Thursday, September 11, 2008

NFL Picks week 2

What I was impressed with in week 1:

- The Giants defense

- Matt Ryan and Michael Turner

- Roscoe Parrish looking Barry Sandersish

- Felix Jones

- Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Last week's picks results: 10-6

Picks for week 2:

---Bengals over the Titans 24-17
I know the Titans are a better team but Carson Palmer may just have one more game in him that remotely resembles himself from a couple of years ago.

----Steelers over the Browns 27-20
Pittsburgh looked too good last week to pick against them.

---Chargers over the Broncos 32-28
Denver looked great against the Raiders. But it was the Raiders. With Gates and Tomlinson hurting maybe I should pick the Broncos. I need to see the Broncos against a decent team before I start taking them seriously.

---Packers over the Lions 24- 14
Nothing has changed in Detroit. The Lions still suck. Shocker.

---Chiefs over the Raiders 10-7
I'm only going with the Chiefs because they are at home.

---Giants over the Rams 30-7
I've never been this disheartened as a Ram fan. Linehan must go.

---Colts over the Vikings 20-17 in overtime
The Colts didn't look good against the Bears. Particularly their defense. If Kyle Orton can shred them then it might be a long year.

---Patriots over the Jets 26-24
Other than the QB, I think the Pats are still better than the Jets. Granted, the QB is critical but Cassel hit receivers last week (and his receivers are very good) so if he doesn't make too many mistakes they can still win this game and maybe even the division. Having said that, I still hope the Jets and Favre trounce the Patriots and crush their hopes of a winning season into a finely powdered dust. I honestly would much rather see Brady fail on the field than have him injured but I seriously doubt all those teams the Patriots ran the score up on last year are crying over his injury too much. Karma baby. Karma.

---Dolphins over the Cardinals 23-17
I've picked Miami two weeks in a row now. That's weird.

---Seahawks over the 49ers 17-10
the Hawks are back home. After their debacle in Buffalo that's a good thing.

---Bucs over the Falcons 26-20
I need to see Atlanta against somebody besides Detroit before I start picking them.

---Saints over the Redskins 32-10
how can I pick the Skins after their throw-up game last week.

---Panthers over the Bears 24-20
Was that really Kyle Orton? An eternity in Hell is not worth it Kyle. Get that contract back now. I don't care if you signed it in blood.

---Jags over the Bills 28-23
Was last week a hiccup for the Jags? We'll see.

--Ravens over the Texans 19-7
I honestly don't know what to think of this game other than I know the Ravens defense will come to play.

---Cowboys over the Eagles 30-28
Should be a good game.

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