Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NFL: Picks Week 5

Last week 9-4
Overall: 40-20 (67%)

Cowboys over the Bengals
On paper this shouldn't be close. But a few games this season have already shown us that paper predictions can bite you in the keester. Still the "boys" are at home and Jerry Jones will be prowling the sidelines creeping the Bengals out (along with everyone else). So Dallas has that going for them.

Packers over the Falcons
I know Rodgers is hurt. But he's going to want to play. If he does, I think they win. If he doesn't I favor the Falcons

Panthers over the Chiefs.
How did I not remember that stat about the Broncos never winning in K.C. this decade? Last week blew me away. The Chiefs looked like a bona-fide NFL team! There was even a Larry Johnson sighting. This however a team coached by Herm Edwards and I can't sanely pick them to win on the road against a decent Carolina team.

Lions over the Bears
I'm nuts to pick Detroit here. But I'm thinking the Matt Millen firing created some good karma for the Lions this week.

Broncos over the Bucs
Denver is home and apparently their defense really sucks. Maybe a home game outweighs the fact that they can't stop anybody.

Eagles over the Redskins
The Skins are surprising the hell out of me. But I like the Eagles better and I think they will bring Washington back to Earth. Just a note though: Santana Moss is one of the most underrated receivers in the game today. I love watching him play.

Cardinals over the Bills
I think the Bills defense is good enough to make Warner look bad again. Not that he needs any help with that because the man's fingers have been like butter since around 2003. But the Cards will upset the Bills and Warner will have a good day.

Saints over the Vikings
I think this will be a close one.

Colts over the Texans
The Texans have a tendency to play the Colts tough, especially at home. But Indy is desperate and even though they look terrible this year I think they squeak one out. Houston should be getting the ball to Steve Slaton more

Ravens over the Titans
In a low scoring game, the Ravens defense will force Collins into some deadly mistakes. Cue the Vince "I was drafted to be a starter" comments as the QB controversy heats up in Nashville.

Jags over the Steelers
I'm torn over this one. I know the Steelers can win in Jacksonville. I flipped a coin to be honest. Jags by 3.

Patriots over the 49ers
Cassel will have a better day than he did the last time out. The Patriots haven't forgotten how to win. Moss has to be saying, "just throw it long and high dude, --didn't you watch the highlights last year?"

Giants over the Seahawks
this would be a major upset if Seattle were to take this one. It's a trap game for the Giants. Again the home venue sways me for NY.

Chargers over the Dolphins
I bet the Chargers gameplan the single wing formation that the Dolphins killed the Patriots with. I sure like Darren Sproles for San Diego. That little guy is shifty and fast.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 4

Last week: 13-3
Overall: 31-16 (66%)

Picks for Week 4

Titans over the Vikings
-Kerry Collins continues to be stable for them and Johnson and Lendale White are great so far in the backfield. Vince who? However, the Vikings are more than capable of winning this if Frerotte has a decent game and Adrian Peterson can get break some tackles.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Nothing is ever a lock in the NFL but it would be a minor miracle for the Chiefs to pull this one out (even at home).

Saints over the 49ers.
San Fran has looked much better than I expected. But the Saints are desperate. They should win this. Then again, they've sure lost a lot of games the last couple of years that they should have won. On a side note, have you noticed Sean Payton is pretty conservative in critical situations. For a team that passes a lot, they sure get unimaginative in 3rd and short or when they are in situations that call for stepping on the gas, not letting off.

Jets over the Cardinals
The Jets have looked ok, but not good enough to win tough ball games. I'm going with the Jets against Arizona simply because they are at home. The Cardinals Ken Whisenhunt needs to grow a set of balls. With 2: 39 left in the game, he punts from midfield with a 4th and 5 against the Skins (who have shown some ability in their offense that past two games). He said that had it been a true 2 min situation he would have gone for it. What?! So that extra 39 seconds was the kicker for you? Are you insane? What do you have better odds with: Getting the ball back further pinned in your territory with less than 2 min to go, and then driving the field for a TD to tie the game, or going for 5 yards at midfield and driving for the tying TD? Is this really something I need to explain to him? Don't let this guy play poker in Vegas. He'd fold a full house, thinking a better hand will come along next time. It's incredible how stupid these coaches get in situations like this.

