are ducks, especially the long balls. He got lucky last week on a ball that was tipped to Reggie Wayne for a TD. He is underthrowing guys, throwing behind them, or throwing it too high. I have watched a ton of Colt games over the past 4 years and this is a different guy the past couple of seasons. It actually started the season they won the Super Bowl if you want to know the truth. Manning was just not quite what you expected. Amazingly, that season his defense came to the rescue in the post-season and Dallas Clark made some of the most amazing catches I've ever seen. Now fast forward to this season and Manning doesn't have the receiving weapons he used to. Marvin Harrison seems a shell of the Hall of Famer we've come to know. He is slow, dropping balls, and just looks out of sync with Manning. I'm not saying Manning is washed up, but his QB rating is 84 and it hasn't been that low since 2001 (and only the 4th time it's been below 90 in his 11 years). As someone that has rooted for the Colts for years, I'm concerned.

Saints over the Chiefs
Drew Brees is good but until the Saints start playing some decent defense they are not a legitimate contender. -On another note, Herm Edwards, one of the most conservative coaches in the league tries for 2 points to win the game last week. I've piled on him for his conservative offenses in the past so how can I rip him for that? Well, I'll try. Herm, there is being gutsy and then there is being just plain stupid. I know you've got nothing to lose this season because your getting fired anyway, but trying for a 2 point conversion at the end of the game with a lousy offense is crazy. If you want to show that you have some balls, stop sending the punt unit out on 4th and 1 in the other team's territory or going for field goals when you are behind in games and you need TDs. ---How's that? Aww, I can't get mad at Herm....He showed some courage and risk in that situation and with the Chiefs, I'll take it where I can get it.

Dolphins over the Raiders.
Remember last year when we both the Raiders and the Dolphins were a joke? Maybe the Raiders ought to try the Wildcat formation. Miami has a pulse, the Raiders however probably wish Al Davis didn't. (I know.....I'm joking about death and that is wrong. I'm going to Hell. But at least Al will keep me company).

Giants over the Ravens
Should be a slugfest.

Bucs over the Vikings
I can't figure either of these teams out. I know I like watching Adrian Peterson. Hands down the best back in football. Tomlinson supporters might not want to acknowledge it and I'm not saying LT is close to being washed up, but Peterson is the best and has been for the past two seasons.

Panthers over the Lions
The Jags were laughing at the Lions last week. I hope the Panthers can be nice to them. At least wait until their backs are turned before you giggle.

49ers over the Rams
These are both dysfunctional teams. May the best screwed up dudes win.

Cardinals over the Seahawks.
If Warner doesn't lose the ball in the rain, the Cards should win. I like Warner but I think the people calling him an MVP this season are being premature. Same goes for the people saying he's a Hall of Famer. He's had 3 great years and those came with the Rams (plus one decent year in 07 with the Cards). If he continues to excel this year that makes 4 great years. 4 seasons doesn't make somebody a football legend unless it's for 4 years of smoking pot and going in and out of the league. I would say Ricky Williams is a legend in that regard.

Steelers over the Chargers
San Diego should win this because they are the more desperate team and they have a decent offense. But how can you trust their Swiss cheese defense this year?

Titans over the Jags
Tennessee is surprisingly good, Jacksonville is surprisingly bad. That sums up the "hard to figure out" NFL.

Cowboys over the Redskins
Maybe Romo will give Dallas a lift and they will play up to their talent level. Maybe not. But man did the Skins look bad in their last game against the Steelers. A bye week should help but I'm still picking against them this time.

Bills over the Browns
just because they are at home.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 10

Last week: 9-5
Overall: 85-45 (65%)

This week's picks:

Broncos over the Browns
I have trouble picking the Browns with Quinn making his first start

Saints over the Falcons

In a shootout Brees makes a couple of plays more than Ryan.

Bears over the Titans
I think something weird is going to happen. Grossman will play well.

