Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 13

Last Week: 9-7 (ouch)
Overall: 114-61 (65%)

This week's picks:

Titans over the Lions
The only Thanksgiving miracle we'll see for the Lions is if their fans aren't wearing bags over their heads.

Cowboys over the Seahawks
I like Barber, I like Romo, I like Crayton & Roy Williams. I even like Wade Phillips. Heck I was a Dallas Cowboy fan from 3rd grade until my college days. Jerry Jones, Terell Owens, Adam Jones--not so much.

Eagles over the Cardinals
I see the Eagles having a good turkey day and surprising people. Then the drama continues with McNabb of course as the benching last week becomes even bigger. McNabb needs to start earning his paycheck and then he has nothing to worry about.

Bills over the 49ers
Is Trent Edwards back? Not that he went away necessarily but he sure played like a stiff for a few games.

Ravens over the Bengals
The Bengals can play occasionally, but they are still a mess.

Colts over the Browns
So I keep picking against the Colts and they keep defying me with these tough wins. This week I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon and prophesying a victory for Indy. Your welcome Cleveland.

Packers over the Panthers
I just can't figure the Pack out. Their defense stinks too much for the kind of players they have on that side of the ball. Could be time for a new defensive coordinator then.

Dolphins over the Rams
Doesn't seem that long ago that I thought of the Dolphins in the same way I now think of the Rams. I wouldn't even watch my Rams if they ever were broadcast here in Utah (which they aren't). By the way I hate the fact that I have to get a steady dose of San Francisco, San Diego, Denver and Seattle games just because I live in the West. Now I know why I got the NFL Sunday ticket a few years back. Once I can afford it again, I'm back with Direct TV even though their prices are criminal.

Bucs over the Saints
I want to pick the Saints. I like Drew Brees and they are fun to watch when they are on. But they have been equally off this year (hence the mediocre record) and frankly I don't trust them. The Bucs found out that Warrick Dunn can still play and they ought to give him a few more carries. He's a stud.

Giants over the Redskins
If the NY can keep perspective and realize it's not who's kicking ass in November that's important but who's playing well in January, then look out. They dominate on both sides of the ball.

Chargers over the Falcons
I might regret this pick because I really like the Falcons with their balanced offense, and decent defense. Still the Chargers should have beaten the Colts and probably would have if their coach had any balls. Norv Turner is a good coordinator. Why is he a head coach? If I go on any longer I'm going to talk myself out of this pick.

Patriots over the Steelers
Matt Cassel's success is not a fluke. But he has help in the form of the shotgun formation, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, & Randy Moss. In regards to that Raider trade of Moss to the Patriots, does Patriot owner Bob Kraft call Al Davis up at 3 am, giggle maniacally, and then scream into the phone, "thank you Al for the gift. Your insane you know that right? But thank you....(more hysterical cackling) tone.....

Jets over the Broncos
Denver is a mess but I wouldn't be surprised to see them win this game. They can get hot and Cutler is good about every third game. Bronco fans must pull their hair out watching this team struggle. I'm not sold on the Jets but they have been playing well and they are at home.

Chiefs over the Raiders
must see tv.

Vikings over the Bears
I would like to see Peterson run over Urlacher. That would be cool.

Texans over the Jags
The Jags have really fallen for me to make this pick.

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