Saturday, November 05, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 9

Chiefs over the Dolphins
Miami has a better chance than you might think to steal one in K.C. But lately Dolphin football is a lesson in crazy so I'm going with the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

Falcons over the Colts
Come on Indy! We need you to bail us out of the endless Andrew Luck/Payton Manning stories that will continue if you keep losing. Nobody wants to watch Luck ride the bench for 3-4 years if Manning heals up by next year. I know that's a big 'if" when you're talking about a neck injury but let's face it, if Manning plays again and the Colts have the number 1 pick, it's nothing but messy.

Saints over the Bucs
New Orleans is home but Tampa always plays the Saints tough so this one could be closer than expected. Who knows what to expect from the Saints? They just lost badly to the Rams last week so all year long we'll wonder which team will show up.

Bills over the Jets
I'm wondering if Plaxico Burress will even play this week with that bad back he has...but if he does I'm also wondering if I should start him in my fantasy league. 3 TDs last week was impressive. Can Sanchez find him again though?

Cowboys over the Seahawks
Demarcus Ware is a monster.

Texans over the Browns
Is Colt McCoy regressing? He should look to his counterpart  this week. Schaub doesn't seem to regress much. On the other hand he doesn't seem to improve much either. He's pretty steady and competent but can't seem to push it to the next level.

49ers over the Redskns
I wonder if the Niner's players ever get bugged about Jim Harbough getting all the credit for their turnaround? As long as they win, probably not.

Titans over the Bengals
I have no idea if Chris Johnson will ever be an elite running back again.It's like asking if Kim Kardashian will ever find love. In both cases, I could care less. Like Kim Kardashian, Johnson is an attention whore and thinks more of himself than than reality says he should. He's a home run hitter but if the big runs are gone, he's not the Titan's go-to guy. But whether Johnson helps Tennessee on Sunday or Javon Ringer does, or Hasselbeck does, I think they take down the surprising Bengals.

Raiders over the Broncos
Michael Bush is a capable fill-in for McFadden but what I'm really interested to see in this game is how Palmer fares at QB now that he has a couple of weeks in the Raider system.

Patriots over the Giants
 Two surprises for me in the leadup to this game. First, Eli Manning is having a really good first half of the season. After the mediocre year Eli had last season I figured maybe we had seen the best of what he had to offer. Apparently not. Second, Tom Brady started hot but has cooled a bit. His off games are still better than half the league. But only half. A lot of guys are throwing the ball well this year.

Cardinals over the Rams
I've lost hope in my Rams. The silver lining this week is that they are playing a team that's played nearly as bad as they have.

Packers over the Chargers
After last week's debacle I think San Diego would rather not see the best team in the league come to town.

Steelers over the Ravens
Supposedly these guys don't like each other. I think that's what makes this rivalry a good one.

Eagles over the Bears
I love watching LeSean McCoy run. To me he's a quicker and tougher version of Brian Westbrook.

Last Week: 9-4
Overall: 71-42 (63%)

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notacynic said...

If the Cowboys lose to the SeaTurkeys they will pack it in for the season. I hope they lose. ; )