Jags over the Lions
Can the Jags lose 2 in a row to deadbeat teams? I say no. But Jacksonville has sure sucked donkeys this year haven't they?

Dolphins over the Seahawks
I wish Joey Porter would just shut up and play.

Packers over the Vikings
Unless Peterson has a big day, I see the Pack pulling this one out.

Patriots over the Bills
The Bills are an ok team but they have lost 2 in a row and the 5 teams they've beat this year all have losing records so far in 08. Buffalo's record is a little deceiving. Then again, the Pats have had a cupcake schedule too, having only played 1 team with a winning record so far.

Jets over the Rams
I've seen signs of life with my Rams. Not enough to predict victories yet though. (Except for last which when I must have been loopy on cold medicine)

Texans over the Ravens
The Ravens really deserve more respect than I'm giving them here. Hey Sage Rosenfels is starting for Houston and he needs to make up for game he gave to the Colts earlier in the season.

Panthers over the Raiders
Al Davis. Maverick, inspirational & ahead of his time in the 70s. Insane, 2008. You gave Javon Walker how much guaranteed cash? Also, Deangelo Hall is laughing all the way to the bank today.

Steelers over the Colts
I've never picked against an Indy team so much in a season. They don't even look good when they win.

Chargers over the Chiefs
This shouldn't even be close if the Chargers are as good as they think they are (which they aren't). This team underachieves like Lindsay Lohan sabatoges her career. It's automatic every season. Still, if they can't beat K.C. at home then Norv Turner should pack his bags immediately.

Eagles over the Giants
Philly has Kevin Curtis back (my favorite receiver and fellow Snow College and Utah State alum) as well as Brian Westbrook and they are at home on Sunday night. A win brings some excitement back to the NFC East race which N.Y. is threatening to run away with.

Cardinals over the 49ers
Singletary seems too reactionary for his own health as a coach. His head might explode at any second. If Warner can keep hold of the ball he should carve up the San Fran secondary like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 9

Last week: 11-3
Overall: 76-40 (66%)

This week's picks:

Giants over the Cowboys
Vikings over the Texans
Rams over the Cardinals
Bills over the Jets
Broncos over the Dolphins
Bears over the Lions
Jags over the Bengals
Ravens over the Browns
Bucs over the Chiefs
Titans over the Packers
Falcons over the Raiders
Eagles over the Seahawks
Patriots over the Colts
Steelers over the Redskins

Saturday, October 25, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 8

Last Week: 10-4
Overall: 65-37 (64%)

This week's picks:

I just spent an hour writing info about my thoughts from games last week and disecting this week's picks----then I accidentally deleted it all. Now I'm pissed. oh well are the picks in abbreviated form.

Cowboys over the Bucs
Skins over the Lions
Dolphins over the Bills
Patriots over the Rams
Chargers over the Saints
Jets over the Chiefs
Eagles over the Falcons
Ravens over the Raiders
Panthers over the Cardinals
Jags over the Browns
Texans over the Bengals
Steelers over the Giants
Seahawks over the 49ers
Titans over the Colts

Thursday, October 16, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 7

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 55-33 (63%)

This weeks Picks:

Bears over the Vikings
Of course this is predicated on the idea that Lovie Smith doesn't pull another dumba** squib kick. I can't begin to tell you how stupid I think the squib kick is. Lovie Smith absolutely lost that game last week for his team by giving the ball to the Falcons near the 40 yard line. I mean how stupid are these coaches sometimes!? I've ranted about this for years going all the way back to when I was a high school kicker. My coach would look at me in situations where there was less than a minute to go in the 2nd or 4th quarter (or when we were facing a dangerous kick returner, and say, "squib it to about the 30 yard line". I'd be thinking in my mind, "what?! are you nuts dipstick?! I'm a high school kicker, I have enough trouble keeping the ball from going out of bounds on a regular kick---how accurate do you think I'm going to be when I'm trying to squib it!!". Then I'd try and squib it and the the other team would end up on the 50 yard line and my coach would yell at me for not placing it in the right spot. It's a squib kick a-hole, there is no control on it. ---Can you tell I'm passionate about this? I've just seen this too many times where a team loses games because somebody some years back made the squib kick a textbook move with less than a minute to go in the 2nd or 4th quarter. The crazy thing about this is coaches follow this textbook move even if a field goal will beat them. They seem to forget that by doing this the other team now only has 25-30 yards to gain for a winning kick. Go back and think about all the games where teams "squib" it on the kickoff and how many times it backfires. And nobody talks about this as being the reason teams lose games (although I heard Wilbon talk about it on PTI-and Jason Whitlock mentioned it in a column too--so kudos for them). Most will talk about the defense letting the team down for allowing the yardage in the final seconds. What about the coach who put them in the position in the first place? Now, maybe Lovie Smith didn't think 11 seconds was enough time for the Falcons to do anything. I agree that the Falcons had to have a perfect throw and catch in order to make the kick with 1 second left. Still, here are my iron clad rules for squib kicking: 1. If a field goal will beat you, never squib the kick unless the time on the clock will run out with the kick runback or on the next play. Obviously 11 seconds is too much as the Falcons proved. I would say around 8 seconds or so left on the clock allow you to pull this type of a kickoff. Otherwise there is only one other time I would recommend a squib kick--2. If a touchdown will beat you , never squib the kick unless there is less than 15 seconds to go. --I can see the value of the squib kick in this situation because a dangerous returner could get lucky and beat you and the odds of that might be higher than a team throwing a TD pass with one play left. In this situation you are only allowing enough time for one play (a hail mary). Those are more rare than kick runback for a TD so this ok. If you leave time for 2 and 3 plays after the squib then you are asking to lose also. --

So there you have it. Coaches should listen to me on this subject and quit following some asinine rule in there heads about the squib kick. This and the idea and that there is some rulebook on when to go for 2 points really get my blood boiling. I'll save the two point thing for later.

Chargers over the Bills
I know Buffalo is at home and if the weather is bad I'd say this might go their way. But the Chargers looked good last week and on paper they are the better team. Of course that hasn't meant much for them this season.

Steelers over the Bengals
Week in and week out we see teams win that shouldn't (except the Lions). But I don't think this will happen with Cincy this week. Steelers take care of business this time.

Packers over the Colts
It's tempting to pick Indy because they looked so good last week. But they have looked so bad for most of the year that I can't pick them on the road against Green Bay.

Titans over the Chiefs
Look, K.C. is not a good team. Tennessee is and unless Kerry Collins turns it over they should win.

Jets over the Raiders
is Favre starting to get comfortable yet? I don't know but they should beat the team run by the worst owner in football.

Cowboys over the Rams
I'd like to think that the Rams are turning a corner and last week's inspiring win will jump start their season. But it ain't happening.

Ravens over the Dolphins
Baltimore's offense sucks. So what's new. The Ravens defense will have to score and stop the Wildcat formation of Miami.

Giants over the 49ers
This shouldn't be close. But then again, the Browns game this past week wasn't supposed to be close either.

Bucs over the Seahawks
I just can't buy into Seneca Wallace.

Redskins over the Browns
This one is tough to pick because the Skins fell apart against my lowly Rams, and the Browns pick apart the best team in the NFL on Monday.

Saints over the Panthers
My gut tells me that Carolina will win this at home. But I like New Orleans better and they in fact should be a better team. This one will be very close I think.

Texans over the Lions
big game. Can you smell the excitement?

Patriots over the Broncos
The Pats are at home and Cassel is like an every other week type of QB. It's that week.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 6

Last week: 7-7
Overall: 47-27 (64%)

This week's picks:

Bears over the Falcons
Atlanta has looked pretty decent. But so has Kyle Orton. That's weird.

Jags over the Broncos
I need to quit picking the Jaguars because they keep disappointing me. Oh well.

