Saturday, December 27, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 17

Last Week: 9-7
Overall:155-84 (65%)

This week's picks:

Falcons over the Rams
I wore a bag over my head to the family Christmas party.

Patriots over the Bills
This is an automatic win for the Pats every year

Chiefs over the Bengals
Will a victory help Herm keep his job? I don't know but Marvin Lewis is probably safe with his gig no matter what. The reasons behind that type of thinking are why the Bengals suck every year. This is after all the team that brought back the talented but habitual screw-up, Chris Henry.

Packers over the Lions
Detroit is desperate to win a game but the Pack should be desperate to avoid losing to a 0-15 team.

Titans over the Colts
This one's a toss up really because both teams have their playoff positions set. So do their starters play all game or what?

Saints over the Panthers
I'm a very big Drew Brees fan but I don't want to see him take Dan Marino's passing yards record with the so-so year the Saints have had. It doesn't mean as much.

Steelers over the Browns
Last year was such a tease for Browns fans. Now it's back to the usual.

Bucs over the Raiders
Gruden gets motivated against the Raiders still doesn't he?

Texans over the Bears
I give up on picking these teams. They both lose or win games they shouldn't.

Ravens over the Jags
I really like Ed Reed. One of my favorite defensive players of all time.

Redskins over the 49ers
Singletary is the man now. Good luck dude.

Dolphins over the Jets
I usually root for Favre because I like him. But seriously, who's been more likable this year, the classy and resilient Pennington, or the erratic and increasingly annoying Favre?

Cowboys over the Eagles
It's tough to tell who will self-destruct in this game, Romo or McNabb. I guess I'll go with the latter.

Cardinals over the Seahawks
Don't care.

Chargers over the Broncos
Rivalry game at it's best. These teams hate each other so this should be good.

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