Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Steve Bartman story and 2003 Cub Fans that Suck

Just watched the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman and the choke job by the 2003 Chicago Cubs. Now I know why I have never felt sorry for the Cubs and their fans. The treatment of Steve Bartman by jerk Cub Fans (thousands and thousands of them) was way, way out of line. The players, the manager (Dusty Baker), and the Chicago media all threw a normal guy under the bus and then backed that bus over his metaphorical head. One of the Cub fans comments caught on camera that night at the ballpark was: "put a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger!".

Stay classy Chicago.

A couple of things that struck me about the aftermath of that 2003 Pennant game. One, it's incomprehensible to me that the Florida Marlins have won two World Series championships. They've been around since 1993 and have won as many rings in nearly 18 years of existence as the Cubs have in 134 years. The Marlins do not play in a baseball town, they've blown up their teams after winning each of their championships just to save money and lastly, they're the Florida Marlins. It boggles the mind.
Secondly, the irrational nature of the Cub Fans during and after that game really bugs me. Mob mentality always does. Another Cub fan comment caught on tape that night that was directed toward Bartman, "I hope you rot in hell!" I have no doubt in my mind as I watch the clips of the fans that night, that if they had been able to get their hands on him, many would have had no problem in killing him.

I don't care about the history of the Cubs and their misery or stupid curses. 2003 Cub fans made a loyal fan their scapegoat and forever cemented their place in the Douchebag hall of fame.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Picks Week 3

Saints over the Texans
Should be a good game. Both are good teams and each have excellent skill position players. The Texans defense might be a bit stronger but Brees is usually pretty good at home and has shredded good defenses there before.

Eagles over the Giants
I'm taking the Eagles with or without Vick here. The Giants defense is opportunistic but Manning is shaky and might give a few gifts away himself. It's no shock that people were booing Eli last week in NY. The one consistent thing about him is that's he's fairly inconsistent. Eli should get get the Rex Grossman style tag of "good Eli" and "bad Eli". The biggest weakness I can see with him is he just isn't that accurate. Watch Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and then watch Eli. The difference in accuracy is significant.

Panthers over the Jaguars
It feels like it's time for a win for Cam Newton. If he throws for 400 plus again I might just poop my pants. Then again it seems like everyone's throwing for at least 300 plus yards these days. What's happened to the passing defense? Or are teams just throwing it way more now? It may be that because it seems like every QB's stat sheet has 30-50 attempts.

Patriots over the Bills
This should subdue the Bills fever for a week or so as Brady puts on another clinic. I can't believe how much time he has to just sit back and survey the field. He doesn't have that good of offensive lineman does he? Hasn't anyone learned from the Giants and the Jets? You need to bring the house against Brady. Pressure is the only way to rattle him. You can't do it with extra defensive backs. He's an assassin and he'll pick a secondary apart.

Dolphins over the Browns
Miami plays better on the road. At least it seems that way. For fantasy purposes I need Brandon Marshall to have a big game this week.

Bengals over the 49ers
You can't trust Alex Smith or his running game yet. I like Frank Gore but it's not there yet for him this season. I think Andy Dalton is pretty good for a rookie QB and Cedric Benson is playing well again. Wouldn't it be weird if the Bengals were good this year and Carson Palmer had to watch his team go to the playoffs without him while he sat home sipping diet cokes and working out with T.J. Houshamenwhatshisface? I might just root for that. This is a story that needs to happen.

Titans over the Broncos
Chris Johnson has got to break out another 80 yard TD soon right? I don't really like the guy though so if he crashes and burns this season it will be ok with me. I'm a hater like that sometimes.

Lions over the Vikings
We can only hope to contain this bandwagon as we all jump on. But seriously, they destroyed the Chiefs last week. The Chiefs apparently suck this year (after a couple of years of gaining respectability again) but still the Lions haven't destroyed anyone for a very long time. They have some very good players. I'm not all in yet but I actually want to see a Lions game this season and that's remarkable. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson and that's always entertaining but how much of the load can he carry again? Except for 2009 when Favre was all-world and almost had them in the Super-Bowl, AP has been the show in Minnesota.

Ravens over the Rams
My Rams need a win badly but the Raven defense is going to be very rude to Sam Bradford.