Ravens over the Colts
I know Indy is home but they've sucked at home so far. I don't think they score much in this one. Their only hope is that the Ravens score less. The Colt's O line is leaking like the Titanic and Manning just looks really off. That injury is hurting him more than he is admitting.

Vikings over the Lions
It's the Lions. Some franchises going through losing seasons and even losing decades. The Lions are known for sucking almost their entire existence.

Saints over the Raiders
I'm not sure why the Saints give away so many games. But they better beat a team owned by a walking corpse. Or else.

Jets over the Bengals
it's tough to pick a team like Cincy when they seem leaderless. Unless Favre throws some interceptions the Jets should mash these guys.

Cowboys over the Cardinals
The Boys will probably end up with more fans at this game even though the Cards are at home. Arizona is like a second home for the Cowboys usually. When the Cardinals (I by the Cards I mean Kurt Warner) don't shoot themselves in the foot they can be dangerous. This could be a close one.

Patriots over the Chargers
Cassel took my advice last week (your welcome, Matt) and started throwing deep to Moss. The Chargers are in disarray and this could be devastating if they lose.

Eagles over the 49ers
The Eagles need to learn how to close out games this year. McNabb is not very good in 4th quarters. Still he should be able to beat San Fran even. It should be a good game though.

Packers over the Seahawks
Hawks are home and the Packers are in a bit of a funk. But I still think Rodgers has looked ok for a first year starter. Even in their losses, the Packers look much better than Seattle.

Bucs over the Panthers
Griese has a big day and Delhomme does not.

Redskins over the Rams
This should be a blowout. Crap. Haslett is not the right answer for my Rams. But Bulger over Green at least one smart move he made.

Texans over the Dolphins
Somebody is going to clue in on this "wildcat offense" right?

Giants over the Browns
NY needs to be careful not to get cocky. This is the NFL, nobody goes win-less. That's good news for the Browns but if things go as they should they will be a goose egg for at least another week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NFL: Picks Week 5

Last week 9-4
Overall: 40-20 (67%)

Cowboys over the Bengals
On paper this shouldn't be close. But a few games this season have already shown us that paper predictions can bite you in the keester. Still the "boys" are at home and Jerry Jones will be prowling the sidelines creeping the Bengals out (along with everyone else). So Dallas has that going for them.

Packers over the Falcons
I know Rodgers is hurt. But he's going to want to play. If he does, I think they win. If he doesn't I favor the Falcons

Panthers over the Chiefs.
How did I not remember that stat about the Broncos never winning in K.C. this decade? Last week blew me away. The Chiefs looked like a bona-fide NFL team! There was even a Larry Johnson sighting. This however a team coached by Herm Edwards and I can't sanely pick them to win on the road against a decent Carolina team.

Lions over the Bears
I'm nuts to pick Detroit here. But I'm thinking the Matt Millen firing created some good karma for the Lions this week.

Broncos over the Bucs
Denver is home and apparently their defense really sucks. Maybe a home game outweighs the fact that they can't stop anybody.

Eagles over the Redskins
The Skins are surprising the hell out of me. But I like the Eagles better and I think they will bring Washington back to Earth. Just a note though: Santana Moss is one of the most underrated receivers in the game today. I love watching him play.

Cardinals over the Bills
I think the Bills defense is good enough to make Warner look bad again. Not that he needs any help with that because the man's fingers have been like butter since around 2003. But the Cards will upset the Bills and Warner will have a good day.

Saints over the Vikings
I think this will be a close one.

Colts over the Texans
The Texans have a tendency to play the Colts tough, especially at home. But Indy is desperate and even though they look terrible this year I think they squeak one out. Houston should be getting the ball to Steve Slaton more

Ravens over the Titans
In a low scoring game, the Ravens defense will force Collins into some deadly mistakes. Cue the Vince "I was drafted to be a starter" comments as the QB controversy heats up in Nashville.

