Thursday, December 18, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 16

Last Week: 9-7
Overall: 146-77 (65%)

This week's picks:

Colts over the Jags
The Jags are at home and the Colts are not dominant so this may turn out in favor of Jacksonville. However, it's hard to go with a team that has played so badly this year.

Cowboys over the Ravens
Too much T.O. talk as usual in the press. He gets a hugely disproportionate amount of attention for the talent he has. He is at times a great receiver. He has never been the best receiver in the game. Never. He is a narcissist and unfortunately we give him what he wants: attention. Look-- I'm even writing about him now. I'm part of the problem. I like Tony Romo, I like Whitten, I like Patrick Crayton, and Marion Barber. But I can't embrace my former favorite team (from childhood and teens) with Owens running the asylum. Jerry Jones may think he's in control of this franchise but the only thing he's in control of, besides an extremely creepy face, is turning his teams into dysfunctional madhouses with his personnel decisions.

Jets over the Seahawks
More "I might retire comments" from Favre? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Giants over the Panthers
NY might be in an offensive crisis if Eli doesn't pick up the slack for his suddenly unreliable receivers. If he has to do this without Plaxico, then so be it. The Panthers have won a ton of games this season and I still don't know what to think of them.

Patriots over the Cardinals
Cassel shreds another so-so team. I don't know if he's really good or a system QB. If their system is that good why don't my Rams start using it. Oh yeah-- because they have no leadership on the team, on the coaching staff, in their management or ownership. Hmm that sounds like a high draft pick to me. Bring on the losses at this point. I'm officially rooting for the top pick, but since the Lions are a lock for that, I'm hoping for number 2.

49ers over the Rams
see above.

Falcons over the Vikings
Peterson is hurting with that ankle and though the Viking defense will stifle Ryan and Turner a bit, I sense an eked out victory here for the Dirty Birds. Of course my senses are a little off right now based on a batch of chili I downed for lunch. Where is that orange spray when you need it?

Texans over the Raiders
I think it would be cool for the Texans to finish above .500 this year. I think any bad thing that can befall the Raiders in a football sense is also a good thing. Oakland (Al Davis) deserves all the bad karma he can get after giving away Randy Moss to the Evil Empire.

Dolphins over the Chiefs
Is the firing over in K.C.? Their G.M. isn't the only problem.

Titans over the Steelers
I'm torn over this pick. I think Kerry Collins has had an amazing season, but I don't trust him. Haynesworth is out but I think they come after Roethlisberger and every body's new fave team will lose a tough and defensive game.

Lions over the Saints
Detroit isn't going to win next week in Green Bay. So this is the shot they have to avoid total defeat for the season. 0-16 cannot happen in today's NFL. At least it shouldn't. Jim Rome may have a dream but I think he may be disappointed because I believe the Lions may just surprise the very up and down Saints.

Broncos over the Bills
Is Cutler really Pro Bowl material? He should be playing the Bills

Bengals over the Browns
I'm not sure why.

Bucs over the Chargers
ditto. by the way, how does Philip Rivers have such good stats this year and his team is so bad? I would be interested in his 4th quarter stats and 3rd down stats. It can't just be the running game and defense that has left San Diego in shambles this year.

Eagles over the Redskins
I don't think McNabb is a great QB. I've watched too many Eagle's games this year to be swayed otherwise. His receiver's body language when he throws a ball in the dirt or way over their head in critical situations is very interesting. What their body language doesn't say is, "wow, how did that happen?", --Nope--it's more like, "not again, (sigh)". That doesn't mean he can't have an amazing game occasionally. He had a good game against the Giants and the talent has always been obvious with him, but I just don't trust the guy to make the right throw when he has to. I do think he'll play ok against the Skins and get Philly closer to almost making the playoffs this year.

Bears over the Packers
What a disastrous season for the Pack. If they can improve on defense next season I think things will improve.

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