Thursday, December 29, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 17

Saints over the Panthers
Brees needs to play and pass in this game or Brady has a shot to overtake him and claim the Marino record for himself. That would be awkward after we already went through the coronation of Brees as the new master of the pass.

Patriots over the Bills
The Bills don't ever win in Foxboro so this is the safe pick.

Vikings over the Bears.
What a bad ending for Chicago. When Cutler and Forte were clicking earlier in the season it looked like the playoffs were a lock and they might even give the Packers a scare. The Cutler injury crapped all over everything. That's why the QB is the most valuable player on the entire team (Indy players nodding sadly).

Jets over the Dolphins
I'm looking forward to the Revis/Marshall battle.

49ers over the Rams
Don't start trying now St. Louis. Draft order matters.

Lions over the Packers
I'm trying to sell this one to myself. The only thing I got is perhaps the Pack will rest Rodgers and other starters in the 2nd half.

Eagles over the Redskins
Too little too late for Philly. We'll look forward to a better year in 2012. As I've said before, the NFL is better off with the Eagles and Michael Vick relevant and winning.

Jags over the Colts
Indy loses and now we have to endure the Luck talk for months. Shoot me now.

Titans over the Texans
Houston will probably exit early in the playoffs. That Schaub injury wasn't as devastating as the Bear's losing Cutler, but it kills their playoff chances.

Seahawks over the Cardinals
The hawks have won 6 of their last 8 and a large part of that can be attributed to the resurgence of Marshawn Lynch. After the 4th game of the season he turned on the jets.

Broncos over the Chiefs
If the Broncos win then they are in the playoffs and we have an offseason of stories about the promise and hope of Tebow. If they lose then we will deal with tons of speculation on whether Tebow starts next year or is even traded. Even if Oakland loses and the Bronocs back into the playoffs with a loss we'll still see the latter version of events that I mentioned. They'll most likely be a one and done team in the playoffs and that would mean 4 straight losses to end the year.

Falcons over the Bucs
Raheem Morris has one more game before the axe falls. You can't lose 9 straight and survive can you? He ought to pull out every trick play in the book. Hard to believe this team was 4-2 to start the season. I actually think they ought to give their coach one more year. Last season was good for him. Maybe this year is an aberration.

Ravens over the Bengals
This a Baltimore team that will face doubts about their offense in the playoffs. The Ravens scored over 24 points 5 times in the first 8 weeks. Things were clicking. Since week 9....over 24 points just once.

Steelers over the Browns
Pittsburgh would be better off if Batch could play and win again. Roethlisbeger could use another week to rest the injured ankle.

Chargers over the Raiders
To me the Raiders are a success whether they go to the playoffs or not. They were a joke for so long that their gritty play the past two seasons have won my respect.

Giants over the Cowboys
If Manning has Nicks and Manningham back from injury then it will be tougher for the Cowboy defensive backs to focus solely on Victor Cruz.

Last week: 11-5
Overall: 143-93 (61%)

I know the playoffs are exciting but I'm always a bit bummed out by the end of the regular season. I'm like the kid mourning the end of Christmas before Christmas day has arrived.

Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 16

Texans over the Colts
I never should have underestimated the fire that Payton Manning was willing to light under his teammates. You could see it in his face on Thursday night. "Win one for me guys!" Or in other words, "win one for me so Luck isn't drafted and we can avoid the drama that comes with that mess".  

Chiefs over the Raiders
I don't know what to think of the Raiders running game or passing game. It's hit and miss for both. I know Michael Bush has filled in admirably for their backfield but I would really have like to see Darren McFadden healthy this year. Do you remember the burst he had earlier in the season? He was being talked about as the best RB in the game. Now he's just that guy that we know is good who's always injured.   

Titans over the Jaguars
The Jags have Maurice Jones-Drew....and that's it. What a season by that guy!  He might end up winning the rushing title this year, which would be the lone bright spot in a season from hell.  Jack Del Rio should have been fired at least 3 years ago. 

Patriots over the Dolphins
The Fins have been downright plucky in the 2nd half of the season.  Shouldn't matter this week. The Pats offense should shred the Miami defense.

Bengals over the Cardinals
Best rookie on the Cincy Squad?  Dalton? I say it's A.J.  Green. A stud at receiver. 

Broncos over the Bills
McGahee mania! Right?!  Willis McGahee comes back to the town he started as a rookie and where infamously proclaimed himself  the best running back in the game.  Pretty clear that was never a true statement but it's also evident that we wouldn't be talking about Tebow so much right now if McGahee hadn't ran as well as he did in at least 4 of the wins in the past month and a half. . 

Steelers over the Rams
 Roethlisberger is out. Charlie Batch is in. Batch is has been around since the Jurassic Age and has been serviceable but if your a Steeler fan then you should be scared of the Rams this week. St. Louis stinks and should be tanking this game for a draft pick but remember they took out the Saints earlier in the year. 

Giants over the Jets
Besides the NY that precedes their names these teams really are very similar. They can can be great defensively on occasion.....they probably should be better than they are but tend to disappoint.....and they get more attention than they deserve. Certainly Eli is a better QB than Sanchez but in the past few seasons Sanchez has come up big at the end of the season.  Maybe this year is different for Eli and he can channel some 2007-08 magic. 

Redskins over the Vikings
Irrelevant game of the week.

Panthers over the Buccaneers
All I really care about in this game is watching Cam Newton and Steve Smith. Seriously, is there anything else remotely interesting about it?

Ravens over the Browns
McCoy is out again. and the Ravens defense (despite last week's shalacking by the the Chargers) should shut down anything Cleveland plans to do. The Colt McCoy concussion experience is something that used to happen every week in the NFL. The only reason it's gotten so much press is the current league crackdown and awareness about concussions.....which I think is good. Let's just not pretend this is something new. Sending a guy back in after a serious concussion has been commonplace in the league since it began. The guy who's the biggest douche in the whole thing is Mike Holmgren. His lame excuses about why McCoy went back in are almost comical. 

Lions over the Chargers
Detroit should be very worried that they are getting the "good" Chargers instead of the bad Charger team that slept walked through the middle of the season. 

Cowboys over the Eagles
I know that Philly is the popular pick here and honestly I almost think that the Eagles could pull this miracle playoff seed out in the last couple of weeks. But I can't buy those odds with this Eagles team. 

49ers over the Seahawks
Alex Smith has been pretty good this year. Not great, but pretty good. Still, unless he can make more of the big plays on 3rd down or in the Red Zone this team isn't going anywhere in the playoffs.

Packers over the Bears
It will be interesting to watch what the Packers do in regards to protecting their guys for the playoffs without losing their edge. 

Saints over the Falcons
tough one.  These guys are rivals and know how to play each other's strengths and weaknesses. This should be close.

Last Week: 5-11
Overall: 132-88 (60%)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 15

Jags over the Falcons 
Not sure what I was thinking here. I haven't totally bought into Atlanta yet I guess.

Cowboys over the Bucs
The Tampa coach is toast. Morris better start looking for a real estate agent.

Texans over the Panthers
Houston used to lose games they should have won. This year they've been unusually clutch.

Giants over Redskins
Defense is starting to pick it up and Manning and Cruz have been great.

Bills over the Dolphins
They've got to rediscover that early season magic. I can't figure out what happened to Fitzpatrick.

Bears over the Seahawks
Lynch has been great but the Bears defense can still roar.

