Thursday, September 27, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 3

Some belated thoughts on this past week's NFL action:

---Lost in all the hoopla about Donovan McNabb's resurgence and "stick it to his critics" performance was the fantastic game of my favorite player (and fellow alum of Snow College and Utah State University) Kevin Curtis. He had 200 freaking yards receiving in the first half! Curtis is fast and pretty sure handed so McNabb would do well to keep slinging it his way. Being a Rams fan, I am obviously a big supporter of Isaac Bruce, but I still think it was a mistake for them to re-sign Isaac instead of making Curtis their number 2 receiver. He wasn't going to stick around forever and remain the 3rd option. The Eagles figured he's a number 1 or 2 receiver and I agree. Naturally I'm biased with him having a similar background to me. I feel like I'm rooting for my brother in some ways. Still you can't ignore the fact that when the ball is thrown his way he produces.

---Speaking of the Rams, I'm thinking of wearing a bag over my head in my living room this week as I watch the game. It's getting pretty pathetic. I don't know what Linehan is doing to this team but I never thought there would be a day I'd actually be recalling the Mike Martz era with fondness. In fact I remember thinking to myself that Hell would have to freeze over first before that day would come. You know what?.... it's chilly but at least I have the minions of Lucifer to keep me company.

---Green Bay's Brett Favre is talking about how he's listening to coaches this season about taking care of the ball. It seems to be working. He's had a great first three games and the Pack are right now in control of the division. My question is why couldn't he buy into the whole "study film hard and play smart" attitude the past 5 years? I'm a big fan of Favre and I feel like he has always given it his all on the field but that his preparation and willingness to listen to coaches has been at times lacking. He's a Hall of Famer and granted he hasn't exactly been playing with fellow Hall members the past few years (sometimes he's tried to do too much to compensate) , but he I think he also has missed a coach like Holmgren who could reign him in a bit and demand a bit more focus. Anyway, I'm hoping Favre and the Packers keep it up. It's nice to see them winning.

---The Bears Lovie Smith is stubborn to a fault. Grossman should have been benched long ago. Griese is no savior but I think if Smith gives him the same loyalty he gave Grossman, he will prove a more steady QB. With the opportunistic defense that Chicago has, steady is what they need.

---The Patriots just might go undefeated this season. The one thing that burns me up though is the fact that they have a creampuff division year in and year out. They have six games with division cupcakes every year that are almost always automatic wins. Sure the Jets, Dolphins, or Bills might occasionally take a game. But it's rare and you know the serial killer (Belichick) just cackles maniacally in his secret room at home (where he stashes all cheating materials and few dead bodies) when he gets out the schedule and sees a division foe coming up.

---I'm not sure what to think of the Steelers or Cowboys. Good teams? Probably. Super Bowl contenders? I'm in wait and see mode.

---I don't think it's panic time yet for the Bengals and Chargers. However, if they lose their next games they ought to hit the red button. The Saints should have been hitting that button at halftime this past weekend.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 2

A few musings about this week's action:

---Right about now folks are getting sick of the Belichick taping scandal. I could care less. It's not like it's a surprise that Belichick is an ass. He's not the only one cheating. Probably just the one that's doing it the most and with the most defiance about it. I had to laugh at the Commissioner's appearance on NBC tonight. He's smoking crack if he thinks Belichick is giving up any of their other cheating tapes. But you know none of it really matters. Cheating or not cheating, the Pats will be obliterating teams this year. The Chargers are the victims this week. But the NFL should be warned. The Patriots are going to own the league this year. Bastards. If they don't win every game by at least two TDs it will be a minor upset. I see them having a shot at an undefeated season and and then throttling their Super Bowl opponent. I hate them. I really hate them.

---It's really too bad that a there are a few teams out there that have championship quality teams but lack a top shelf QB. The Charger's Philip Rivers doesn't look quite ready to take his team to the promised land. I mean he could get there at some point but by the time he does the Chargers window may be closed. And the Bears and Lovie Smith are the only ones in America that believe Rex Grossman = championship. The delusion has to end soon right?

---The Titans impressed me. I've never been a Vince Young fan and I never will be, but I have to admit he has that "it" factor about him. I'm not sure what the hell I mean by that but he definitely has the ability to scare you in a tight game. And there aren't too many QBs out there that can do that. Their defense played Manning pretty tough too. They might just be a Wild Card contender in the AFC.

---I sure wish I had Tivoed the Browns/Bengals game. What does it say about the Bengals Defense that Cleveland hung 51 points on them? Are the Browns that much better with Anderson leading them? Or does the Bengals defense suck that bad? I'm leaning toward the latter. Still a fun game. Maybe the NFL channel will replay it this week.