Jags over the Steelers
I'm torn over this one. I know the Steelers can win in Jacksonville. I flipped a coin to be honest. Jags by 3.

Patriots over the 49ers
Cassel will have a better day than he did the last time out. The Patriots haven't forgotten how to win. Moss has to be saying, "just throw it long and high dude, --didn't you watch the highlights last year?"

Giants over the Seahawks
this would be a major upset if Seattle were to take this one. It's a trap game for the Giants. Again the home venue sways me for NY.

Chargers over the Dolphins
I bet the Chargers gameplan the single wing formation that the Dolphins killed the Patriots with. I sure like Darren Sproles for San Diego. That little guy is shifty and fast.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 4

Last week: 13-3
Overall: 31-16 (66%)

Picks for Week 4

Titans over the Vikings
-Kerry Collins continues to be stable for them and Johnson and Lendale White are great so far in the backfield. Vince who? However, the Vikings are more than capable of winning this if Frerotte has a decent game and Adrian Peterson can get break some tackles.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Nothing is ever a lock in the NFL but it would be a minor miracle for the Chiefs to pull this one out (even at home).

Saints over the 49ers.
San Fran has looked much better than I expected. But the Saints are desperate. They should win this. Then again, they've sure lost a lot of games the last couple of years that they should have won. On a side note, have you noticed Sean Payton is pretty conservative in critical situations. For a team that passes a lot, they sure get unimaginative in 3rd and short or when they are in situations that call for stepping on the gas, not letting off.

Jets over the Cardinals
The Jets have looked ok, but not good enough to win tough ball games. I'm going with the Jets against Arizona simply because they are at home. The Cardinals Ken Whisenhunt needs to grow a set of balls. With 2: 39 left in the game, he punts from midfield with a 4th and 5 against the Skins (who have shown some ability in their offense that past two games). He said that had it been a true 2 min situation he would have gone for it. What?! So that extra 39 seconds was the kicker for you? Are you insane? What do you have better odds with: Getting the ball back further pinned in your territory with less than 2 min to go, and then driving the field for a TD to tie the game, or going for 5 yards at midfield and driving for the tying TD? Is this really something I need to explain to him? Don't let this guy play poker in Vegas. He'd fold a full house, thinking a better hand will come along next time. It's incredible how stupid these coaches get in situations like this.

Packers over the Bucs
I continue to be impressed with Aaron Rodgers. Even in the loss to the Cowboys, he looked pretty decent. He made some mistakes but if the Cowboys hadn't been so dominant in their rushing attack, the Pack might have had a shot in that game.

Panthers over the Falcons
I have to go with the home team here. If Steve Smith can refrain from punching anyone he could have a big day.

Jags over the Texans
Jacksonville needs to start winning some games. They got lucky in Indy with the pass interference call, otherwise they are starting 0-3.

Browns over the Bengals
These are some bad football teams right now. It's tough to pick the Browns over the Bengals when Cincy is at home but I promised myself I wouldn't pick the Bengals again.

Chargers over the Raiders
This shouldn't be close.

Bills over the Rams.
I haven't picked my favorite team for any of their games so far and that won't change anytime soon. Now Bulger is benched and Trent Green is their guy again. Here's hoping he has better luck than last time he was in a Ram uni.

Cowboys over the Redskins
This will be interesting to see how the Skins fare against their rivals. They usually play them well, even in Dallas.

Bears over the Eagles
I know the Eagles are looking good and the Bears not so much in the past couple of games. But I'm going with the upset here because it's in Chicago.