Saints over the Vikings
I wish Jared Allen could play for a contender. Definitely one of my favorite players to watch.

Bengals over the Rams
St. Louis is so bad I have conveniently forgotten that I'm a Ram fan. Unless I remind myself like I just did. Dammit.

Titans over the Colts
Remember early in the season when Indy was playing their hearts out? Freeney and Mathis were impossible to block. I stopped watching their games so I'm not sure when that fire went out for the team in general. Maybe for most of the Colts it died the minute they found out Manning was shelved. 

Packers over the Chiefs
I have never seen someone throw a prettier pass than Aaron Rodgers. It's like a clinic out there. Super strong arm, spirals out of a QB's wet dream, uncanny accuracy for deep, mid-range and short balls. Elusive, and fast for a QB. Now you look back and wonder how Favre wasn't pushed out earlier. 

Raiders over the Lions
Famous former dirty team meet the NFL's current dirty team. Watch your backs.

Patriots over the Broncos
Tebow has been fun to watch. And agonizing to watch. But let's stop with the comparisons to Brady this week. Please. Brady is one of the best of all time. Tebow may not even start next season. The mania needs to end. 

Jets over the Eagles
Something's not right in Philly this year. I'm not sure what it is but it stinks. 

Cardinals over the Browns
 I need yards and TDs out of Beanie Wells. My fantasy playoffs are starting.

Ravens over the Chargers
Its all about the defense and Ray Rice.

49ers over the Steelers
This would be a statement game if San Fran can pull it off.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 127-77 (62%)

Friday, December 09, 2011

NFL Picks Week 14

Steelers over the Browns
I had this one picked when the schedules first came out.

Jets over the Chiefs
K.C is in flux and the Jets may be ready for a final push.

Bucs over the Jags
Tough one. It's in Jacksonville, but both teams have been so disappointing this season home field doesn't seem much of an advantage for either. It's time for Josh Freeman to recapture last season's consistency.

Patriots over the Redskins
I heard Colin Cowherd on the radio today saying this could be close. I'm not buying it. Patriots by 2 touchdowns at least.

Falcons over the Panthers
Matt Ryan looked bad last week. Really bad. His off games have convinced me that he'll never be an elite QB. But hey Atlanta, that's ok. In any given year there are only a few elite QBs. You can still win an Super Bowl with just a decent to good QB, provided you have some defense and running to pick up the slack.

Ravens over the Colts
I thought Archie Manning was spot on this last week in his comments about Manning and Luck and the negative aspects of having them play on the same team. Luck's too good to sit for 3 or 4 years if Manning heals. He needs to play soon. The Colts need to either part ways with Manning or swing a deal for picks and players and keep Manning around. Of course if Manning's neck is screwed and he has to retire then Indy will celebrate him and move on with Andrew Luck. I'm wondering now though if Luck will be the best pro out of the group of QBs coming into the NFL soon. Could Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin turn out to be better?

Dolphins over the Eagles
I want to pick Philly. They're in too much turmoil right not though. Miami is playing well and making a late season surge. I'm surprised to see Reggie Bush playing so well lately. He's showing signs that he could be a number 1 RB for a couple of years if given the chance.

Lions over the Vikings
I only care about this game because I want to see if the Lions will continue to implode.

Saints over the Titans
So Chris Johnson is finally starting to get his mojo back. Right in time to help beat my fantasy team. One more reason to hate. He may well run through the Saints defense like it's made of swiss cheese but the Saints can score too.

Bengals over the Texans
Without a solid QB, some would-be wins will be losses. It's inevitable.

Broncos over the Bears
Why not?

49ers over the Cardinals
Defense is winning games for San Fran.

Bills over the Chargers
Chargers are at home but Monday night's win still hasn't convinced me that they have things figured out.

Packers over the Raiders
I feel bad for Darren McFadden. There is a possibility that the last 2 years he could have been the best running back in the land. Instead he's injury prone and losing another season in his prime.

Giants over the Cowboys
it's a crap shoot with these guys.

Seahawks over the Rams
What used to be a good rivalry has fizzled and become perhaps one of the least desired games to watch of the 2011 season.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 116-72 (62%)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 13

Eagles over the Seahawks
This is probably a crazy pick since the Eagles are a mess and they have to go cross country to Seattle to play. Not an easy place to win even when you have a superior team.

Panthers over the Bucs
I'm fairly disappointed in the development of Josh Freeman this year. He's regressed from last season. In fact it seems like everybody has regressed in Tampa, even the coach. And you know what?---The Bucs missed a great opportunity to bring in Ronde Barber's twin brother Tiki as a running back this year. I know he's mid thirties, hasn't played in 4 years and is a real deuche but at least it would have been interesting. That's a word you can't apply to the Bucs right now. Tiki retired as one of the top two running backs in the game in 2006. Do you realize in his final 3 years he rushed for 1500 yards, 1800 yards , and 1600 yards. That's pretty damn good. If he hadn't been so insufferable and had played a couple more years we'd be talking about it him as one of the all-time greats. However, "what ifs" are not reality. Since we didn't get a chance to see Barber in action again, what we do know is that Tiki's just a really good ex-football player, a failed broadcaster, and the dude who dumped his pregnant wife for a younger chick.

Anyway, back to the game this week....Cam Newton is a beast so I guess I'll go with Carolina based solely on that shallow analysis.

Steelers over the Bengals
This feels like a game the Bengals could win. They are tougher than expected this year and Andy Dalton and A.J. Green represent an amazing draft for them this past spring. Still, this contest is in Pittsburgh and the Steelers are always good at home so I'll go with them. It was funny to listen to the announcers of the game last week almost apologize for the fact that the Steelers are a passing team now. Like it's a sacrilegious thing in Steel Town. Until they get some stars in the backfield, Pittsburgh better utilize Roethlisberger and those receivers he's got. They are the bread and butter right now.

Falcons over the Texans
We'll see if Houston can surprise me 2 weeks in a row. At some point the backup QB situation there has got to bite them. Right now the Falcons are playing well and have enough offensive firepower to compete against the strong Texan defense.

Jets over the Redskins
Mark Sanchez baffles me. He's the new Matt Hasslebeck. Good enough to tease you for awhile but probably not the guy to take you to the promised land.

Colts over the Patriots
..Just seeing if you were paying attention. That would be an amazing upset though. Upset of the decade for me. But no...I'm going with the Pats over the Colts. This line can't be high enough. Sad that this was a marquee matchup every year with Manning. One player is the difference between a playoff team and a potential winless season. Incredible. The Colts were built to pass the ball well and rush the opposing passer. Without the need to score 30 pts or more each week to keep up with Manning, teams can play the Colts anyway they want. And what they want is to crush Indy. So far, it's working.

Dolphins over the Raiders
Miam is showing signs of life.

Broncos over the Vikings
Tebow might be the worst passer I've ever seen. But with the defense playing like they are lately and with Tebow and his backfield running over guys, maybe they can win a couple more before the music stops.

Bears over the Chiefs
Backup QB against backup QB. May the worst QB not win.

Bills over the Titans
frustrating time for Buffalo. What happened to the power of Fitzpatrick's beard? They have crashed and burned after starting with such promise. This is a must win if they hope to get back in contention for a Wild Card spot. QB better shave the beard to get some new karma.

Ravens over the Browns
Some consistency out of Joe Flacco would be a good.

Cowboys over the Cardinals
Arizona has some great fans but watch the stands, there will be loads of Cowboy fans there. Every western state die-hard Cowboy fan shows up in Arizona when the Cowboys come to town.

