Friday, October 28, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 8

Ravens over the Cardinals
Arizona has given no indication that they're ready to take on the big boys yet . Kolb has been a bust so far. I mean what do you do if you are Larry Fitzgerald? You're quite possibly the best receiver in the league and yet your value is being wasted in the desert. It's almost like we've forgotten about this guy. I agree with those who've pointed out Fitzgerald might have been better off waiting to sign an extension on his contract. I get that the money was big and security is never a bad thing but a receiver needs someone to throw him the ball. Kolb may not be that someone.

Panthers over the Vikings
It will be interesting to see if Jared Allen can chase cam Newton down.

Texans over the Jaguars
Arian Foster, when healthy, is in the discussion for top running back in the NFL.

Giants over the Dolphins
Reggie Bush says the Dolphins stink. I agree. But so what? I mean Miami has had an odor for years (the team, not the city...I have no idea what the city smells like....but I would love to find if someone would like to spring for an all-expense paid trip for me to investigate this).

Saints over the Rams
Good thing the Cardinal's World Series victory will keep minds off this shellacking. Hide your eyes kids, hide your eyes.

Titans over the Colts
I actually think the Colts could make this competitive. But only if they get over that public beatdown they got last week courtesy of the Saints. Have some pride Indy.

Lions over the Broncos
For an athletic guy, Tim Tebow can look pretty awkward in the pocket. To me he's tight end athletic or maybe even linebacker athletic. I got enough of a look at him last week to realize he can make some amazing plays and some of the ugliest plays I have ever seen. However, Tebow magic 20% of the time isn't going to win very many games when 80% of the time he looks so bad you want to put him out of his misery. Also, I don't get it, wasn't Brady Quinn the backup to Orton. So why is Tebow starting? I mean I'm all for it, I just don't understand it. If Tebow is listed 3rd on the depth chart how does he jump Quinn? Three explanations. One: he's seen as better than Quinn. Doubtful considering Coach Jon Fox's less than enthusiastic endorsement of Tebow. Second: he's not seen as better than Quinn which gives them a greater chance of losing and maybe being bad enough to get Andrew Luck. That also seems doubtful since Fox doesn't seem the type to tank games. So is it the 3rd option? Fox and Elway, are caving to fans in order to give them a taste of Tewbow hoping in this lost season they see him fail and then they can move on without the fan pressure? I'm hoping Tebow screws up everyone's plans by actually winning games.

Bills over the Redskins
Fitzpatrick just signed a nice deal with Buffalo. Hope he doesn't go and pull a "Chris Johnson" on us now. I love that I can use Johnson's name as a descriptive term for "got paid, now I'm gonna suck donkeys". Couldn't happen to a more deserving deuche. Anyway, I digress. I like Fitzpatrick and I tend to think he'll continue to work hard and be a decent QB. He's not got superstar DNA in him but then again not many QBs do.

Bengals over the Seahawks
Despite poor ownership and pretty crappy coaching for the past few years, the Bengals have managed to get lucky with some draft picks and look pretty decent this year.

49ers over the Browns
Is it time to believe in San Fran? I don't think a win over Cleveland really gives us that answer.

Patriots over the Steelers
Probably the game of the day. Or at least it should be on paper. The Patriots week off killed my fantasy team last week. I needed Brady as my QB. I hate rooting for him to do well just for fantasy purposes. I've been flogging myself each week with a spiked belt to purge the sin of it from my soul.

Eagles over the Cowboys
For Philly's sake let's hope it's not close. As good as Andy Reid has been over the years, he has to be one of the worst clock management/tight game situation coaches I've ever seen. He rivals Norv Turner of the Chargers. ...speaking of which...

Chargers over the Chiefs
Last week Norv Turner and Philip Rivers had one of the worst 2 minute drills to end a game that I have ever seen. Just amazingly pathetic. And yet I find myself thinking they should probably win this. That's what San Diego does. They're like the NFL's mafia. Just when you think you're out..they pull you back in. Come on K.C. help me resist. .....Crap. can't do it. Southern California bastards.

Last Week: 11-2
Overall: 62-38 (61%)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 7

Lions over the Falcons.
I'm ticked off with Michael Turner for turning a sure fantasy win into a loss last week. Everything was going fine until he decided to be good again.

Jets over the Chargers
NY gets some swagger back this week.

Bears over the Bucs
If this game had been in Tampa, I'd take the Bucs but since they are going to be playing in London I'll say the Bears because Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz reminds me of a British guy I once knew. That's not a compliment for either of them.

Browns over the Seahawks
Must see tv. Hell.

