Friday, November 21, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 12

Last week: 12-3 --I don't know what to do with last week's Bengals/Eagles tie game so I'm throwing it out.

Overall: 105-54 (66%)

This week's picks:

Steelers over the Bengals
Division rivalry game so it should be a little bit closer than ought to be.

Falcons over the Panthers
Here I am drinking the Matt Ryan kool-aid. If the Panthers can't run the ball this game belongs to Atlanta.

Browns over the Texans
I have no interest in this game. None.

Cowboys over the 49ers
Romo fixes flats, takes the homeless out for dates and hooks up with Jessica Simpson. He's all about charity and I like that.

Broncos over the Raiders
Cutler is on the verge of greatness but has been sitting on that fence for awhile. He needs to just jump off and dominate week in and week out.

Bucs over the Lions
How many Detroit turkey jokes are we due for this week?

Titans over the Jets
It's tough to pick against a team that doesn't kill itself.

Chiefs over the Bills
Buffalo is reeling and with K.C. at home it's a good time for them to pull off a 13-10 or 17-14 type of game.

Bears over the Rams
If I could wear a bag at home I would. I can't believe my Rams have become a joke again.

Patriots over the Dolphins
Cassel is looking great. I keep hearing how these college QBs aren't going to be able to live out of the shotgun formation in the pros like they did in college. Why then have the Patriots played a ton of shotgun spread football these past two years and blown defenses away? I would love to see a coach like Mike Leach of Texas Tech come into the NFL and prove it works. You have to have a decent offensive line and a QB that can make quick decisions but it's possible. Cassel is proving it.

Giants over the Cardinals
I like the receivers for Arizona but the defense for NY is awesome. With their rushing attack they can keep the Cardinal offense off the field.

Chargers over the Colts
I've been picking against Indy most of the season because Manning and his offense have been unimpressive and their defense has been bad. And not the good "bad" either. Then they go out and look good against a decent Baltimore team. I don't know if I trust Indy yet and San Diego seems to be the only place that the Chargers can win so even though I hate to do it I'm going with the Chargers on this one.

Redskins over the Seahawks
maybe a dose of Seattle is just what the Skins need.

Jags over the Vikings
Another pick I'm not sure about. In fact I flipped a coin. Both lack stellar QB play and have made too many mistakes to be taken seriously this year.

Ravens over the Eagles
It's hard to trust McNabb right now. He and his Eagle team are underperforming. Again.

Packers over the Saints.
When is Reggie Bush coming back again?

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