Packers over the Giants
It wouldn't surprise me to see the Giants pull this out. Their kind of schizophrenic that way. But the Packers have been so dominant you can't go against them. Their risk taking defense is their achilles heel but if your offense can score 40 every week a few mistakes won't kill you.

49ers over the Rams
The Ram's coach needs to be fired after this season. I had high hopes for Spagnuola but for whatever reason the Rams aren't turning things around. It starts with Bradford. He has to be better than he is. Much better.

Saints over the Lions
Other than the Packers, the Saints are the most entertaining team to watch on tv.
And concerning the MVP debate, unless the Pack falter, there really is no debate. It's Rodgers. But at least Brees has made it a conversation.

Chargers over the Jags
Pretty uninspiring game for a Monday night. The Chargers need to fire Norv Turner and A.J. Smith. How's that Rivers vs. Brees thing working out for you now A.J? I know Brees was hurt during the year San Diego let him go but Smith drafted Rivers to replace Brees before he knew that. He wasn't bringing him back no matter what. I think it's pretty clear the Drew Brees has been the better QB of the two. I love Drew Brees mainly because he's defied everyone's expectations of him. .........Except the Saints, they believed in him and were rewarded for it.

Last Week: 12-4
Overall: 105-67 (61%)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 12

It's the annual face stuffing event so no time for details about these picks. Pumpkin pie is calling.

Packers over the Lions
Cowboys over the Dolphins
49ers over the Ravens
Jaguars over the Texans
Jets over the Bills
Bengals over the Browns
The battle for Ohio
Falcons over the Vikings
Cardinals over the Rams
Panthers over the Colts
Bucs over the Titans
Raiders over the Bears
Redskins over the Seahawks
Chargers over the Broncos
Patriots over the Eagles
Steelers over the Chiefs
Saints over the Giants

Last Week: 9-5
Overall: 93-63 (60%)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 11

Jets over the Broncos
I can't see the Broncos getting enough offense to win this. The Jets are no offensive juggernaut either but they should be good for at least 14-17 pts. Right?. I'm thinking something like NY 17 Denver 10.
Update: I just checked the Thursday night score and it looks like I've been Tebowed. Damn you Tim Tebow. .......Wait....Forgive me Tim Tebow. Forgive me. I'm pretty sure you've got more pull with God so I need you on my side.

Packers over the Bucs
The only teams that have a shot at the Packers are those that can score and at the same time have a defense that can produce a few turnovers. I don't see the Bucs at this point with either of those qualities.

Lions over the Panthers
The Panthers haven't looked as explosive as late. Is Newton hitting the rookie "wall"? No big deal, with this being a rebuilding season a nice draft pick would help next year's team.

Jaguars over the Browns
Just give the ball to Maurice Jones Drew.

Raiders over the Vikings
Minnesota is 5th in the league against the run so maybe Michael Bush won't go nuts this week. The Raiders just seem tougher than the Vikes though.

Bills over the Dolphins
Buffalo needs to get going again. I'm extremely impressed with Fred Jackson this year. He's another Kurt Warner type who had to fight to get into the league (ever heard of the NIFL or the UIF?) His career so far in the NFL has been so-so and then comes crazy numbers like he's having now. Doesn't make sense. Too bad he's already 30. Talk about a late bloomer.

Cowboys over the Redskins
Murray, Romo, Dez Bryant, Ware, ----the Cowboys have some explosive guys and the Skins don't. That should be enough in this one.

Ravens over the Bengals
This would be a huge step for Cincy if they could pull out a win in Baltimore. The Ravens haven't lost at home yet this year so I can't give Dalton and the Bengals the nod this week.

49ers over the Cardinals
Sounds weird to say that an Arizona win over San Fran would be a major upset. From year to year, the NFL has the best turnaround stories.

Rams over the Seahawks

Falcons over the Titans
Chris Johnson seems to be coming alive the last couple of weeks but the Titans are so inconsistent they can't be trusted. The Falcons are solid though. By the way, I liked the 4th down "go for it" attitude by Atlanta coach Mike Smith last week. Gutsy. Sure, maybe their defense stops New Orleans and they get the ball back. But I would bet that statistically speaking, the Falcons had a better shot at making that first down than they would have had getting the ball back in OT had they punted. I'll tell you this though, I didn't like the type of play that was called. A misdirection play or even a QB sneak had a better chance than a hand off straight up the gut.

Bears over the Chargers
I really want to pick San Diego here. But they always burn me. Got to go with the hot team here.

Giants over the Eagles
Philly couldn't handle the Giants at home and recent play gives us no reason to expect that they could take them out in NY.

Patriots over the Chiefs
I don't care if ex-Pats brass are holing up now in K.C. They can't play on the field and it's the field where Brady should destroy the K.C. secondary.

Last Week: 5-10
Overall:84-58 (59%)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 10

Chargers over the Raiders
A Thursday game that I thought would go the other way. Michael Bush torched the San Diego defense. The Raider offensive line deserves a lot of credit this season. McFadden or Bush seem to get their yards each week. For the Charger faithful it should be painfully obvious that Norv Turner is not a head coach that will ever lead a team to the promised land. He's a good coordinator and a mediocre head coach. Time to clean house in San Diego.

Eagles over Cardinals
If the Eagles lose this one the wailing and gnashing of teeth will commence in Philly. They have got to beat a bad Arizona team.

Panthers over Titans
Steve Smith's athleticism is a sight to behold. Cam Newton has been good but it's helped that he's had a receiver that goes up

Bucs over the Texans
My guess is that the Bucs are going to focus on the Texan run game and see if Schaub can beat them.

Dolphins over the Redskins
John Beck makes his return to Miami, going for revenge against the team that let him go. I'm sure the Fins are quaking in their cleats.

Jags over the Colts
Indy's season was over before this season began. I've been trying to find the clip where Manning nearly had his head ripped off a couple of years ago. If anyone has a link to it I'd like to see it. It's hits like that that got Manning where he is today.

Chiefs over the Broncos
Player I most miss this season? It's not Manning, it's Jamaal Charles. That guy was fun to watch last year. K.C. misses him.

Bills over the Cowboys
I think it will be tight. Maybe a field goal difference.

Falcons over the Saints
The one game I want to see this weekend. Should be a good one.

Browns over the Rams
I'm a Ram fan and I don't even want to watch this one.

Steelers over the Bengals
This wouldn't be that much of an upset if Cincy takes out Pittsburgh this week. They are perhaps the most surprising team of the year but seem to be legitimately good.

Ravens over the Seahawks
Last week's victory over the Steelers was impressive. Joe Flacco has been bad this year but you have to hand it to him on that final drive against Pittsburgh; he took a page out of the Roethlisberger textbook.

Giants over the 49ers.
The battle of two surprising QBs. I'm equally surprised with the tough defense San Fran has been playing this year.

Lions over the Bears
This will be a good test to see if Detroit can get it's swagger back.

Patriots over the Jets
I can't see the Pats losing 3 in a row. I mean, I would love it, I just don't think it will happen.

Packers over the Vikings
It's amazing that the Vikes almost went to the Super Bowl a couple of years back. Who knows how long it will take them to contend again and meanwhile the Pack seem set for years to come.

