Thursday, December 29, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 17

Saints over the Panthers
Brees needs to play and pass in this game or Brady has a shot to overtake him and claim the Marino record for himself. That would be awkward after we already went through the coronation of Brees as the new master of the pass.

Patriots over the Bills
The Bills don't ever win in Foxboro so this is the safe pick.

Vikings over the Bears.
What a bad ending for Chicago. When Cutler and Forte were clicking earlier in the season it looked like the playoffs were a lock and they might even give the Packers a scare. The Cutler injury crapped all over everything. That's why the QB is the most valuable player on the entire team (Indy players nodding sadly).

Jets over the Dolphins
I'm looking forward to the Revis/Marshall battle.

49ers over the Rams
Don't start trying now St. Louis. Draft order matters.

Lions over the Packers
I'm trying to sell this one to myself. The only thing I got is perhaps the Pack will rest Rodgers and other starters in the 2nd half.

Eagles over the Redskins
Too little too late for Philly. We'll look forward to a better year in 2012. As I've said before, the NFL is better off with the Eagles and Michael Vick relevant and winning.

Jags over the Colts
Indy loses and now we have to endure the Luck talk for months. Shoot me now.

Titans over the Texans
Houston will probably exit early in the playoffs. That Schaub injury wasn't as devastating as the Bear's losing Cutler, but it kills their playoff chances.

Seahawks over the Cardinals
The hawks have won 6 of their last 8 and a large part of that can be attributed to the resurgence of Marshawn Lynch. After the 4th game of the season he turned on the jets.

Broncos over the Chiefs
If the Broncos win then they are in the playoffs and we have an offseason of stories about the promise and hope of Tebow. If they lose then we will deal with tons of speculation on whether Tebow starts next year or is even traded. Even if Oakland loses and the Bronocs back into the playoffs with a loss we'll still see the latter version of events that I mentioned. They'll most likely be a one and done team in the playoffs and that would mean 4 straight losses to end the year.

Falcons over the Bucs
Raheem Morris has one more game before the axe falls. You can't lose 9 straight and survive can you? He ought to pull out every trick play in the book. Hard to believe this team was 4-2 to start the season. I actually think they ought to give their coach one more year. Last season was good for him. Maybe this year is an aberration.

Ravens over the Bengals
This a Baltimore team that will face doubts about their offense in the playoffs. The Ravens scored over 24 points 5 times in the first 8 weeks. Things were clicking. Since week 9....over 24 points just once.

Steelers over the Browns
Pittsburgh would be better off if Batch could play and win again. Roethlisbeger could use another week to rest the injured ankle.

Chargers over the Raiders
To me the Raiders are a success whether they go to the playoffs or not. They were a joke for so long that their gritty play the past two seasons have won my respect.

Giants over the Cowboys
If Manning has Nicks and Manningham back from injury then it will be tougher for the Cowboy defensive backs to focus solely on Victor Cruz.

Last week: 11-5
Overall: 143-93 (61%)

I know the playoffs are exciting but I'm always a bit bummed out by the end of the regular season. I'm like the kid mourning the end of Christmas before Christmas day has arrived.

Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 16

Texans over the Colts
I never should have underestimated the fire that Payton Manning was willing to light under his teammates. You could see it in his face on Thursday night. "Win one for me guys!" Or in other words, "win one for me so Luck isn't drafted and we can avoid the drama that comes with that mess".  

Chiefs over the Raiders
I don't know what to think of the Raiders running game or passing game. It's hit and miss for both. I know Michael Bush has filled in admirably for their backfield but I would really have like to see Darren McFadden healthy this year. Do you remember the burst he had earlier in the season? He was being talked about as the best RB in the game. Now he's just that guy that we know is good who's always injured.   

Titans over the Jaguars
The Jags have Maurice Jones-Drew....and that's it. What a season by that guy!  He might end up winning the rushing title this year, which would be the lone bright spot in a season from hell.  Jack Del Rio should have been fired at least 3 years ago. 

