Saturday, December 17, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 15

Jags over the Falcons 
Not sure what I was thinking here. I haven't totally bought into Atlanta yet I guess.

Cowboys over the Bucs
The Tampa coach is toast. Morris better start looking for a real estate agent.

Texans over the Panthers
Houston used to lose games they should have won. This year they've been unusually clutch.

Giants over Redskins
Defense is starting to pick it up and Manning and Cruz have been great.

Bills over the Dolphins
They've got to rediscover that early season magic. I can't figure out what happened to Fitzpatrick.

Bears over the Seahawks
Lynch has been great but the Bears defense can still roar.

Saints over the Vikings
I wish Jared Allen could play for a contender. Definitely one of my favorite players to watch.

Bengals over the Rams
St. Louis is so bad I have conveniently forgotten that I'm a Ram fan. Unless I remind myself like I just did. Dammit.

Titans over the Colts
Remember early in the season when Indy was playing their hearts out? Freeney and Mathis were impossible to block. I stopped watching their games so I'm not sure when that fire went out for the team in general. Maybe for most of the Colts it died the minute they found out Manning was shelved. 

Packers over the Chiefs
I have never seen someone throw a prettier pass than Aaron Rodgers. It's like a clinic out there. Super strong arm, spirals out of a QB's wet dream, uncanny accuracy for deep, mid-range and short balls. Elusive, and fast for a QB. Now you look back and wonder how Favre wasn't pushed out earlier. 

Raiders over the Lions
Famous former dirty team meet the NFL's current dirty team. Watch your backs.

Patriots over the Broncos
Tebow has been fun to watch. And agonizing to watch. But let's stop with the comparisons to Brady this week. Please. Brady is one of the best of all time. Tebow may not even start next season. The mania needs to end. 

Jets over the Eagles
Something's not right in Philly this year. I'm not sure what it is but it stinks. 

Cardinals over the Browns
 I need yards and TDs out of Beanie Wells. My fantasy playoffs are starting.

Ravens over the Chargers
Its all about the defense and Ray Rice.

49ers over the Steelers
This would be a statement game if San Fran can pull it off.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 127-77 (62%)

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