Last Week: 8-6
Overall: 79-48 (62%)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 9

Chiefs over the Dolphins
Miami has a better chance than you might think to steal one in K.C. But lately Dolphin football is a lesson in crazy so I'm going with the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

Falcons over the Colts
Come on Indy! We need you to bail us out of the endless Andrew Luck/Payton Manning stories that will continue if you keep losing. Nobody wants to watch Luck ride the bench for 3-4 years if Manning heals up by next year. I know that's a big 'if" when you're talking about a neck injury but let's face it, if Manning plays again and the Colts have the number 1 pick, it's nothing but messy.

Saints over the Bucs
New Orleans is home but Tampa always plays the Saints tough so this one could be closer than expected. Who knows what to expect from the Saints? They just lost badly to the Rams last week so all year long we'll wonder which team will show up.

Bills over the Jets
I'm wondering if Plaxico Burress will even play this week with that bad back he has...but if he does I'm also wondering if I should start him in my fantasy league. 3 TDs last week was impressive. Can Sanchez find him again though?

Cowboys over the Seahawks
Demarcus Ware is a monster.

Texans over the Browns
Is Colt McCoy regressing? He should look to his counterpart  this week. Schaub doesn't seem to regress much. On the other hand he doesn't seem to improve much either. He's pretty steady and competent but can't seem to push it to the next level.

49ers over the Redskns
I wonder if the Niner's players ever get bugged about Jim Harbough getting all the credit for their turnaround? As long as they win, probably not.

Titans over the Bengals
I have no idea if Chris Johnson will ever be an elite running back again.It's like asking if Kim Kardashian will ever find love. In both cases, I could care less. Like Kim Kardashian, Johnson is an attention whore and thinks more of himself than than reality says he should. He's a home run hitter but if the big runs are gone, he's not the Titan's go-to guy. But whether Johnson helps Tennessee on Sunday or Javon Ringer does, or Hasselbeck does, I think they take down the surprising Bengals.

Raiders over the Broncos
Michael Bush is a capable fill-in for McFadden but what I'm really interested to see in this game is how Palmer fares at QB now that he has a couple of weeks in the Raider system.

Patriots over the Giants
 Two surprises for me in the leadup to this game. First, Eli Manning is having a really good first half of the season. After the mediocre year Eli had last season I figured maybe we had seen the best of what he had to offer. Apparently not. Second, Tom Brady started hot but has cooled a bit. His off games are still better than half the league. But only half. A lot of guys are throwing the ball well this year.

Cardinals over the Rams
I've lost hope in my Rams. The silver lining this week is that they are playing a team that's played nearly as bad as they have.

Packers over the Chargers
After last week's debacle I think San Diego would rather not see the best team in the league come to town.

Steelers over the Ravens
Supposedly these guys don't like each other. I think that's what makes this rivalry a good one.

Eagles over the Bears
I love watching LeSean McCoy run. To me he's a quicker and tougher version of Brian Westbrook.

Last Week: 9-4
Overall: 71-42 (63%)

Friday, October 28, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 8

Ravens over the Cardinals
Arizona has given no indication that they're ready to take on the big boys yet . Kolb has been a bust so far. I mean what do you do if you are Larry Fitzgerald? You're quite possibly the best receiver in the league and yet your value is being wasted in the desert. It's almost like we've forgotten about this guy. I agree with those who've pointed out Fitzgerald might have been better off waiting to sign an extension on his contract. I get that the money was big and security is never a bad thing but a receiver needs someone to throw him the ball. Kolb may not be that someone.

Panthers over the Vikings
It will be interesting to see if Jared Allen can chase cam Newton down.

Texans over the Jaguars
Arian Foster, when healthy, is in the discussion for top running back in the NFL.

Giants over the Dolphins
Reggie Bush says the Dolphins stink. I agree. But so what? I mean Miami has had an odor for years (the team, not the city...I have no idea what the city smells like....but I would love to find if someone would like to spring for an all-expense paid trip for me to investigate this).

Saints over the Rams
Good thing the Cardinal's World Series victory will keep minds off this shellacking. Hide your eyes kids, hide your eyes.

Titans over the Colts
I actually think the Colts could make this competitive. But only if they get over that public beatdown they got last week courtesy of the Saints. Have some pride Indy.

Lions over the Broncos
For an athletic guy, Tim Tebow can look pretty awkward in the pocket. To me he's tight end athletic or maybe even linebacker athletic. I got enough of a look at him last week to realize he can make some amazing plays and some of the ugliest plays I have ever seen. However, Tebow magic 20% of the time isn't going to win very many games when 80% of the time he looks so bad you want to put him out of his misery. Also, I don't get it, wasn't Brady Quinn the backup to Orton. So why is Tebow starting? I mean I'm all for it, I just don't understand it. If Tebow is listed 3rd on the depth chart how does he jump Quinn? Three explanations. One: he's seen as better than Quinn. Doubtful considering Coach Jon Fox's less than enthusiastic endorsement of Tebow. Second: he's not seen as better than Quinn which gives them a greater chance of losing and maybe being bad enough to get Andrew Luck. That also seems doubtful since Fox doesn't seem the type to tank games. So is it the 3rd option? Fox and Elway, are caving to fans in order to give them a taste of Tewbow hoping in this lost season they see him fail and then they can move on without the fan pressure? I'm hoping Tebow screws up everyone's plans by actually winning games.

Bills over the Redskins
Fitzpatrick just signed a nice deal with Buffalo. Hope he doesn't go and pull a "Chris Johnson" on us now. I love that I can use Johnson's name as a descriptive term for "got paid, now I'm gonna suck donkeys". Couldn't happen to a more deserving deuche. Anyway, I digress. I like Fitzpatrick and I tend to think he'll continue to work hard and be a decent QB. He's not got superstar DNA in him but then again not many QBs do.

Bengals over the Seahawks
Despite poor ownership and pretty crappy coaching for the past few years, the Bengals have managed to get lucky with some draft picks and look pretty decent this year.

49ers over the Browns
Is it time to believe in San Fran? I don't think a win over Cleveland really gives us that answer.

Patriots over the Steelers
Probably the game of the day. Or at least it should be on paper. The Patriots week off killed my fantasy team last week. I needed Brady as my QB. I hate rooting for him to do well just for fantasy purposes. I've been flogging myself each week with a spiked belt to purge the sin of it from my soul.

Eagles over the Cowboys
For Philly's sake let's hope it's not close. As good as Andy Reid has been over the years, he has to be one of the worst clock management/tight game situation coaches I've ever seen. He rivals Norv Turner of the Chargers. ...speaking of which...

Chargers over the Chiefs
Last week Norv Turner and Philip Rivers had one of the worst 2 minute drills to end a game that I have ever seen. Just amazingly pathetic. And yet I find myself thinking they should probably win this. That's what San Diego does. They're like the NFL's mafia. Just when you think you're out..they pull you back in. Come on K.C. help me resist. .....Crap. can't do it. Southern California bastards.

Last Week: 11-2
Overall: 62-38 (61%)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 7

Lions over the Falcons.
I'm ticked off with Michael Turner for turning a sure fantasy win into a loss last week. Everything was going fine until he decided to be good again.

Jets over the Chargers
NY gets some swagger back this week.

Bears over the Bucs
If this game had been in Tampa, I'd take the Bucs but since they are going to be playing in London I'll say the Bears because Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz reminds me of a British guy I once knew. That's not a compliment for either of them.

Browns over the Seahawks
Must see tv. Hell.