Patriots over the Dolphins
The Fins have been downright plucky in the 2nd half of the season.  Shouldn't matter this week. The Pats offense should shred the Miami defense.

Bengals over the Cardinals
Best rookie on the Cincy Squad?  Dalton? I say it's A.J.  Green. A stud at receiver. 

Broncos over the Bills
McGahee mania! Right?!  Willis McGahee comes back to the town he started as a rookie and where infamously proclaimed himself  the best running back in the game.  Pretty clear that was never a true statement but it's also evident that we wouldn't be talking about Tebow so much right now if McGahee hadn't ran as well as he did in at least 4 of the wins in the past month and a half. . 

Steelers over the Rams
 Roethlisberger is out. Charlie Batch is in. Batch is has been around since the Jurassic Age and has been serviceable but if your a Steeler fan then you should be scared of the Rams this week. St. Louis stinks and should be tanking this game for a draft pick but remember they took out the Saints earlier in the year. 

Giants over the Jets
Besides the NY that precedes their names these teams really are very similar. They can can be great defensively on occasion.....they probably should be better than they are but tend to disappoint.....and they get more attention than they deserve. Certainly Eli is a better QB than Sanchez but in the past few seasons Sanchez has come up big at the end of the season.  Maybe this year is different for Eli and he can channel some 2007-08 magic. 

Redskins over the Vikings
Irrelevant game of the week.

Panthers over the Buccaneers
All I really care about in this game is watching Cam Newton and Steve Smith. Seriously, is there anything else remotely interesting about it?

Ravens over the Browns
McCoy is out again. and the Ravens defense (despite last week's shalacking by the the Chargers) should shut down anything Cleveland plans to do. The Colt McCoy concussion experience is something that used to happen every week in the NFL. The only reason it's gotten so much press is the current league crackdown and awareness about concussions.....which I think is good. Let's just not pretend this is something new. Sending a guy back in after a serious concussion has been commonplace in the league since it began. The guy who's the biggest douche in the whole thing is Mike Holmgren. His lame excuses about why McCoy went back in are almost comical. 

Lions over the Chargers
Detroit should be very worried that they are getting the "good" Chargers instead of the bad Charger team that slept walked through the middle of the season. 

Cowboys over the Eagles
I know that Philly is the popular pick here and honestly I almost think that the Eagles could pull this miracle playoff seed out in the last couple of weeks. But I can't buy those odds with this Eagles team. 

49ers over the Seahawks
Alex Smith has been pretty good this year. Not great, but pretty good. Still, unless he can make more of the big plays on 3rd down or in the Red Zone this team isn't going anywhere in the playoffs.

Packers over the Bears
It will be interesting to watch what the Packers do in regards to protecting their guys for the playoffs without losing their edge. 

Saints over the Falcons
tough one.  These guys are rivals and know how to play each other's strengths and weaknesses. This should be close.

Last Week: 5-11
Overall: 132-88 (60%)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 15

Jags over the Falcons 
Not sure what I was thinking here. I haven't totally bought into Atlanta yet I guess.

Cowboys over the Bucs
The Tampa coach is toast. Morris better start looking for a real estate agent.

Texans over the Panthers
Houston used to lose games they should have won. This year they've been unusually clutch.

Giants over Redskins
Defense is starting to pick it up and Manning and Cruz have been great.

Bills over the Dolphins
They've got to rediscover that early season magic. I can't figure out what happened to Fitzpatrick.

Bears over the Seahawks
Lynch has been great but the Bears defense can still roar.

Saints over the Vikings
I wish Jared Allen could play for a contender. Definitely one of my favorite players to watch.

Bengals over the Rams
St. Louis is so bad I have conveniently forgotten that I'm a Ram fan. Unless I remind myself like I just did. Dammit.