Jets over the Raiders
....trying to hold in the Al Davis jokes here. ........I'm fine.....no really, I can restrain myse...so did you hear about the guys who got busted this past week after pulling a "weekend at Bernie's" deal (hauling a dead body around town and using his credit card)??? Are we sure that some intern in Oakland isn't keeping Al on ice and wheeling him out once in a while with his shades on?? Ok, I got that out my system. Al Davis ridicule: check. Gushing about Darren McFaddeen: ooops, not yet. I love McFadden. If he could stay healthy this season he could challenge Adrian Peterson for best back in the land.

Chargers over the Chiefs
I could really see the Chargers starting another season off by digging themselves a whole too big to climb out of. I mean, it's kind of their M.O. But with Charles out for the Chiefs and their offense looking very timid otherwise, this should not be a a game.

Cardinals over the Seahawks
The only reason I would watch this game is to see Larry Fitzgerald. He's awesome.

Bucs over the Falcons
Not a total shocker if this happens. Josh Freeman has a toughness to him and a never say die attitude.

Packers over the Bears.
I like the Pack. Fun to watch.

Steelers over the Colts
It's going to get much worse for the Colts before it gets better. And it's their own fault. They've ridden Manning for so long and got spoiled by his ability to win games for them that they've neglected to surround this team with the toughness and talent that it needs to win. Without Manning they are a 3 win team. If that.

Redskins over the Cowboys
If Romo was healthy I'd got the other way with this . Gotta ride the Rex Grossman wave while it's cresting.

Last week: 10-6 (60%)
Overall: 18-13 (60%)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL Picks Week 2

Eagles over the Falcons
Welcome home Michael Vick. It should be a nice feeling for Matt Ryan as the Atlanta Crowd cheers the opposing QB. If the Eagles start a beat down on the Falcons and Vick is largely responsible for said beatdown then it could get kinda of awkward for the post-game Vick/Ryan greeting. Ryan: "uh... dude, I think they want you back" Vick: "ummm...yeah....my bad." Ryan's going to have some pressure because they need to avoid 0-2 and the Vick return will always be a sideshow but isn't his name "Matty Ice"? It's a pretty stupid nickname come to think of it, but he better live up to it this week or the doubts about his ability to be an elite QB for Atlanta will hang around this season. Falcon fans know it's Vick's own fault he's not with them anymore but it doesn't stop many of them from drooling over the fantasy of number 7 in the black jersey again.

Atlanta may get back on track this week. They have the players. They have a good coach. Still, that same thing could be said about the Eagles. I'm going with the Philly in a close one.

Packers over the Panthers
Not many of us thought Cam Newton had a 400 yard day in him for his career let alone his inaugural game. Touche, Cam. You sure showed us buddy, but keep an eye on the other guy this week because Aaron Rodgers just might be the best QB in the game and he could teach you a few tricks. This game should be worth watching for two reasons. To see if Cam Newton can do anything similar to week 1 and to watch the Pack rack up points. The Packers remind me of the Patriots in many ways. Unstoppable, professional, and well on their way to being annual Super Bowl contenders. Let's hope they don't add the Patriot A-hole quality too.

Browns over the Colts.
I need to see more from Kerry Collins and the Colt defense before I can pick them. Even against the hard luck Browns.

Saints over the Bears
Drew Brees is like the anti-Cutler: likable, inspirational and vocal leader to boot. Cutler tough or no? Who cares? He's a punk but that arm of his can win some games. This could be close with the Saints defense still highly suspect.

Raiders over the Bills
I would like to see a rushing battle between McFadden and CJ Spiller. I think Spiller has serious potential.

Jets over the Jags
Sanchez to Burress. That combo is looking better all the time. Also, Tomlinson had some zip in his legs last week. He's not done yet. Shonn Green better start ripping it up or LT is going to keep grabbing playing time from him.

Ravens over the Titans
Should be another tough day for Chris Johnson if Ray Lewis and the Ravens D can channel some of their signature aggressiveness. Ed Reed is my favorite defensive player of the past decade. The nickname "Ballhawk" doesn't even begin to describe his impact in the secondary.

Cardinals over the Redskins.
What am I to do with Rex Grossman? Have we gotten past the whole Good Rex and Bad Rex thing. It will take more than two games to tell us that. I want to see more of Kolb to Fitzgerald and this game should do that.