Panthers over the Redskins
I'd like to see John Beck do well as a QB but I just don't think it will happen. He's been a backup for a reason. Still, I'll be rooting for him just like I did when he was at BYU. When Grossman is good he's much better than Beck. Unfortunately for Grossman those good days only happen about 30% of the time. The other 70% of his games Grossman is the 2nd coming of Jamarcus Russell.

Broncos over the Dolphins
It's Tebow time. Fantastic, now maybe the media can have their Tebowgasm and get it over with. I like the guy but even he has to be sick of the endless debate of his abilities as a QB. Let's let me him play and see what happens.

Texans over the Titans
Matt Hasselbeck is being very unlike himself this season. He's actually been fairly efficient with a passer rating of nearly 96. Who would of thought he'd be more valuable than Chris Johnson?

Chiefs over the Raiders
Will Palmer play this week? Probably not but so what? He can't really be ready after just getting off the couch a few days ago. Now I know he's been working out and all but it's not the same as going to camp and and getting some pre-season snaps. Raiders are home but Kyle Boller doesn't inspire me.

Steelers over the Cardinals
I like Larry Fitzgerald a lot but his team doesn't have the overall quality of receivers that the Steelers do. Between Ward, Wallace and Brown, Rothlisberger has some nice options.

Packers over the Vikings
Shouldn't be close. The Pack are amazing this season.

Cowboys over the Rams
I don't want talk about my Rams. Can it get any worse?. Yep.

Saints over the Colts
What's up with the Saint's center quitting mid-season? Weird.

Ravens over the Jags
Ray Rice comes to Jacksonville. He meets his twin Maurice Jones Drew. Those two guys play the game the same way. Passion and hard running.

Last Week: 8-4
Overall: 51-36

Friday, October 14, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 6

Steelers over the Jaguars
Maybe Jack Del Rio's master plan in getting rid of David Garrard was to compete in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. If so it's a weird plan since he probably won't be around to enjoy that draft pick were they to get it.

Packers over the Rams
Not a great week for my Rams to turn things around. Going to Aaron Rodger's house means St. Louis is going to be 0-5 come Monday.

Eagles over the Redskins
This has got to be the week Philly gets its act together right?  I think I asked that same question last week.

Giants over the Bills
This feels like it should go the other way but the Giants are one of those teams that are bi-polar. You never know what you will get out of them (and their QB for that matter).

Lions over the 49ers
 The defensive pressure of the Lions is incredible. Alex Smith has been great for the Niners so far but the Lions are at home. Hard to see the upset happening. Wait...did I just call a possible Lions loss an upset?  Live it up Detroit, those words have not been written about the Lions in quite awhile.

Raiders over the Browns
If the Raiders could get themselves a passing game (in a pass happy league) along with their already solid running game and defense they would be a legitimate playoff winning threat. But franchise QBs don't grow on trees and I think Jason Campbell just won't be the answer for them down the line.

Texans over the Ravens
I'm calling the upset here at Baltimore. Mario Williams is out, Andre Johnson is out, what I am I thinking? I'm thinking Joe Flacco has regressed so far this year.

Colts over the Bengals
Cincy is 3-2, the Raiders are 3-2, the 49ers are 4-1, the Bills are 4-1, the Lions are 5-0, and the Redskins are 3-1.  The success can't be sustainable for all of them.  Which ones will fall back to earth? My guess is the Skins, and the Bengals are most likely to fall hard. Without Manning the Curtis Painter show is shaky but there have been signs that he's not as bad as we feared. He hasn't been able to do it at home so I'm not sure why I'm making this pick on the road for Indy.

Patriots over the Cowboys
Brady and Belichick love to stick it to a Ryan if they can. Rex, Rob, whatever.

Saints over the Bucs
This could go either way since Tampa usually plays New Orleans tough at home. Hard to pick against Brees this year though.

Bears over the Vikings
A porous line won't stop Cutler from getting creamed by Jared Allen a few times. But if Hester, Forte and others can make a play or two they should be able to score enough to win. Other than Adrian Peterson, the Vikes are dead on offense.

Jets over the Dolphins
I would love to see the Dolphins end up with worst record in the league this year. Getting Andrew Luck in the draft could bring them back from their disastrous mistake of letting Drew Brees go to the Saints.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Al Davis: Pioneer, Rebel, .......& certifiably crazy for a decade

Lots of glowing testimonials over the last couple of days over recently deceased Raider owner Al Davis. I guess that's to be expected and I guess that's appropriate. Al Davis did some great things.....many years ago. Many, many, many years ago. I'm appreciative of history though so I think it's ok to celebrate his impact in the old AFL, his record of hiring minorities, his willingness to go against the grain etc.  But even though many don't want to talk ill of those who have passed on, any discussion of Al Davis has to also include the fact that the guy was just plain nuts for the last 10 years. His decisions, actions, and attitude drove his own organization into the ground and we have to be honest that both he and the Raiders were a joke for most of the past decade.  Having said that,  a bad 10 years doesn't erase the 40 years before that made Al  Davis a legend. So I appreciate the young Al Davis who revolutionized some aspects of prof football and I mock the crazy old coot Al who gave me a decade full of "Weekend at Bernie's" jokes.   Rest in Peace Al. If you happen to make it to heaven try not to drive God crazy.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 5

Colts over the Chiefs
The Colts are playing hard even without much hope. I think Freeney and the defense take exception to the idea that Manning was the only reason for their prior success.

Saints over the Panthers
Cam Newton is better than expected. Wish we could say the same about the Saints defense to this point. They won't always outscore everybody as evidenced in the Packer game (week 1).

Eagles over the Bills
The name "Dream Team" name is dead according to Vick.  Are the regular old Eagles toast too?  I hope not. The league is better off if the Eagles are competitive.

Giants over the Seahawks
If the Giants can't beat this team we'll know they're frauds.

Steelers over the Titans
Hasselbeck is surprising me so far. Still, I'm convinced you can't trust him and that he'll be the on and off guy he was in Seattle. Chris Johnson is not as good as he thinks he is but I think you have to keep feeding him the ball. He's still got breakaway speed.

Bengals over the Jags.
Andy Dalton has been impressive as a rookie QB. Perhaps not Cam Newton impressive but the Bengals signal caller has shown some guts and skills.

Texans over the Raiders
The Texans need to take this division and step on it's throat. Is it in em? Their team history and their QB history doesn't suggest that so far.  But times change. At least Gary Gary Kubiak hopes so.

Bucs over the 49ers
I like both coaches.  This game intrigues me.

Patriots over the Jets
Games between these guys are never predictable. But you know the Pats want to stick it to Ryan's Jets.  If they get the chance they'll run up the score.

Broncos over the Chargers
The Chargers are over .500 this early in the season.  I'll channel my inner Lombardi and ask what the Hell's going out here?

Packers over the Falcons
The Pack look unstoppable.

Lions over the Bears
You know they'll be rocking in Detroit for Monday night. Gotta win this one right?

Last Week 10-6
Overall:: 37-26

Saturday, October 01, 2011

NFL Picks Week 4

Lions over the Cowboys
Am I drinking the kool-aid. Yes, yes I am.

Bears over the Panthers
This just feels like one of those games where Jay Cutler does more good than harm.

Bills over the Bengals
The Bengals seem to be primed to win this trap game for the Bills. But these Bills are very likable and fun to watch.

