Monday, December 01, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 14

Last week: 11-5
Overall: 125-66 (65%)

This weeks picks:

Chargers over the Raiders
Sand Diego has no pride and no heart left if they lose this game.

Dolphins over the Blue Jays....I mean Bills.
So they are in Toronto. Big Deal. If I was a Bill I'd be all for an indoor game in December.

Bears over the Jags
Jacksonville is lost and I don't really trust the Bears. It's a toss up.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Time for some consistency Denver. Otherwise Mike Shanahan's eyes are going to pop out of his head. .....Oh wait, that that already happened......never mind.

Vikings over the Lions
They may lose a couple of suspended offensive lineman and that's bad news for a running team. Whether they have them for the Lions or not shouldn't matter.

Packers over the Texans
I can't believe I'm picking the Pack with the crappy run defense they have exhibited this year. And Steve Slaton is coming to town to boot. He's a good rookie runner but ultimately the Texans have been even more inconsistent than the Packers this year.

Titans over the Browns
Who's Cleveland's QB now? I forget. Why not fly in Vinny Testeverde. He played for the Browns at one point in his career didn't he?

Colts over the Bengals
Indy is winning ugly and Peter King of is touting Payton Manning as a leading candidate for MVP this year. Too many lattes for Mr. King because he's thinking of the wrong Manning. As good as the defense and run game has been for the Giants this season, Eli should be getting some love for his play as well.

Falcons over the Saints
New Orleans is putting together another underachieving season and the Falcons are overachieving. I have a man crush on Matt Ryan. Why didn't my Rams draft him? (sticking my head in an oven right now). speaking of which....

Cardinals over the Rams
Kurt Warner comes back to torch his former team again. The team that he totally took to the heights of NFL glory and then just as rapidly took to NFL mediocrity with his fumbling/broken thumbs/and ghastly interceptions. He's pulled himself back together in the past few years but he is still as likely to lose a game all by himself as fast as he can win one all by himself. This week he'll do the latter.

Giants over the Eagles
One team wins the tough ones and one loses the tough ones. Don't go straining anything while deciphering which one is which here.

Steelers over the Cowboys
Pittsburgh is going to pop the Dallas receivers and pressure Romo into mistakes. I think.

Jets over the 49ers
It's not time for a late season NY collapse is it? I hope Favre can pull it together this week.

Pats over the Seahawks
New England has the Raiders, Cardinals, & Bills after this. They should easily end up 11-5 and into the playoffs. Not bad for a Brady-less team. That should earn the serial killer look-alike/hoodie wearing Belichick a few coach of the year votes

Ravens over the Redskins
another decent rookie QB this year and another year of Redskin owner Daniel Snyder eating through his limo's leather seats after a disappointing loss. It's just a game Dan, relax.

Panthers over the Bucs
both are 9-3 and teams you probably won't trust either one to make it out of the first round in the playoffs. Carolina is at home so I'm going with them this week.

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