Ravens over the Steelers
With Parker out and the Ravens probably planning to imitate the Eagles pass rush from last week I think the Ravens squeak one out in a low scoring game.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 3

Last Week: 8-7

Overall: 18-13

Picks for week 3:

Falcons over the Chiefs 24-14
It will be interesting to see if Matt Ryan can bounce back after a tough 2nd week. The Chiefs are coming to town so that helps. Herm Edwards should be fired about 7 weeks into the season if not sooner. He is a terrible coach and has been since he was with the Jets. We’re not too far off from a scenario where Edwards is fired, Romeo Crennell is fired, Marvin Lewis is fired, Tony Dungy retires, and everyone is talking about the departure of so many black coaches in one season. That would be weird and awkward for the NFL.

Bills over the Raiders 27-10
I’m liking these Bills more and more. I’m liking The Raider’s owner Al Davis less and less. What a dysfunctional franchise. You know, Al was a guy who for many years was ahead of his time. He was innovative and much needed in a dry and uptight NFL. Then he turned like 105, became totally insane and proceeded to drive his Raiders off a cliff. You know how sometimes your grandparents (or parents) become too old to drive and you decide to take the keys away from them and save the life of all the kids all up and down the block? It’s time for someone, maybe Roger Goodell, to take the keys away from Al. The carnage needs to stop.

Bears over the Bucs 23-20
Both defenses will probably score. Gruden will be pissed. But when isn’t he?

Titans over the Texans 17-14
Kerry Collins again? Seriously? As good as he might look in spurts, this guy will eventually look equally bad. Grow a pair of testicles Vince Young. And learn how to throw the ball. The Titans have a decent team and need you to become less…well…you.

Vikings over the Panthers 20-14
Washed up backups are all the rage these days. Call me crazy but I think Frerotte may have a decent day Sunday. The Vikings are sort of like the Titans. They have all the ingredients for success except the QB. That’s like saying you’re ready to make banana cream pie but you are all out of bananas.

Patriots over the Dolphins 20-7
Can’t the Pats suffer without Brady? Is that too much too ask? Burn in hell Belichick.

Giants over the Bengals 28-13
I’m pretty sure I’m not going to pick the Bengals again while Lewis is still coaching them. This team really sucks and it starts at the top.

Cardinals over the Redskins 23-21
The Skins looked unbelievable last week against the Saints. I’m mean, like who the hell was that team? How can they look so bad in week 1 and so good in week 2? Cards have looked decent both weeks so I’m picking them just based on consistency. I need to see it again from the Redskins before I’m a believer.

49ers over the Lions 26-20
Mike Martz has Isaac Bruce again and it’s good to see him playing well. The Rams could use him again. Hell, the Rams could use Mike Martz again. I can’t believe I just said that. That tells you the state of affairs with Linehan in St. Louis.

Seahawks over the Rams 32-14
Speaking of my Rams….they suck donkeys. Linehan and Bulger have managed to sink a high flying offense and that dude that used to coach the Saints hasn’t done much with the defense either. The Seahawks aren’t that good but when your playing the Rams you don’t need to be.

Broncos over the Saints 34-30
Cutler is cruising and the Saints are inconsistent (just like they were last year) so I’m going with Denver here.

Eagles over the Steelers 28-26
I like the Eagles this year. This will be another good test for them.

Jags over the Colts 23-17
The Jags are desperate and frankly Manning looks terrible this year. I know the line is decimated but he still looks shaky. That knee is part of it and not having Dallas Clark has been huge. Clark saved Manning many times in the past by grabbing balls that had no business being caught.

Ravens over the Browns 14-7
The Browns are supposed to be decent this year right? Hype sometimes is just hype.

Cowboys over the Packers 33-27
Romo and Rodgers are tearing it up and I’m actually very interested in this game.

Chargers over the Jets 24-14
You know, Darren Sproles is reminding me of Michael Turner. Someone who needs to see a few more carries in the game. I know that is blasphemy to suggest with Tomlinson on the team but he’s hurting this week and besides he needs to be spelled more at this point in his career.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NFL Picks week 2

What I was impressed with in week 1:

- The Giants defense

- Matt Ryan and Michael Turner

- Roscoe Parrish looking Barry Sandersish

- Felix Jones

- Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Last week's picks results: 10-6

Picks for week 2:

---Bengals over the Titans 24-17
I know the Titans are a better team but Carson Palmer may just have one more game in him that remotely resembles himself from a couple of years ago.