Browns over the Titans
I hope with Kenny Britt down now that Titan QB Matt Hasslebeck targets wide receiver Nate Washington a lot. I'm starting him in fantasy football this week. This is what fantasy has done to me. The minute I saw Britt was seriously hurt I started to think of it's effect on my fantasy football team. I grabbed Washington off the waiver wire during the Titan game last week as Britt is being carted off. Damn.....I feel dirty.

Vikings over the Chiefs
Both are a mess. But while the Chiefs lost their star RB, the Vikes still have theirs. They just need to make sure they give him the ball. The less Donovan McNabb handles the rock, the better.

Redskins over the Rams
I can't even begin to describe how disappointing my Rams are thus far this year. If Rex Grossman outplays Sam Bradford this week I may have to light Bradford's rookie card on fire.

Saints over the Jaguars
This shouldn't be close...... so naturally it will be.

Texans over the Steelers
This is the kind of game Houston needs to win if they want to sit at the big boy's table.

Eagles over the 49ers
Maybe this will be the "wow" game we've been looking for this year from Philly. They had several last year but this year... not so much.

Cardinals over the Giants
Kevin Kolb needs to be better in key situations (3rd downs, etc.). They miss Beanie Wells so hopefully he's back.

Falcons over the Seahawks
This used to be the kind of game where Seattle's hometown advantage would kick in. I just don't see it this year. At what point does Peter Carroll start humming the USC fight song to himself on the sidelines?

Chargers over the Dolphins
just because the Bolts are at home. Still......I don't trust em. That's not changing as long as Nor Turner's at the helm.

Patriots over the Raiders
Belichick usually gives us one of those "no mercy" type of games the week after a loss. The Raiders have toughened up but I just don't think they'll score enough to win this game.

Packers over the Broncos
The TE Finley is coming on as a target for Rodgers and is a nice weapon in the Pack's offensive arsenal.

Jets over the Ravens
would be weird and feel somewhat awkward if this turned into a scoring fest. This game in theory should be low scoring.

Bucs over the Colts
With Payton Manning this is an interesting Monday night game. Without him it's monopoly night with the kids and checking the dvr if I hear any highlights are good.

Last Week: 9-7

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Steve Bartman story and 2003 Cub Fans that Suck

Just watched the ESPN documentary on Steve Bartman and the choke job by the 2003 Chicago Cubs. Now I know why I have never felt sorry for the Cubs and their fans. The treatment of Steve Bartman by jerk Cub Fans (thousands and thousands of them) was way, way out of line. The players, the manager (Dusty Baker), and the Chicago media all threw a normal guy under the bus and then backed that bus over his metaphorical head. One of the Cub fans comments caught on camera that night at the ballpark was: "put a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger!".

Stay classy Chicago.

A couple of things that struck me about the aftermath of that 2003 Pennant game. One, it's incomprehensible to me that the Florida Marlins have won two World Series championships. They've been around since 1993 and have won as many rings in nearly 18 years of existence as the Cubs have in 134 years. The Marlins do not play in a baseball town, they've blown up their teams after winning each of their championships just to save money and lastly, they're the Florida Marlins. It boggles the mind.
Secondly, the irrational nature of the Cub Fans during and after that game really bugs me. Mob mentality always does. Another Cub fan comment caught on tape that night that was directed toward Bartman, "I hope you rot in hell!" I have no doubt in my mind as I watch the clips of the fans that night, that if they had been able to get their hands on him, many would have had no problem in killing him.

I don't care about the history of the Cubs and their misery or stupid curses. 2003 Cub fans made a loyal fan their scapegoat and forever cemented their place in the Douchebag hall of fame.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL Picks Week 3

Saints over the Texans
Should be a good game. Both are good teams and each have excellent skill position players. The Texans defense might be a bit stronger but Brees is usually pretty good at home and has shredded good defenses there before.

Eagles over the Giants
I'm taking the Eagles with or without Vick here. The Giants defense is opportunistic but Manning is shaky and might give a few gifts away himself. It's no shock that people were booing Eli last week in NY. The one consistent thing about him is that's he's fairly inconsistent. Eli should get get the Rex Grossman style tag of "good Eli" and "bad Eli". The biggest weakness I can see with him is he just isn't that accurate. Watch Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and then watch Eli. The difference in accuracy is significant.

Panthers over the Jaguars
It feels like it's time for a win for Cam Newton. If he throws for 400 plus again I might just poop my pants. Then again it seems like everyone's throwing for at least 300 plus yards these days. What's happened to the passing defense? Or are teams just throwing it way more now? It may be that because it seems like every QB's stat sheet has 30-50 attempts.

Patriots over the Bills
This should subdue the Bills fever for a week or so as Brady puts on another clinic. I can't believe how much time he has to just sit back and survey the field. He doesn't have that good of offensive lineman does he? Hasn't anyone learned from the Giants and the Jets? You need to bring the house against Brady. Pressure is the only way to rattle him. You can't do it with extra defensive backs. He's an assassin and he'll pick a secondary apart.

Dolphins over the Browns
Miami plays better on the road. At least it seems that way. For fantasy purposes I need Brandon Marshall to have a big game this week.

Bengals over the 49ers
You can't trust Alex Smith or his running game yet. I like Frank Gore but it's not there yet for him this season. I think Andy Dalton is pretty good for a rookie QB and Cedric Benson is playing well again. Wouldn't it be weird if the Bengals were good this year and Carson Palmer had to watch his team go to the playoffs without him while he sat home sipping diet cokes and working out with T.J. Houshamenwhatshisface? I might just root for that. This is a story that needs to happen.

Titans over the Broncos
Chris Johnson has got to break out another 80 yard TD soon right? I don't really like the guy though so if he crashes and burns this season it will be ok with me. I'm a hater like that sometimes.

Lions over the Vikings
We can only hope to contain this bandwagon as we all jump on. But seriously, they destroyed the Chiefs last week. The Chiefs apparently suck this year (after a couple of years of gaining respectability again) but still the Lions haven't destroyed anyone for a very long time. They have some very good players. I'm not all in yet but I actually want to see a Lions game this season and that's remarkable. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson and that's always entertaining but how much of the load can he carry again? Except for 2009 when Favre was all-world and almost had them in the Super-Bowl, AP has been the show in Minnesota.

Ravens over the Rams
My Rams need a win badly but the Raven defense is going to be very rude to Sam Bradford.

Jets over the Raiders
....trying to hold in the Al Davis jokes here. ........I'm really, I can restrain did you hear about the guys who got busted this past week after pulling a "weekend at Bernie's" deal (hauling a dead body around town and using his credit card)??? Are we sure that some intern in Oakland isn't keeping Al on ice and wheeling him out once in a while with his shades on?? Ok, I got that out my system. Al Davis ridicule: check. Gushing about Darren McFaddeen: ooops, not yet. I love McFadden. If he could stay healthy this season he could challenge Adrian Peterson for best back in the land.

Chargers over the Chiefs
I could really see the Chargers starting another season off by digging themselves a whole too big to climb out of. I mean, it's kind of their M.O. But with Charles out for the Chiefs and their offense looking very timid otherwise, this should not be a a game.

Cardinals over the Seahawks
The only reason I would watch this game is to see Larry Fitzgerald. He's awesome.

Bucs over the Falcons
Not a total shocker if this happens. Josh Freeman has a toughness to him and a never say die attitude.

Packers over the Bears.
I like the Pack. Fun to watch.

Steelers over the Colts
It's going to get much worse for the Colts before it gets better. And it's their own fault. They've ridden Manning for so long and got spoiled by his ability to win games for them that they've neglected to surround this team with the toughness and talent that it needs to win. Without Manning they are a 3 win team. If that.