---My Rams lose to San Fran. Again. They shoot themselves in the foot multiple times. Again. (sigh) ---When a division sucks as bad as the NFC West does, it just seems like such a waste.

---At least the Seahawks lost. Do I have to worry about the Cardinals now?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 1

Some very brief thoughts about this past weekend's NFL action:

  • I loved the Cowboys/Giants game. I would have rather seen the Giants win the game and T.O. have zero catches or TDs but I'll take a high scoring game anyday of the week.

  • Why do my Rams lose so many games they should win? Carolina played a decent game but the Rams sure helped them out a lot. Jackson fumbled twice killing key drive and Bulger was uncharacteristically innacurate. The defense is going to be enough of a challenge this year, we don't need the offense to become Bears/Ravens like.

  • The Patriots spying techniques are no surprise. I bet there are many teams, if not all that try to steal coach's signs. That's why offensive coaches put ther play sheets over their mouths when talking to the QB. And by the way isn't that kind of dumb too? I mean what if you have a nice laminated play sheet and someone with a zoomed in lens gets a shot of your plays while you have it held up to your face? And I guess the whole point of holding it up in front of your face is because of the idea that defenses watch how long the coach talks when sending in the play. If it's short, it's a run. A pass play takes longer to signal in because the verbage is more complex. So if that's the case, don't the defenses now just see how long the coach keeps the card in front of his face? Depending on how long he talks behind the card, that will determine the play call right? How exactly does it help? I've watched the coaches and I doubt they are holding the card up longer than necessary just to fool defenses. They have too much else on their mind to get that smart.

  • And by the way, the Patriots were everything I feared they would be. May they burn in hell. You have to wonder if Brady would have a couple more Super Bowl rings if they (meaning Bellichick) hadn't been so damn smug about themselves the past few years, thinking they could win with anybody that threw a uniform on for them. Now Brady has his own personal wet dream for an offense and I couldn't be sicker about it. Exuse me while I vomit.

  • Paging Loving Grossman sucks.......

  • I was disappointed in the Saint's performance. That was not the Drew Brees I know.

  • It's good to have the NFL back for another year in my life. I still have not bowed to the fantasy football addiction. Perhaps next year I'll give it a try. I just know that if I get into it, I'd be a psycho. Not that I'm normal anyway.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Armchair NFL Preview

Before the season starts I thought I'd post my thoughts on how the division races will go.

AFC East

Who I think will win: NE Patriots
Who I want to win: Buff. Bills
The Skinny: Brady is still awesome and now he has weapons. Their defense will be tough too. The Jets may make a run which would be nice. The Patriots have had a free ride in this division for too long.

AFC North

Who I think will win:
Cincinnati Bengals
Who I want to win: Bengals
The Skinny: I know Baltimore is the better pick here with a defense that never seems to decline but Billick has never recreated the offensive magic he had in Minnesota. Can you imagine how many games the Ravens would have won if they had the Bengals offense of the past two years. I like the Bengals to score a ton of points this year and hang on.

AFC South

Who I think will win: Ind. Colts
Who I want to win: Ind. Colts
Skinny: As long as Manning is running the ship they should be fine. The rest of this division is an enigma.

AFC West

Who I think will win:
S.D. Chargers
Who I want to win: S. D. Chargers
Skinny: The Chargers may not win as many games as last year, but they should still take this division handily. Denver may chase them but I think Cutler is still a year or two shy of being ready for the big time

NFC East

Who I think will win: Phil. Eagles
Who I want to win: Phil. Eagles
Skinny: If McNabb can stay healthy I think they edge the Cowboys. If he goes down though all bets are off. I know Garcia led them last year to success but Kevin Kolb is a rookie and I wouldn't want to bet my life savings on him doing the same thing.

NFC North

Who I think will win: Chicago Bears
Who I want to win: Green Bay Packers
Skinny: Even if Grossman sucks again, Griese is a decent option for them. They should be good enough to slip by the Lions, Packers & Vikings who all should be better than they were last year.

NFC South

Who I think will win: N.O. Saints
Who I want to win: N.O. Saints
Skinny: How can you not like Drew Brees. He's a stud and if he can replicate last year they should torch some teams. Bush, McCallister & Colston give him options and if their defense can improve slightly they will be tough to beat.

NFC West

Who I think will win: Seattle Seahawks (dammit)
Who I want to win: St. Louis Rams
Skinny: My Rams need some serious improvement on defense and I hope the rookie Carriker can help out with that. Their offense should be fine but I've seen too many games that they should have won the past couple of years to pick them first. Seattle just does enough to handle this division. It's scary for me that the Cardinals and 49ers are getting better as well. Its been nice the past few years to count them out before they even played.