Saturday, September 20, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 3

Last Week: 8-7

Overall: 18-13

Picks for week 3:

Falcons over the Chiefs 24-14
It will be interesting to see if Matt Ryan can bounce back after a tough 2nd week. The Chiefs are coming to town so that helps. Herm Edwards should be fired about 7 weeks into the season if not sooner. He is a terrible coach and has been since he was with the Jets. We’re not too far off from a scenario where Edwards is fired, Romeo Crennell is fired, Marvin Lewis is fired, Tony Dungy retires, and everyone is talking about the departure of so many black coaches in one season. That would be weird and awkward for the NFL.

Bills over the Raiders 27-10
I’m liking these Bills more and more. I’m liking The Raider’s owner Al Davis less and less. What a dysfunctional franchise. You know, Al was a guy who for many years was ahead of his time. He was innovative and much needed in a dry and uptight NFL. Then he turned like 105, became totally insane and proceeded to drive his Raiders off a cliff. You know how sometimes your grandparents (or parents) become too old to drive and you decide to take the keys away from them and save the life of all the kids all up and down the block? It’s time for someone, maybe Roger Goodell, to take the keys away from Al. The carnage needs to stop.

Bears over the Bucs 23-20
Both defenses will probably score. Gruden will be pissed. But when isn’t he?

Titans over the Texans 17-14
Kerry Collins again? Seriously? As good as he might look in spurts, this guy will eventually look equally bad. Grow a pair of testicles Vince Young. And learn how to throw the ball. The Titans have a decent team and need you to become less…well…you.

Vikings over the Panthers 20-14
Washed up backups are all the rage these days. Call me crazy but I think Frerotte may have a decent day Sunday. The Vikings are sort of like the Titans. They have all the ingredients for success except the QB. That’s like saying you’re ready to make banana cream pie but you are all out of bananas.

Patriots over the Dolphins 20-7
Can’t the Pats suffer without Brady? Is that too much too ask? Burn in hell Belichick.

Giants over the Bengals 28-13
I’m pretty sure I’m not going to pick the Bengals again while Lewis is still coaching them. This team really sucks and it starts at the top.

Cardinals over the Redskins 23-21
The Skins looked unbelievable last week against the Saints. I’m mean, like who the hell was that team? How can they look so bad in week 1 and so good in week 2? Cards have looked decent both weeks so I’m picking them just based on consistency. I need to see it again from the Redskins before I’m a believer.

49ers over the Lions 26-20
Mike Martz has Isaac Bruce again and it’s good to see him playing well. The Rams could use him again. Hell, the Rams could use Mike Martz again. I can’t believe I just said that. That tells you the state of affairs with Linehan in St. Louis.

Seahawks over the Rams 32-14
Speaking of my Rams….they suck donkeys. Linehan and Bulger have managed to sink a high flying offense and that dude that used to coach the Saints hasn’t done much with the defense either. The Seahawks aren’t that good but when your playing the Rams you don’t need to be.

Broncos over the Saints 34-30
Cutler is cruising and the Saints are inconsistent (just like they were last year) so I’m going with Denver here.

Eagles over the Steelers 28-26
I like the Eagles this year. This will be another good test for them.

Jags over the Colts 23-17
The Jags are desperate and frankly Manning looks terrible this year. I know the line is decimated but he still looks shaky. That knee is part of it and not having Dallas Clark has been huge. Clark saved Manning many times in the past by grabbing balls that had no business being caught.

Ravens over the Browns 14-7
The Browns are supposed to be decent this year right? Hype sometimes is just hype.

Cowboys over the Packers 33-27
Romo and Rodgers are tearing it up and I’m actually very interested in this game.

Chargers over the Jets 24-14
You know, Darren Sproles is reminding me of Michael Turner. Someone who needs to see a few more carries in the game. I know that is blasphemy to suggest with Tomlinson on the team but he’s hurting this week and besides he needs to be spelled more at this point in his career.

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