Packers over the Bucs
I continue to be impressed with Aaron Rodgers. Even in the loss to the Cowboys, he looked pretty decent. He made some mistakes but if the Cowboys hadn't been so dominant in their rushing attack, the Pack might have had a shot in that game.

Panthers over the Falcons
I have to go with the home team here. If Steve Smith can refrain from punching anyone he could have a big day.

Jags over the Texans
Jacksonville needs to start winning some games. They got lucky in Indy with the pass interference call, otherwise they are starting 0-3.

Browns over the Bengals
These are some bad football teams right now. It's tough to pick the Browns over the Bengals when Cincy is at home but I promised myself I wouldn't pick the Bengals again.

Chargers over the Raiders
This shouldn't be close.

Bills over the Rams.
I haven't picked my favorite team for any of their games so far and that won't change anytime soon. Now Bulger is benched and Trent Green is their guy again. Here's hoping he has better luck than last time he was in a Ram uni.

Cowboys over the Redskins
This will be interesting to see how the Skins fare against their rivals. They usually play them well, even in Dallas.

Bears over the Eagles
I know the Eagles are looking good and the Bears not so much in the past couple of games. But I'm going with the upset here because it's in Chicago.

Ravens over the Steelers
With Parker out and the Ravens probably planning to imitate the Eagles pass rush from last week I think the Ravens squeak one out in a low scoring game.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 3

Last Week: 8-7

Overall: 18-13

Picks for week 3:

Falcons over the Chiefs 24-14
It will be interesting to see if Matt Ryan can bounce back after a tough 2nd week. The Chiefs are coming to town so that helps. Herm Edwards should be fired about 7 weeks into the season if not sooner. He is a terrible coach and has been since he was with the Jets. We’re not too far off from a scenario where Edwards is fired, Romeo Crennell is fired, Marvin Lewis is fired, Tony Dungy retires, and everyone is talking about the departure of so many black coaches in one season. That would be weird and awkward for the NFL.

Bills over the Raiders 27-10
I’m liking these Bills more and more. I’m liking The Raider’s owner Al Davis less and less. What a dysfunctional franchise. You know, Al was a guy who for many years was ahead of his time. He was innovative and much needed in a dry and uptight NFL. Then he turned like 105, became totally insane and proceeded to drive his Raiders off a cliff. You know how sometimes your grandparents (or parents) become too old to drive and you decide to take the keys away from them and save the life of all the kids all up and down the block? It’s time for someone, maybe Roger Goodell, to take the keys away from Al. The carnage needs to stop.

Bears over the Bucs 23-20
Both defenses will probably score. Gruden will be pissed. But when isn’t he?

Titans over the Texans 17-14
Kerry Collins again? Seriously? As good as he might look in spurts, this guy will eventually look equally bad. Grow a pair of testicles Vince Young. And learn how to throw the ball. The Titans have a decent team and need you to become less…well…you.

Vikings over the Panthers 20-14
Washed up backups are all the rage these days. Call me crazy but I think Frerotte may have a decent day Sunday. The Vikings are sort of like the Titans. They have all the ingredients for success except the QB. That’s like saying you’re ready to make banana cream pie but you are all out of bananas.

Patriots over the Dolphins 20-7
Can’t the Pats suffer without Brady? Is that too much too ask? Burn in hell Belichick.

Giants over the Bengals 28-13
I’m pretty sure I’m not going to pick the Bengals again while Lewis is still coaching them. This team really sucks and it starts at the top.

Cardinals over the Redskins 23-21
The Skins looked unbelievable last week against the Saints. I’m mean, like who the hell was that team? How can they look so bad in week 1 and so good in week 2? Cards have looked decent both weeks so I’m picking them just based on consistency. I need to see it again from the Redskins before I’m a believer.