Titans over the Colts
Remember early in the season when Indy was playing their hearts out? Freeney and Mathis were impossible to block. I stopped watching their games so I'm not sure when that fire went out for the team in general. Maybe for most of the Colts it died the minute they found out Manning was shelved. 

Packers over the Chiefs
I have never seen someone throw a prettier pass than Aaron Rodgers. It's like a clinic out there. Super strong arm, spirals out of a QB's wet dream, uncanny accuracy for deep, mid-range and short balls. Elusive, and fast for a QB. Now you look back and wonder how Favre wasn't pushed out earlier. 

Raiders over the Lions
Famous former dirty team meet the NFL's current dirty team. Watch your backs.

Patriots over the Broncos
Tebow has been fun to watch. And agonizing to watch. But let's stop with the comparisons to Brady this week. Please. Brady is one of the best of all time. Tebow may not even start next season. The mania needs to end. 

Jets over the Eagles
Something's not right in Philly this year. I'm not sure what it is but it stinks. 

Cardinals over the Browns
 I need yards and TDs out of Beanie Wells. My fantasy playoffs are starting.

Ravens over the Chargers
Its all about the defense and Ray Rice.

49ers over the Steelers
This would be a statement game if San Fran can pull it off.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 127-77 (62%)

Friday, December 09, 2011

NFL Picks Week 14

Steelers over the Browns
I had this one picked when the schedules first came out.

Jets over the Chiefs
K.C is in flux and the Jets may be ready for a final push.

Bucs over the Jags
Tough one. It's in Jacksonville, but both teams have been so disappointing this season home field doesn't seem much of an advantage for either. It's time for Josh Freeman to recapture last season's consistency.

Patriots over the Redskins
I heard Colin Cowherd on the radio today saying this could be close. I'm not buying it. Patriots by 2 touchdowns at least.

Falcons over the Panthers
Matt Ryan looked bad last week. Really bad. His off games have convinced me that he'll never be an elite QB. But hey Atlanta, that's ok. In any given year there are only a few elite QBs. You can still win an Super Bowl with just a decent to good QB, provided you have some defense and running to pick up the slack.

Ravens over the Colts
I thought Archie Manning was spot on this last week in his comments about Manning and Luck and the negative aspects of having them play on the same team. Luck's too good to sit for 3 or 4 years if Manning heals. He needs to play soon. The Colts need to either part ways with Manning or swing a deal for picks and players and keep Manning around. Of course if Manning's neck is screwed and he has to retire then Indy will celebrate him and move on with Andrew Luck. I'm wondering now though if Luck will be the best pro out of the group of QBs coming into the NFL soon. Could Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin turn out to be better?

Dolphins over the Eagles
I want to pick Philly. They're in too much turmoil right not though. Miami is playing well and making a late season surge. I'm surprised to see Reggie Bush playing so well lately. He's showing signs that he could be a number 1 RB for a couple of years if given the chance.

Lions over the Vikings
I only care about this game because I want to see if the Lions will continue to implode.

Saints over the Titans
So Chris Johnson is finally starting to get his mojo back. Right in time to help beat my fantasy team. One more reason to hate. He may well run through the Saints defense like it's made of swiss cheese but the Saints can score too.

Bengals over the Texans
Without a solid QB, some would-be wins will be losses. It's inevitable.

Broncos over the Bears
Why not?

49ers over the Cardinals
Defense is winning games for San Fran.

Bills over the Chargers
Chargers are at home but Monday night's win still hasn't convinced me that they have things figured out.

Packers over the Raiders
I feel bad for Darren McFadden. There is a possibility that the last 2 years he could have been the best running back in the land. Instead he's injury prone and losing another season in his prime.

Giants over the Cowboys
it's a crap shoot with these guys.

Seahawks over the Rams
What used to be a good rivalry has fizzled and become perhaps one of the least desired games to watch of the 2011 season.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 116-72 (62%)