Friday, December 09, 2011

NFL Picks Week 14

Steelers over the Browns
I had this one picked when the schedules first came out.

Jets over the Chiefs
K.C is in flux and the Jets may be ready for a final push.

Bucs over the Jags
Tough one. It's in Jacksonville, but both teams have been so disappointing this season home field doesn't seem much of an advantage for either. It's time for Josh Freeman to recapture last season's consistency.

Patriots over the Redskins
I heard Colin Cowherd on the radio today saying this could be close. I'm not buying it. Patriots by 2 touchdowns at least.

Falcons over the Panthers
Matt Ryan looked bad last week. Really bad. His off games have convinced me that he'll never be an elite QB. But hey Atlanta, that's ok. In any given year there are only a few elite QBs. You can still win an Super Bowl with just a decent to good QB, provided you have some defense and running to pick up the slack.

Ravens over the Colts
I thought Archie Manning was spot on this last week in his comments about Manning and Luck and the negative aspects of having them play on the same team. Luck's too good to sit for 3 or 4 years if Manning heals. He needs to play soon. The Colts need to either part ways with Manning or swing a deal for picks and players and keep Manning around. Of course if Manning's neck is screwed and he has to retire then Indy will celebrate him and move on with Andrew Luck. I'm wondering now though if Luck will be the best pro out of the group of QBs coming into the NFL soon. Could Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin turn out to be better?

Dolphins over the Eagles
I want to pick Philly. They're in too much turmoil right not though. Miami is playing well and making a late season surge. I'm surprised to see Reggie Bush playing so well lately. He's showing signs that he could be a number 1 RB for a couple of years if given the chance.

Lions over the Vikings
I only care about this game because I want to see if the Lions will continue to implode.

Saints over the Titans
So Chris Johnson is finally starting to get his mojo back. Right in time to help beat my fantasy team. One more reason to hate. He may well run through the Saints defense like it's made of swiss cheese but the Saints can score too.

Bengals over the Texans
Without a solid QB, some would-be wins will be losses. It's inevitable.

Broncos over the Bears
Why not?

49ers over the Cardinals
Defense is winning games for San Fran.

Bills over the Chargers
Chargers are at home but Monday night's win still hasn't convinced me that they have things figured out.

Packers over the Raiders
I feel bad for Darren McFadden. There is a possibility that the last 2 years he could have been the best running back in the land. Instead he's injury prone and losing another season in his prime.

Giants over the Cowboys
it's a crap shoot with these guys.

Seahawks over the Rams
What used to be a good rivalry has fizzled and become perhaps one of the least desired games to watch of the 2011 season.

Last Week: 11-5
Overall: 116-72 (62%)

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