49ers over the Lions 26-20
Mike Martz has Isaac Bruce again and it’s good to see him playing well. The Rams could use him again. Hell, the Rams could use Mike Martz again. I can’t believe I just said that. That tells you the state of affairs with Linehan in St. Louis.

Seahawks over the Rams 32-14
Speaking of my Rams….they suck donkeys. Linehan and Bulger have managed to sink a high flying offense and that dude that used to coach the Saints hasn’t done much with the defense either. The Seahawks aren’t that good but when your playing the Rams you don’t need to be.

Broncos over the Saints 34-30
Cutler is cruising and the Saints are inconsistent (just like they were last year) so I’m going with Denver here.

Eagles over the Steelers 28-26
I like the Eagles this year. This will be another good test for them.

Jags over the Colts 23-17
The Jags are desperate and frankly Manning looks terrible this year. I know the line is decimated but he still looks shaky. That knee is part of it and not having Dallas Clark has been huge. Clark saved Manning many times in the past by grabbing balls that had no business being caught.

Ravens over the Browns 14-7
The Browns are supposed to be decent this year right? Hype sometimes is just hype.

Cowboys over the Packers 33-27
Romo and Rodgers are tearing it up and I’m actually very interested in this game.

Chargers over the Jets 24-14
You know, Darren Sproles is reminding me of Michael Turner. Someone who needs to see a few more carries in the game. I know that is blasphemy to suggest with Tomlinson on the team but he’s hurting this week and besides he needs to be spelled more at this point in his career.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

NFL Picks week 2

What I was impressed with in week 1:

- The Giants defense

- Matt Ryan and Michael Turner

- Roscoe Parrish looking Barry Sandersish

- Felix Jones

- Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler

Last week's picks results: 10-6

Picks for week 2:

---Bengals over the Titans 24-17
I know the Titans are a better team but Carson Palmer may just have one more game in him that remotely resembles himself from a couple of years ago.

----Steelers over the Browns 27-20
Pittsburgh looked too good last week to pick against them.

---Chargers over the Broncos 32-28
Denver looked great against the Raiders. But it was the Raiders. With Gates and Tomlinson hurting maybe I should pick the Broncos. I need to see the Broncos against a decent team before I start taking them seriously.

---Packers over the Lions 24- 14
Nothing has changed in Detroit. The Lions still suck. Shocker.

---Chiefs over the Raiders 10-7
I'm only going with the Chiefs because they are at home.

---Giants over the Rams 30-7
I've never been this disheartened as a Ram fan. Linehan must go.

---Colts over the Vikings 20-17 in overtime
The Colts didn't look good against the Bears. Particularly their defense. If Kyle Orton can shred them then it might be a long year.

---Patriots over the Jets 26-24
Other than the QB, I think the Pats are still better than the Jets. Granted, the QB is critical but Cassel hit receivers last week (and his receivers are very good) so if he doesn't make too many mistakes they can still win this game and maybe even the division. Having said that, I still hope the Jets and Favre trounce the Patriots and crush their hopes of a winning season into a finely powdered dust. I honestly would much rather see Brady fail on the field than have him injured but I seriously doubt all those teams the Patriots ran the score up on last year are crying over his injury too much. Karma baby. Karma.

---Dolphins over the Cardinals 23-17
I've picked Miami two weeks in a row now. That's weird.

---Seahawks over the 49ers 17-10
the Hawks are back home. After their debacle in Buffalo that's a good thing.

---Bucs over the Falcons 26-20
I need to see Atlanta against somebody besides Detroit before I start picking them.

---Saints over the Redskins 32-10
how can I pick the Skins after their throw-up game last week.

---Panthers over the Bears 24-20
Was that really Kyle Orton? An eternity in Hell is not worth it Kyle. Get that contract back now. I don't care if you signed it in blood.

---Jags over the Bills 28-23
Was last week a hiccup for the Jags? We'll see.

--Ravens over the Texans 19-7
I honestly don't know what to think of this game other than I know the Ravens defense will come to play.