Redskins over the Cowboys
If Romo was healthy I'd got the other way with this . Gotta ride the Rex Grossman wave while it's cresting.

Last week: 10-6 (60%)
Overall: 18-13 (60%)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL Picks Week 2

Eagles over the Falcons
Welcome home Michael Vick. It should be a nice feeling for Matt Ryan as the Atlanta Crowd cheers the opposing QB. If the Eagles start a beat down on the Falcons and Vick is largely responsible for said beatdown then it could get kinda of awkward for the post-game Vick/Ryan greeting. Ryan: "uh... dude, I think they want you back" Vick: " bad." Ryan's going to have some pressure because they need to avoid 0-2 and the Vick return will always be a sideshow but isn't his name "Matty Ice"? It's a pretty stupid nickname come to think of it, but he better live up to it this week or the doubts about his ability to be an elite QB for Atlanta will hang around this season. Falcon fans know it's Vick's own fault he's not with them anymore but it doesn't stop many of them from drooling over the fantasy of number 7 in the black jersey again.

Atlanta may get back on track this week. They have the players. They have a good coach. Still, that same thing could be said about the Eagles. I'm going with the Philly in a close one.

Packers over the Panthers
Not many of us thought Cam Newton had a 400 yard day in him for his career let alone his inaugural game. Touche, Cam. You sure showed us buddy, but keep an eye on the other guy this week because Aaron Rodgers just might be the best QB in the game and he could teach you a few tricks. This game should be worth watching for two reasons. To see if Cam Newton can do anything similar to week 1 and to watch the Pack rack up points. The Packers remind me of the Patriots in many ways. Unstoppable, professional, and well on their way to being annual Super Bowl contenders. Let's hope they don't add the Patriot A-hole quality too.

Browns over the Colts.
I need to see more from Kerry Collins and the Colt defense before I can pick them. Even against the hard luck Browns.

Saints over the Bears
Drew Brees is like the anti-Cutler: likable, inspirational and vocal leader to boot. Cutler tough or no? Who cares? He's a punk but that arm of his can win some games. This could be close with the Saints defense still highly suspect.

Raiders over the Bills
I would like to see a rushing battle between McFadden and CJ Spiller. I think Spiller has serious potential.

Jets over the Jags
Sanchez to Burress. That combo is looking better all the time. Also, Tomlinson had some zip in his legs last week. He's not done yet. Shonn Green better start ripping it up or LT is going to keep grabbing playing time from him.

Ravens over the Titans
Should be another tough day for Chris Johnson if Ray Lewis and the Ravens D can channel some of their signature aggressiveness. Ed Reed is my favorite defensive player of the past decade. The nickname "Ballhawk" doesn't even begin to describe his impact in the secondary.

Cardinals over the Redskins.
What am I to do with Rex Grossman? Have we gotten past the whole Good Rex and Bad Rex thing. It will take more than two games to tell us that. I want to see more of Kolb to Fitzgerald and this game should do that.

Chiefs over the Lions.
Everything we've seen so far in the pre-season and in week 1 says this should go the other way. But this is the NFL and expectations aren't always fulfilled.

Broncos over the Bengals.
This whole Tebow QB controversy can't be good for him in that Bronco locker room and the fact that he has a cult following in the mile high city isn't going to end well for him. He's 3rd string for hell's sake.

Steelers over the Seahawks.
Should be just the tonic that Pittsburgh needs this week. I don't trust the Seahawks. How did they not prepare better for the end of the Hasselbeck era? Charlie Whitehurst and Tavaris Jackson, Seriously? Seattle, you guys had a few years to see this coming and you could have drafted or traded for an upgrade at some point. My advice for Pete Carroll is to play everyone, go 1-15 and get Andrew Luck in the draft. Then he could stick it to Luck's former coach Jim Harbough twice a year when they play San Fran.

Vikings over the Bucs
Donovan McNabb can't suck any worse than he did last Sunday right? 39 yards! It's all uphill from here baby! Actually McNabb is washed up and has been for a few years. It's unusual (but not unheard of) for a guy who was an elite QB to go downhill as early as he has (he's only 34!) but make no mistake, you can stick a fork in Mcnabb. He's done. He may have a good game or two this season but the Vikes have not found an answer with him as their QB.
The Bucs on the other hand have a guy under center that should make strides this year. Josh Freeman needs some help in the run game though. Last week Tampa was under 60 rushing yards and 3.5 yards a carry (last game's stats) and that's less than helpful. This may not be the game to fix it though because I still like the Viking defense led by Jared Allen.

Texans over the Dolphins.
This is Houston's year to take the division. It's ripe for the picking. Which means if they hold true to form they'll find a way to blow it. The silver lining? No Manning around to mess it up.

Cowboys over the 49ers
Dallas needs a win or Jerry Jones may begin to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. Or was it the East? Screw it, either way we need Dallas to win just so we can keep Jerry around for awhile. He's good entertainment. Creepy but fun.

Patriots over the Chargers
Brady and Belichick are about to get their groove on again. ....wait...that didn't come out right. Strike that. The "hoody" and the supermodel's husband are about to take it to teams without giving a s#@% what anybody thinks. If Brady can avoid injury he's due for another huge year and MVP consideration again.

Giants over the Rams
My Rams are hurting. Injuries could have been more devastating in week one so I'll have to be grateful Bradford is talking about playing against NY. I've got Giants wideout Mario Manningham on my fantasy team and I'm hoping he does well. That's my team he's playing against. I'm officially a fantasy football whore.

Last week: 8-7

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NFL 2011. Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Yes the National Football League season is here. Finally. Lockout crisis averted. Billions of dollars ready to be passed out to some NFL people we like, and many we would just as soon see stuck in an oven with the broil setting on. But I digress. Did I mention pro football is ready to be played? I'm excited enough that my wife could jam toothpicks up my nostrils and I wouldn't even notice because I'm on a pigskin high. I do have a slight problem though as the Pro season begins. I finally caved and joined a fantasy football league. I'm a newbie. First timer. And I'm conflicted. I knew I would be. That's why I've held off on playing fantasy football until I became quite possibly the last football fan in America who had never indulged. Those that have read me before know that I root passionately against the New England Patriots. I might root against them as much as I root for my teams to win. It's sick and demented but what are you gonna do? When Tom Brady when out for the season with an injury a couple of years back I whistled and skipped to work the next day. It was somewhat awkward when some small girls on their way to school joined in the skipping....but hey life's celebrations are few and far between in my world. I bring this up because my worry in playing fantasy football over the years was that I might end up with and/or need players I disliked and I would on some level have to root for them to do well. It would mess up my Football weekend mojo.

So what happens this year on my first foray into the world of fantasy football? You guessed it, I get Tom Brady as my 1st QB. Why did I end up with him? The easy answer is because the league I'm in runs an auto draft using player rankings that we set. My second QB ended up being Sam Bradford---only the signal caller for my favorite team. Nice. So I can sit Brady and play my guy (Bradford) while Brady torches D-backs this season or I can play Brady (aka demon spawn) who might help me with bragging rights in my league. Bragging rights would be nice. I'll probably play Brady.

I'm a deuchebag.

So the season starts tonight. Packers vs. Saints. I'm in football heaven and hell. Damn you fantasy football.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

NFL Labor Dispute: Ho Hum.