Chiefs over the Lions.
Everything we've seen so far in the pre-season and in week 1 says this should go the other way. But this is the NFL and expectations aren't always fulfilled.

Broncos over the Bengals.
This whole Tebow QB controversy can't be good for him in that Bronco locker room and the fact that he has a cult following in the mile high city isn't going to end well for him. He's 3rd string for hell's sake.

Steelers over the Seahawks.
Should be just the tonic that Pittsburgh needs this week. I don't trust the Seahawks. How did they not prepare better for the end of the Hasselbeck era? Charlie Whitehurst and Tavaris Jackson, Seriously? Seattle, you guys had a few years to see this coming and you could have drafted or traded for an upgrade at some point. My advice for Pete Carroll is to play everyone, go 1-15 and get Andrew Luck in the draft. Then he could stick it to Luck's former coach Jim Harbough twice a year when they play San Fran.

Vikings over the Bucs
Donovan McNabb can't suck any worse than he did last Sunday right? 39 yards! It's all uphill from here baby! Actually McNabb is washed up and has been for a few years. It's unusual (but not unheard of) for a guy who was an elite QB to go downhill as early as he has (he's only 34!) but make no mistake, you can stick a fork in Mcnabb. He's done. He may have a good game or two this season but the Vikes have not found an answer with him as their QB.
The Bucs on the other hand have a guy under center that should make strides this year. Josh Freeman needs some help in the run game though. Last week Tampa was under 60 rushing yards and 3.5 yards a carry (last game's stats) and that's less than helpful. This may not be the game to fix it though because I still like the Viking defense led by Jared Allen.

Texans over the Dolphins.
This is Houston's year to take the division. It's ripe for the picking. Which means if they hold true to form they'll find a way to blow it. The silver lining? No Manning around to mess it up.

Cowboys over the 49ers
Dallas needs a win or Jerry Jones may begin to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Or was it the East? Screw it, either way we need Dallas to win just so we can keep Jerry around for awhile. He's good entertainment. Creepy but fun.

Patriots over the Chargers
Brady and Belichick are about to get their groove on again. ....wait...that didn't come out right. Strike that. The "hoody" and the supermodel's husband are about to take it to teams without giving a s#@% what anybody thinks. If Brady can avoid injury he's due for another huge year and MVP consideration again.

Giants over the Rams
My Rams are hurting. Injuries could have been more devastating in week one so I'll have to be grateful Bradford is talking about playing against NY. I've got Giants wideout Mario Manningham on my fantasy team and I'm hoping he does well. That's my team he's playing against. I'm officially a fantasy football whore.

Last week: 8-7

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NFL 2011. Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Yes the National Football League season is here. Finally. Lockout crisis averted. Billions of dollars ready to be passed out to some NFL people we like, and many we would just as soon see stuck in an oven with the broil setting on. But I digress. Did I mention pro football is ready to be played? I'm excited enough that my wife could jam toothpicks up my nostrils and I wouldn't even notice because I'm on a pigskin high. I do have a slight problem though as the Pro season begins. I finally caved and joined a fantasy football league. I'm a newbie. First timer. And I'm conflicted. I knew I would be. That's why I've held off on playing fantasy football until I became quite possibly the last football fan in America who had never indulged. Those that have read me before know that I root passionately against the New England Patriots. I might root against them as much as I root for my teams to win. It's sick and demented but what are you gonna do? When Tom Brady when out for the season with an injury a couple of years back I whistled and skipped to work the next day. It was somewhat awkward when some small girls on their way to school joined in the skipping....but hey life's celebrations are few and far between in my world. I bring this up because my worry in playing fantasy football over the years was that I might end up with and/or need players I disliked and I would on some level have to root for them to do well. It would mess up my Football weekend mojo.

So what happens this year on my first foray into the world of fantasy football? You guessed it, I get Tom Brady as my 1st QB. Why did I end up with him? The easy answer is because the league I'm in runs an auto draft using player rankings that we set. My second QB ended up being Sam Bradford---only the signal caller for my favorite team. Nice. So I can sit Brady and play my guy (Bradford) while Brady torches D-backs this season or I can play Brady (aka demon spawn) who might help me with bragging rights in my league. Bragging rights would be nice. I'll probably play Brady.

I'm a deuchebag.

So the season starts tonight. Packers vs. Saints. I'm in football heaven and hell. Damn you fantasy football.