----Steelers over the Browns 27-20
Pittsburgh looked too good last week to pick against them.

---Chargers over the Broncos 32-28
Denver looked great against the Raiders. But it was the Raiders. With Gates and Tomlinson hurting maybe I should pick the Broncos. I need to see the Broncos against a decent team before I start taking them seriously.

---Packers over the Lions 24- 14
Nothing has changed in Detroit. The Lions still suck. Shocker.

---Chiefs over the Raiders 10-7
I'm only going with the Chiefs because they are at home.

---Giants over the Rams 30-7
I've never been this disheartened as a Ram fan. Linehan must go.

---Colts over the Vikings 20-17 in overtime
The Colts didn't look good against the Bears. Particularly their defense. If Kyle Orton can shred them then it might be a long year.

---Patriots over the Jets 26-24
Other than the QB, I think the Pats are still better than the Jets. Granted, the QB is critical but Cassel hit receivers last week (and his receivers are very good) so if he doesn't make too many mistakes they can still win this game and maybe even the division. Having said that, I still hope the Jets and Favre trounce the Patriots and crush their hopes of a winning season into a finely powdered dust. I honestly would much rather see Brady fail on the field than have him injured but I seriously doubt all those teams the Patriots ran the score up on last year are crying over his injury too much. Karma baby. Karma.

---Dolphins over the Cardinals 23-17
I've picked Miami two weeks in a row now. That's weird.

---Seahawks over the 49ers 17-10
the Hawks are back home. After their debacle in Buffalo that's a good thing.

---Bucs over the Falcons 26-20
I need to see Atlanta against somebody besides Detroit before I start picking them.

---Saints over the Redskins 32-10
how can I pick the Skins after their throw-up game last week.

---Panthers over the Bears 24-20
Was that really Kyle Orton? An eternity in Hell is not worth it Kyle. Get that contract back now. I don't care if you signed it in blood.

---Jags over the Bills 28-23
Was last week a hiccup for the Jags? We'll see.

--Ravens over the Texans 19-7
I honestly don't know what to think of this game other than I know the Ravens defense will come to play.

---Cowboys over the Eagles 30-28
Should be a good game.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 1

Giants over the Redskins 17-3 ---Too early for Campbell in a new offense (again).

Lions over the Falcons 21-14 ----Ryan looks decent but I have trouble taking a rookie in his first start.

Bills over the Seahawks 13-10 ----Seahawks should win this but the Bills are at home and they surprise in the first week.

Jaguars over the Titans 24-20 ---This is going to be closer than it should be.

Dolphins over the Jets 17-14 ---Pennington knows the Jets and Favre needs a little more time to adjust.

Patriots over the Chiefs 38-7 ---as long as Brady is capable of playing, this should be a blowout. If he goes out then all bets are off.

Saints over the Bucs 28-14 ---I'm hopeful that last year's mistakes and injuries don't crop up again this year for New Orleans.

Eagles over the Rams 30-10 ---Too bad Kevin Curtis is out with a hernia. I would have liked for him to show the Rams that they made a mistake in letting him go.

Steelers over the Texans 24-17 ---I think the Steelers could be very good. But you just don't know what you'll get with them year to year. Andre Johnson is wasted on a team like the Texans.

Bengals over the Ravens 27-6 ---It would be nice to see Carson Palmer regain the brilliance he showed a couple of years ago.

Chargers over the Panthers 20-10 ---This is Delhomme's last year to prove he's a starter. I have my doubts.

Cardinals over the 49ers 10-7---yikes. I'm only interested in this to see how Smith's replacement does.

Cowbows over the Browns 28-24 ---The Browns were a hot pick early in the spring and summer and now I see people jumping off the bandwagon like it's on fire. I'm not sure about them yet but the Cowboys should be better this week.