This NFL lockout of 2011 spring/summer has interested me about as much as an enema. Come to think of it the two concepts are similar. They aren't much fun but occasionally they are necessary. That's my take on the lockout. Labor dispute was inevitable in the NFL. The league is swimming in money and everyone wants as much of it as they can get. That takes some sorting out. So it was a little weird this off-season. Big deal. Things might be delayed a bit and some of the players are probably a bit out of shape but we probably won't miss any regular season games. And even if we did....the world moves on the league would have come back. I'm fairly fanatical about NFL football, as many of you are...but labor disputes every decade or so are par for the course. I've got a lot to keep me up at night, but worrying about a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and how they plan to split their money isn't one of them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Playoffs: Championship Round

Packers and Bears. I picked the Pack to win this because I didn't trust Cutler to come up big in big games. Boy was that an understatement. I'm interested to see what happens with the knee injury. Even if it's not too bad I'm not sure I trust the Bears to tell the truth on it. How could they if it's a minor injury? If it turns out to be something that most people will feel he could have played on then he'll be destroyed officially in that town. They have to say it's serious don't they? So how will we really know? We won't would be my guess. We will just have the image of a surly, seemingly disinterested Cutler standing on the sideline. Is it fair to him to question his toughness? Sure it is. That's what we do as fans. These points are all over the blogs and articles but I think they are fair points. First, if he's seriously hurt why stand on the leg from the sidelines for the rest of the game? But he wanted to support his teammates. Well then how about throwing on a headset and getting involved and supporting them like a leader does. Also, we've seen QBs beg and plead to be put back in the game after being injured. There was none of that visible from Cutler. Again, maybe we missed something. Some people don't wear their emotions. Cutler could have been dying inside but it's pretty clear if that's ever the case we'll never know it because the guy has robot face on pretty much 24/7. 2nd point, We've watched guys hobble around in the pocket on bad knees before. Byron Leftwich did it famously at Marshall . Robbie Bosco did it to win a national championship all the way back in 1984 (start at 5 min mark). Say what you want about negatively about Brett Favre (and I have), but that dude played more games than you could count where he should have been in the locker room by the second quarter. I don't know if Cutler could have played or not. I suspect he could of but maybe his knee truly was toast and he would have done more damage than good. Again, I don't know. I do know at least on this night Cutler didn't seem like much of a warrior.

--The Packers made this game much closer than it should have been. They seemingly played the entire game on the Bears side of the field and yet punted wayyyyyy more than you should ever punt your opponent's 40 yard line. A lot of third and shorts were missed and that could kill their chances in the Super Bowl if they don't get it fixed. Rodgers wasn't stellar but he was good enough. The Pack deserve to go to Dallas for the Super Bowll but you can't tell me we wouldn't have had a better game had the Saints been playing instead of Chicago. Damn Seattle Seahawks. Screwing up the playoffs again.

Steelers and Jets. I picked the Steelers because they were at home and because I thought their defense would show up big. Not a big leap to pick the home team but it's hard to go against Roethisberger in a big game. The dude seems to have a knack for making key plays. His last 3rd down play to ice the game was classic Roethlisberger. Extending the play, throwing on the run and off balance, and of course completing it. I thought the Jets should have been hustling a bit more in the latter part of the 4th quarter so more time would be left if they scored but the runs were working for them and they needed a for sure score. They were relying on their defense which played well in the second half. Just not good enough on 3rd down. --when they needed it the most. Still, it was a good playoff run for the Jets. If Sanchez has some clutch in him but needs to make a step up in consistency. I've learned one thing with Rex Ryan's guys, you don't want to count them out.

Super Bowl Pick: Steelers over the Packers. Sometimes the Packers mess up on the little things. It's what hurt them in the games they lost this year. Penalties, dropped balls, bad clock management. It's not epidemic or anything, just enough to lose some tight ball games they have no business losing during the year. The Steelers do all the little things right. I think Mike Tomlin is one of the top 3 coaches in the league. I want the Pack to win it but I think Steeltown gets another title.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

Bears over the Seahawks. Raise your hand if you had both of these guys playing in the 2nd round of the playoffs when the season began. This league is crazy and this game proves it. Actually last week proved it too. The Seahawks played out of their mind last week offensively. Hasslebeck got himself another year in Seattle as a starter with his near perfect game against the Saints porous defense. Thankfully for my Rams, that's a good thing. Hasselbeck never had much of a "prime" but I would say based on the last few years he's well past that prime. Of course people have gotten hot in the playoffs before and ridden the wave for 2 or 3 games. Maybe the hawks will go surfing on Hasselbeck's arm. More likely though the Bear defense will come crashing down on him and the Seattle offense like a Tsunami. The Bears, in my mind, catch a break by avoiding the Saints and instead should get a pretty easy path to the championship game. The Saints meanwhile are heading home after an 11 win season. You can talk all you want about how if they were really championship worthy they should win their game, even on the road, but I'm not buying it. Home field is an advantage otherwise teams wouldn't try so hard to get it. Seattle played better than New Orleans last week and they deserve to move on but a 7-9 team does not deserve a home game in the playoffs. Period.

Patriots over the Jets. Here go the bigmouths again. Jet coach makes an ass of himself. Jet's defensive back makes an ass of himself. Same old, Same old. Here also comes a repeat: Tom Brady is going to make mincemeat of New York/Jersey's secondary.

I think the Jets got lucky many times this year. I think they got lucky against the Colts. Overall they probably have the better team but Indy had that game won and they let it slip away. I really need to find a new AFC team to root for. Manning plays tight in the playoffs. He always has. Even his SuperBowl victory was a so-so game for him. It's frustrating to watch. I'll always wonder how he would have fared with Dallas Clark and Austin Collie to throw to.

Steelers over the Ravens. At some point you think maybe the Ravens will thump the Steelers. They have similar philosophies and similar players. Probably come down to a field goal.

Falcons over the Packers. Rodgers looks great but so do the Falcons. It's really a "pick em" game.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NFL Picks:Wild Card Playoff Round

Jets over the Colts. I don't like either of these teams' chances to make it to the AFC championship game. Too many flaws. And you know this might be the first year that I won't root for the Colts to make it to the AFC championship. The reason? They have no chance to beat the Patriots. Lets face it, the chances are slim for anyone in the AFC to pull an upset in New England but the Steelers might come the closest.

Ravens over the Chiefs. I like K.C. and I would love to see them do well in the playoffs. I just don't see it happening.

Saints over the Seahawks. So Seattle knocked off my Rams last week. I hate the Seahawks. I felt like I was in Mike Martz withdrawal as I watched Sam Bradford try and nickel and dime is way to a first down each series. Geez Louise, do they have a pass play in their arsenal that goes past 6 yards? Two Ram games have been on tv this season in my tv market. Both have been bad games by Sam Bradford. I've read about Bradford doing well and I've seen some highlights where it seems he is doing well. But my own personal viewing of him suggests some work needs to be done. I mean, Charlie Whitehurst outplayed you man! Charlie Whitehurst! But I digress. Next season . Next season. My Rams made significant progress this year and I need to be happy about that. They should contend for the NFC West next year as well. That Ram/Seahawk game was ugly though. Fitting for a division champ that has a losing record. Shouldn't this give some push to the idea of seeding the playoffs by record? The Saints will face a disadvantage with the Seattle crowd noise but I think they'll pull this game out.

Packers over the Eagles. I think Rodgers will outplay Vick. Hopefully this will be a matchup for a few more years to come.