Thursday, September 04, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 1

Giants over the Redskins 17-3 ---Too early for Campbell in a new offense (again).

Lions over the Falcons 21-14 ----Ryan looks decent but I have trouble taking a rookie in his first start.

Bills over the Seahawks 13-10 ----Seahawks should win this but the Bills are at home and they surprise in the first week.

Jaguars over the Titans 24-20 ---This is going to be closer than it should be.

Dolphins over the Jets 17-14 ---Pennington knows the Jets and Favre needs a little more time to adjust.

Patriots over the Chiefs 38-7 ---as long as Brady is capable of playing, this should be a blowout. If he goes out then all bets are off.

Saints over the Bucs 28-14 ---I'm hopeful that last year's mistakes and injuries don't crop up again this year for New Orleans.

Eagles over the Rams 30-10 ---Too bad Kevin Curtis is out with a hernia. I would have liked for him to show the Rams that they made a mistake in letting him go.

Steelers over the Texans 24-17 ---I think the Steelers could be very good. But you just don't know what you'll get with them year to year. Andre Johnson is wasted on a team like the Texans.

Bengals over the Ravens 27-6 ---It would be nice to see Carson Palmer regain the brilliance he showed a couple of years ago.

Chargers over the Panthers 20-10 ---This is Delhomme's last year to prove he's a starter. I have my doubts.

Cardinals over the 49ers 10-7---yikes. I'm only interested in this to see how Smith's replacement does.

Cowbows over the Browns 28-24 ---The Browns were a hot pick early in the spring and summer and now I see people jumping off the bandwagon like it's on fire. I'm not sure about them yet but the Cowboys should be better this week.

Colts over the Bears 17-7 ---Does Manning need the pre-season? We'll see. The Bears defense lost some luster last year so I look for them to come after him.

Packers over the Vikings 10-3 ---Both have a decent team but a question mark at QB. Should be interesting.

Broncos over the Raiders 32-17 ---What the hell did the Raiders give up Moss for. He would be perfect with a strong armed QB like Russell. I know Al Davis is still alive but he's basically a walking corpse with a big checkbook. Did you see that Javon Walker deal? ouch.

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