Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NFL: Picks Week 5

Last week 9-4
Overall: 40-20 (67%)

Cowboys over the Bengals
On paper this shouldn't be close. But a few games this season have already shown us that paper predictions can bite you in the keester. Still the "boys" are at home and Jerry Jones will be prowling the sidelines creeping the Bengals out (along with everyone else). So Dallas has that going for them.

Packers over the Falcons
I know Rodgers is hurt. But he's going to want to play. If he does, I think they win. If he doesn't I favor the Falcons

Panthers over the Chiefs.
How did I not remember that stat about the Broncos never winning in K.C. this decade? Last week blew me away. The Chiefs looked like a bona-fide NFL team! There was even a Larry Johnson sighting. This however a team coached by Herm Edwards and I can't sanely pick them to win on the road against a decent Carolina team.

Lions over the Bears
I'm nuts to pick Detroit here. But I'm thinking the Matt Millen firing created some good karma for the Lions this week.

Broncos over the Bucs
Denver is home and apparently their defense really sucks. Maybe a home game outweighs the fact that they can't stop anybody.

Eagles over the Redskins
The Skins are surprising the hell out of me. But I like the Eagles better and I think they will bring Washington back to Earth. Just a note though: Santana Moss is one of the most underrated receivers in the game today. I love watching him play.

Cardinals over the Bills
I think the Bills defense is good enough to make Warner look bad again. Not that he needs any help with that because the man's fingers have been like butter since around 2003. But the Cards will upset the Bills and Warner will have a good day.

Saints over the Vikings
I think this will be a close one.

Colts over the Texans
The Texans have a tendency to play the Colts tough, especially at home. But Indy is desperate and even though they look terrible this year I think they squeak one out. Houston should be getting the ball to Steve Slaton more

Ravens over the Titans
In a low scoring game, the Ravens defense will force Collins into some deadly mistakes. Cue the Vince "I was drafted to be a starter" comments as the QB controversy heats up in Nashville.

Jags over the Steelers
I'm torn over this one. I know the Steelers can win in Jacksonville. I flipped a coin to be honest. Jags by 3.

Patriots over the 49ers
Cassel will have a better day than he did the last time out. The Patriots haven't forgotten how to win. Moss has to be saying, "just throw it long and high dude, --didn't you watch the highlights last year?"

Giants over the Seahawks
this would be a major upset if Seattle were to take this one. It's a trap game for the Giants. Again the home venue sways me for NY.

Chargers over the Dolphins
I bet the Chargers gameplan the single wing formation that the Dolphins killed the Patriots with. I sure like Darren Sproles for San Diego. That little guy is shifty and fast.

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