Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NFL 2007: The Season that wasn't.

So the playoffs are here and that's just dandy. With the Patriots seemingly unstoppable please excuse me if I don't get giddy. For me this season has been the worst season to follow the NFL in well....since I've been following football. There are two main reasons for this (see below):

1. My Rams sucked donkeys. After at least having a sliver of hope that the Rams could make the playoffs for the past few years, they finally hit rock bottom (I hope) and within the first few games it was obvious that this season was going to be a nightmare. Their offensive line was decimated; Bulger was hurt and when he did play he looked awful; Linehan looks lost as a head coach and I'm not excited about his progression in the future. That about sums up an awful season.

2. The Patriots sucked the life out of the 2007 season. They are so good that it seems like we ought to just hand them the Vince Lombardi trophy right now and save us all the sickening sight of having to watch them win it. They are disgustingly arrogant with a coach and QB that I can't stand. To me Brady is the best QB of all time and I'm mad as hell at the Raiders and Dolphins for giving him valuable targets like Moss and Welker for basically nothing in return. The Dolphins move is inexcusable because they are in the same freaking division! Anyway if next season is like this season with the Pats I'm giving up on the NFL. I'll need anger management classes and I'm pretty sure my insurance doesn't cover that.

---As for the playoffs I'll be rooting for the Colts and anyone playing the Pats and in the NFC I would like to see the Packers get back to the Super Bowl.