---Cowboys over the Eagles 30-28
Should be a good game.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 1

Giants over the Redskins 17-3 ---Too early for Campbell in a new offense (again).

Lions over the Falcons 21-14 ----Ryan looks decent but I have trouble taking a rookie in his first start.

Bills over the Seahawks 13-10 ----Seahawks should win this but the Bills are at home and they surprise in the first week.

Jaguars over the Titans 24-20 ---This is going to be closer than it should be.

Dolphins over the Jets 17-14 ---Pennington knows the Jets and Favre needs a little more time to adjust.

Patriots over the Chiefs 38-7 ---as long as Brady is capable of playing, this should be a blowout. If he goes out then all bets are off.

Saints over the Bucs 28-14 ---I'm hopeful that last year's mistakes and injuries don't crop up again this year for New Orleans.

Eagles over the Rams 30-10 ---Too bad Kevin Curtis is out with a hernia. I would have liked for him to show the Rams that they made a mistake in letting him go.

Steelers over the Texans 24-17 ---I think the Steelers could be very good. But you just don't know what you'll get with them year to year. Andre Johnson is wasted on a team like the Texans.

Bengals over the Ravens 27-6 ---It would be nice to see Carson Palmer regain the brilliance he showed a couple of years ago.

Chargers over the Panthers 20-10 ---This is Delhomme's last year to prove he's a starter. I have my doubts.

Cardinals over the 49ers 10-7---yikes. I'm only interested in this to see how Smith's replacement does.

Cowbows over the Browns 28-24 ---The Browns were a hot pick early in the spring and summer and now I see people jumping off the bandwagon like it's on fire. I'm not sure about them yet but the Cowboys should be better this week.

Colts over the Bears 17-7 ---Does Manning need the pre-season? We'll see. The Bears defense lost some luster last year so I look for them to come after him.

Packers over the Vikings 10-3 ---Both have a decent team but a question mark at QB. Should be interesting.

Broncos over the Raiders 32-17 ---What the hell did the Raiders give up Moss for. He would be perfect with a strong armed QB like Russell. I know Al Davis is still alive but he's basically a walking corpse with a big checkbook. Did you see that Javon Walker deal? ouch.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NFL Football: 2008--The year I care again?

---I gave up on Pro Football last year. I did. I probably shouldn't have--- but the performance of two teams drove me to a level of apathy about the NFL that I wouldn't have thought possible just a year before. The teams responsible? First, my team, the St. Louis Rams were incredibly bad. Bag over the head bad. And second, the Patriots looked like a lock for the Vince Lombardi trophy all year long. I despise the Patriots and have since 2001. I have never seen a team look so good as they did last season. There was no chance they were losing in 2007. In fact rooting for teams to beat them was sort of like watching the movie Titanic and rooting for that stupid boat to miss the Iceberg. It would sure be cool but it ain't happening. Funny thing though, somehow the iceberg, not the boat, sank in the Superbowl. Go figure.

---You see because the Patriots had managed to win 3 Super Bowls in this first decade of the new millennium and that fact added to the dominance they showed last year caused me to forget a cardinal rule of the NFL. That is, NOTHING IS A LOCK IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. The last 3 Superbowl winners should drive that lesson home. Pittsburgh in 2006? I was ready to stick a fork in them by November of that season. The Colts in 2007? There defense was so atrocious nobody had them going to the Superbowl. Then Bob Sander shows up and they are the very definition of defense. The Giants last year? Please, Eli Manning was so inconsistent somebody needed to start feeding him fiber flakes just so something in his life could be regular. ----And yet all three of these underdogs won when it counted.

---Maybe the Patriots will win them all this year. Maybe they'll avenge the Superbowl loss that they were robbed of by an insane hail mary grab. Maybe they won't. The point is I should know that I can't let the evil nature and brilliant play of one hated team or the disappointment of my team discourage my passion for the pro game. My Rams might turn things around (doubtful for this year) and the Patriots might choke again (hopeful). A little unpredictability is a good thing and ironically something we can probably count on for the season.