Panthers over the Redskins
I'd like to see John Beck do well as a QB but I just don't think it will happen. He's been a backup for a reason. Still, I'll be rooting for him just like I did when he was at BYU. When Grossman is good he's much better than Beck. Unfortunately for Grossman those good days only happen about 30% of the time. The other 70% of his games Grossman is the 2nd coming of Jamarcus Russell.

Broncos over the Dolphins
It's Tebow time. Fantastic, now maybe the media can have their Tebowgasm and get it over with. I like the guy but even he has to be sick of the endless debate of his abilities as a QB. Let's let me him play and see what happens.

Texans over the Titans
Matt Hasselbeck is being very unlike himself this season. He's actually been fairly efficient with a passer rating of nearly 96. Who would of thought he'd be more valuable than Chris Johnson?

Chiefs over the Raiders
Will Palmer play this week? Probably not but so what? He can't really be ready after just getting off the couch a few days ago. Now I know he's been working out and all but it's not the same as going to camp and and getting some pre-season snaps. Raiders are home but Kyle Boller doesn't inspire me.

Steelers over the Cardinals
I like Larry Fitzgerald a lot but his team doesn't have the overall quality of receivers that the Steelers do. Between Ward, Wallace and Brown, Rothlisberger has some nice options.

Packers over the Vikings
Shouldn't be close. The Pack are amazing this season.

Cowboys over the Rams
I don't want talk about my Rams. Can it get any worse?. Yep.

Saints over the Colts
What's up with the Saint's center quitting mid-season? Weird.

Ravens over the Jags
Ray Rice comes to Jacksonville. He meets his twin Maurice Jones Drew. Those two guys play the game the same way. Passion and hard running.

Last Week: 8-4
Overall: 51-36

Friday, October 14, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 6

Steelers over the Jaguars
Maybe Jack Del Rio's master plan in getting rid of David Garrard was to compete in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. If so it's a weird plan since he probably won't be around to enjoy that draft pick were they to get it.

Packers over the Rams
Not a great week for my Rams to turn things around. Going to Aaron Rodger's house means St. Louis is going to be 0-5 come Monday.

Eagles over the Redskins
This has got to be the week Philly gets its act together right?  I think I asked that same question last week.

Giants over the Bills
This feels like it should go the other way but the Giants are one of those teams that are bi-polar. You never know what you will get out of them (and their QB for that matter).

Lions over the 49ers
 The defensive pressure of the Lions is incredible. Alex Smith has been great for the Niners so far but the Lions are at home. Hard to see the upset happening. Wait...did I just call a possible Lions loss an upset?  Live it up Detroit, those words have not been written about the Lions in quite awhile.

Raiders over the Browns
If the Raiders could get themselves a passing game (in a pass happy league) along with their already solid running game and defense they would be a legitimate playoff winning threat. But franchise QBs don't grow on trees and I think Jason Campbell just won't be the answer for them down the line.

Texans over the Ravens
I'm calling the upset here at Baltimore. Mario Williams is out, Andre Johnson is out, what I am I thinking? I'm thinking Joe Flacco has regressed so far this year.

Colts over the Bengals
Cincy is 3-2, the Raiders are 3-2, the 49ers are 4-1, the Bills are 4-1, the Lions are 5-0, and the Redskins are 3-1.  The success can't be sustainable for all of them.  Which ones will fall back to earth? My guess is the Skins, and the Bengals are most likely to fall hard. Without Manning the Curtis Painter show is shaky but there have been signs that he's not as bad as we feared. He hasn't been able to do it at home so I'm not sure why I'm making this pick on the road for Indy.

Patriots over the Cowboys
Brady and Belichick love to stick it to a Ryan if they can. Rex, Rob, whatever.

Saints over the Bucs
This could go either way since Tampa usually plays New Orleans tough at home. Hard to pick against Brees this year though.

Bears over the Vikings
A porous line won't stop Cutler from getting creamed by Jared Allen a few times. But if Hester, Forte and others can make a play or two they should be able to score enough to win. Other than Adrian Peterson, the Vikes are dead on offense.

Jets over the Dolphins
I would love to see the Dolphins end up with worst record in the league this year. Getting Andrew Luck in the draft could bring them back from their disastrous mistake of letting Drew Brees go to the Saints.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Al Davis: Pioneer, Rebel, .......& certifiably crazy for a decade

Lots of glowing testimonials over the last couple of days over recently deceased Raider owner Al Davis. I guess that's to be expected and I guess that's appropriate. Al Davis did some great things.....many years ago. Many, many, many years ago. I'm appreciative of history though so I think it's ok to celebrate his impact in the old AFL, his record of hiring minorities, his willingness to go against the grain etc.  But even though many don't want to talk ill of those who have passed on, any discussion of Al Davis has to also include the fact that the guy was just plain nuts for the last 10 years. His decisions, actions, and attitude drove his own organization into the ground and we have to be honest that both he and the Raiders were a joke for most of the past decade.  Having said that,  a bad 10 years doesn't erase the 40 years before that made Al  Davis a legend. So I appreciate the young Al Davis who revolutionized some aspects of prof football and I mock the crazy old coot Al who gave me a decade full of "Weekend at Bernie's" jokes.   Rest in Peace Al. If you happen to make it to heaven try not to drive God crazy.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 5

Colts over the Chiefs
The Colts are playing hard even without much hope. I think Freeney and the defense take exception to the idea that Manning was the only reason for their prior success.

