Sunday, July 24, 2011

NFL Labor Dispute: Ho Hum.

This NFL lockout of 2011 spring/summer has interested me about as much as an enema. Come to think of it the two concepts are similar. They aren't much fun but occasionally they are necessary. That's my take on the lockout. Labor dispute was inevitable in the NFL. The league is swimming in money and everyone wants as much of it as they can get. That takes some sorting out. So it was a little weird this off-season. Big deal. Things might be delayed a bit and some of the players are probably a bit out of shape but we probably won't miss any regular season games. And even if we did....the world moves on the league would have come back. I'm fairly fanatical about NFL football, as many of you are...but labor disputes every decade or so are par for the course. I've got a lot to keep me up at night, but worrying about a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and how they plan to split their money isn't one of them.

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