Colts over the Bears 17-7 ---Does Manning need the pre-season? We'll see. The Bears defense lost some luster last year so I look for them to come after him.

Packers over the Vikings 10-3 ---Both have a decent team but a question mark at QB. Should be interesting.

Broncos over the Raiders 32-17 ---What the hell did the Raiders give up Moss for. He would be perfect with a strong armed QB like Russell. I know Al Davis is still alive but he's basically a walking corpse with a big checkbook. Did you see that Javon Walker deal? ouch.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NFL Football: 2008--The year I care again?

---I gave up on Pro Football last year. I did. I probably shouldn't have--- but the performance of two teams drove me to a level of apathy about the NFL that I wouldn't have thought possible just a year before. The teams responsible? First, my team, the St. Louis Rams were incredibly bad. Bag over the head bad. And second, the Patriots looked like a lock for the Vince Lombardi trophy all year long. I despise the Patriots and have since 2001. I have never seen a team look so good as they did last season. There was no chance they were losing in 2007. In fact rooting for teams to beat them was sort of like watching the movie Titanic and rooting for that stupid boat to miss the Iceberg. It would sure be cool but it ain't happening. Funny thing though, somehow the iceberg, not the boat, sank in the Superbowl. Go figure.

---You see because the Patriots had managed to win 3 Super Bowls in this first decade of the new millennium and that fact added to the dominance they showed last year caused me to forget a cardinal rule of the NFL. That is, NOTHING IS A LOCK IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. The last 3 Superbowl winners should drive that lesson home. Pittsburgh in 2006? I was ready to stick a fork in them by November of that season. The Colts in 2007? There defense was so atrocious nobody had them going to the Superbowl. Then Bob Sander shows up and they are the very definition of defense. The Giants last year? Please, Eli Manning was so inconsistent somebody needed to start feeding him fiber flakes just so something in his life could be regular. ----And yet all three of these underdogs won when it counted.

---Maybe the Patriots will win them all this year. Maybe they'll avenge the Superbowl loss that they were robbed of by an insane hail mary grab. Maybe they won't. The point is I should know that I can't let the evil nature and brilliant play of one hated team or the disappointment of my team discourage my passion for the pro game. My Rams might turn things around (doubtful for this year) and the Patriots might choke again (hopeful). A little unpredictability is a good thing and ironically something we can probably count on for the season.

Monday, February 04, 2008


What can I say. I'm happy. Patriots lose the Super Bowl. Those are fun words to read.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NFL 2007: The Season that wasn't.

So the playoffs are here and that's just dandy. With the Patriots seemingly unstoppable please excuse me if I don't get giddy. For me this season has been the worst season to follow the NFL in well....since I've been following football. There are two main reasons for this (see below):

1. My Rams sucked donkeys. After at least having a sliver of hope that the Rams could make the playoffs for the past few years, they finally hit rock bottom (I hope) and within the first few games it was obvious that this season was going to be a nightmare. Their offensive line was decimated; Bulger was hurt and when he did play he looked awful; Linehan looks lost as a head coach and I'm not excited about his progression in the future. That about sums up an awful season.

2. The Patriots sucked the life out of the 2007 season. They are so good that it seems like we ought to just hand them the Vince Lombardi trophy right now and save us all the sickening sight of having to watch them win it. They are disgustingly arrogant with a coach and QB that I can't stand. To me Brady is the best QB of all time and I'm mad as hell at the Raiders and Dolphins for giving him valuable targets like Moss and Welker for basically nothing in return. The Dolphins move is inexcusable because they are in the same freaking division! Anyway if next season is like this season with the Pats I'm giving up on the NFL. I'll need anger management classes and I'm pretty sure my insurance doesn't cover that.

---As for the playoffs I'll be rooting for the Colts and anyone playing the Pats and in the NFC I would like to see the Packers get back to the Super Bowl.