Monday, June 08, 2009

Roger Federer is a Coward.

It takes something that is really bugging me to post something before football season starts. That something happened recently at the French Open.

Roger Federer is an ass. Plain and simple. I do not like the guy and I don't believe he is the "greatest player of all time". If he was playing in the time of Sampras and Agassi in their prime he would have been won a few majors but nowhere near the amount he has today. I was really bugged during this French Open with his gleeful comments about all his rivals going down before he had to face them. He openly commented about how happy he was that this was his year for the French because he wouldn't have to face Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray (all guys he has trouble beating). What kind of player roots for less tough competition? A cowardly player. He has tremendous talent and not much heart. I hope Nadal wipes the floor with him at Wimbelon.