Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFL Playoff picks: Championship round

So far I'm not doing to hot in predicting playoff winners. But really who could see the Cards coming on like they have?


Cardinals over the Eagles
I like the Eagles and hope they win this but the Cardinals are at home and they are peaking right now. The same might be said of the Eagles but how healthy is Westbrook? That has me worried.

Steelers over the Ravens
I wouldn't mind seeing the Ravens win this. Should be cold and probably low scoring. For me it's really a toss up. I'll take the Steelers by 3.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL Playoff Picks: Round 2

I didn't get around to posting my first round picks due to my work computer getting a virus and my home computer getting fried from an electrical shock. It was like a perfect storm of events that had me thinking I was in the twilight zone. Anway, my picks that I didn't poste were thus:
San Diego over Indy (I always go for the Chargers against Manning)
Miami over Baltimore--I should have gone with my instints about Pennington against Ed Reed and the Ravens defense
Atlanta over Arizona (I know Ryan is a rookie and the Cardinals were at home but I really didn't think the "redbirds" had it in them).
Philly over Minnesota

Playoff picks:

This week I think that:
Tennesee will beatBaltimore --I like the Ravens defense but the Titans defense has had its moments as well this season. Also, I trust Kerry Collins over Joe Flacco (and me using trust and Kerry Collins in the same word is something I've had to work on).

Carolina will beat Arizona -- I don't think the Panthers are legitimate Super Bowl title contenders though. Then again, I thought that about the Giants last year.

NY will beat Philadelphia
I know they just lost to these guys but I don't think it will happen again.

Pittsburgh over San Diego
It's hard for me to think that an 8-8 team (no matter how hot they are know) can make it to the conference championship game. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the Steelers will buckle down and take these guys out in a close game.