Saints over the Panthers
Cam Newton is better than expected. Wish we could say the same about the Saints defense to this point. They won't always outscore everybody as evidenced in the Packer game (week 1).

Eagles over the Bills
The name "Dream Team" name is dead according to Vick.  Are the regular old Eagles toast too?  I hope not. The league is better off if the Eagles are competitive.

Giants over the Seahawks
If the Giants can't beat this team we'll know they're frauds.

Steelers over the Titans
Hasselbeck is surprising me so far. Still, I'm convinced you can't trust him and that he'll be the on and off guy he was in Seattle. Chris Johnson is not as good as he thinks he is but I think you have to keep feeding him the ball. He's still got breakaway speed.

Bengals over the Jags.
Andy Dalton has been impressive as a rookie QB. Perhaps not Cam Newton impressive but the Bengals signal caller has shown some guts and skills.

Texans over the Raiders
The Texans need to take this division and step on it's throat. Is it in em? Their team history and their QB history doesn't suggest that so far.  But times change. At least Gary Gary Kubiak hopes so.

Bucs over the 49ers
I like both coaches.  This game intrigues me.

Patriots over the Jets
Games between these guys are never predictable. But you know the Pats want to stick it to Ryan's Jets.  If they get the chance they'll run up the score.

Broncos over the Chargers
The Chargers are over .500 this early in the season.  I'll channel my inner Lombardi and ask what the Hell's going out here?

Packers over the Falcons
The Pack look unstoppable.

Lions over the Bears
You know they'll be rocking in Detroit for Monday night. Gotta win this one right?

Last Week 10-6
Overall:: 37-26

Saturday, October 01, 2011

NFL Picks Week 4

Lions over the Cowboys
Am I drinking the kool-aid. Yes, yes I am.

Bears over the Panthers
This just feels like one of those games where Jay Cutler does more good than harm.

Bills over the Bengals
The Bengals seem to be primed to win this trap game for the Bills. But these Bills are very likable and fun to watch.

Browns over the Titans
I hope with Kenny Britt down now that Titan QB Matt Hasslebeck targets wide receiver Nate Washington a lot. I'm starting him in fantasy football this week. This is what fantasy has done to me. The minute I saw Britt was seriously hurt I started to think of it's effect on my fantasy football team. I grabbed Washington off the waiver wire during the Titan game last week as Britt is being carted off. Damn.....I feel dirty.

Vikings over the Chiefs
Both are a mess. But while the Chiefs lost their star RB, the Vikes still have theirs. They just need to make sure they give him the ball. The less Donovan McNabb handles the rock, the better.

Redskins over the Rams
I can't even begin to describe how disappointing my Rams are thus far this year. If Rex Grossman outplays Sam Bradford this week I may have to light Bradford's rookie card on fire.

Saints over the Jaguars
This shouldn't be close...... so naturally it will be.

Texans over the Steelers
This is the kind of game Houston needs to win if they want to sit at the big boy's table.

Eagles over the 49ers
Maybe this will be the "wow" game we've been looking for this year from Philly. They had several last year but this year... not so much.

Cardinals over the Giants
Kevin Kolb needs to be better in key situations (3rd downs, etc.). They miss Beanie Wells so hopefully he's back.

Falcons over the Seahawks
This used to be the kind of game where Seattle's hometown advantage would kick in. I just don't see it this year. At what point does Peter Carroll start humming the USC fight song to himself on the sidelines?

Chargers over the Dolphins
just because the Bolts are at home. Still......I don't trust em. That's not changing as long as Nor Turner's at the helm.

Patriots over the Raiders
Belichick usually gives us one of those "no mercy" type of games the week after a loss. The Raiders have toughened up but I just don't think they'll score enough to win this game.

Packers over the Broncos
The TE Finley is coming on as a target for Rodgers and is a nice weapon in the Pack's offensive arsenal.

Jets over the Ravens
would be weird and feel somewhat awkward if this turned into a scoring fest. This game in theory should be low scoring.

Bucs over the Colts
With Payton Manning this is an interesting Monday night game. Without him it's monopoly night with the kids and checking the dvr if I hear any highlights are good.

Last Week: 9-7