Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 4

Last week: 13-3
Overall: 31-16 (66%)

Picks for Week 4

Titans over the Vikings
-Kerry Collins continues to be stable for them and Johnson and Lendale White are great so far in the backfield. Vince who? However, the Vikings are more than capable of winning this if Frerotte has a decent game and Adrian Peterson can get break some tackles.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Nothing is ever a lock in the NFL but it would be a minor miracle for the Chiefs to pull this one out (even at home).

Saints over the 49ers.
San Fran has looked much better than I expected. But the Saints are desperate. They should win this. Then again, they've sure lost a lot of games the last couple of years that they should have won. On a side note, have you noticed Sean Payton is pretty conservative in critical situations. For a team that passes a lot, they sure get unimaginative in 3rd and short or when they are in situations that call for stepping on the gas, not letting off.

Jets over the Cardinals
The Jets have looked ok, but not good enough to win tough ball games. I'm going with the Jets against Arizona simply because they are at home. The Cardinals Ken Whisenhunt needs to grow a set of balls. With 2: 39 left in the game, he punts from midfield with a 4th and 5 against the Skins (who have shown some ability in their offense that past two games). He said that had it been a true 2 min situation he would have gone for it. What?! So that extra 39 seconds was the kicker for you? Are you insane? What do you have better odds with: Getting the ball back further pinned in your territory with less than 2 min to go, and then driving the field for a TD to tie the game, or going for 5 yards at midfield and driving for the tying TD? Is this really something I need to explain to him? Don't let this guy play poker in Vegas. He'd fold a full house, thinking a better hand will come along next time. It's incredible how stupid these coaches get in situations like this.

Packers over the Bucs
I continue to be impressed with Aaron Rodgers. Even in the loss to the Cowboys, he looked pretty decent. He made some mistakes but if the Cowboys hadn't been so dominant in their rushing attack, the Pack might have had a shot in that game.

Panthers over the Falcons
I have to go with the home team here. If Steve Smith can refrain from punching anyone he could have a big day.

Jags over the Texans
Jacksonville needs to start winning some games. They got lucky in Indy with the pass interference call, otherwise they are starting 0-3.

Browns over the Bengals
These are some bad football teams right now. It's tough to pick the Browns over the Bengals when Cincy is at home but I promised myself I wouldn't pick the Bengals again.

Chargers over the Raiders
This shouldn't be close.

Bills over the Rams.
I haven't picked my favorite team for any of their games so far and that won't change anytime soon. Now Bulger is benched and Trent Green is their guy again. Here's hoping he has better luck than last time he was in a Ram uni.

Cowboys over the Redskins
This will be interesting to see how the Skins fare against their rivals. They usually play them well, even in Dallas.

Bears over the Eagles
I know the Eagles are looking good and the Bears not so much in the past couple of games. But I'm going with the upset here because it's in Chicago.

Ravens over the Steelers
With Parker out and the Ravens probably planning to imitate the Eagles pass rush from last week I think the Ravens squeak one out in a low scoring game.

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