Thursday, October 06, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 5

Colts over the Chiefs
The Colts are playing hard even without much hope. I think Freeney and the defense take exception to the idea that Manning was the only reason for their prior success.

Saints over the Panthers
Cam Newton is better than expected. Wish we could say the same about the Saints defense to this point. They won't always outscore everybody as evidenced in the Packer game (week 1).

Eagles over the Bills
The name "Dream Team" name is dead according to Vick.  Are the regular old Eagles toast too?  I hope not. The league is better off if the Eagles are competitive.

Giants over the Seahawks
If the Giants can't beat this team we'll know they're frauds.

Steelers over the Titans
Hasselbeck is surprising me so far. Still, I'm convinced you can't trust him and that he'll be the on and off guy he was in Seattle. Chris Johnson is not as good as he thinks he is but I think you have to keep feeding him the ball. He's still got breakaway speed.

Bengals over the Jags.
Andy Dalton has been impressive as a rookie QB. Perhaps not Cam Newton impressive but the Bengals signal caller has shown some guts and skills.

Texans over the Raiders
The Texans need to take this division and step on it's throat. Is it in em? Their team history and their QB history doesn't suggest that so far.  But times change. At least Gary Gary Kubiak hopes so.

Bucs over the 49ers
I like both coaches.  This game intrigues me.

Patriots over the Jets
Games between these guys are never predictable. But you know the Pats want to stick it to Ryan's Jets.  If they get the chance they'll run up the score.

Broncos over the Chargers
The Chargers are over .500 this early in the season.  I'll channel my inner Lombardi and ask what the Hell's going out here?

Packers over the Falcons
The Pack look unstoppable.

Lions over the Bears
You know they'll be rocking in Detroit for Monday night. Gotta win this one right?

Last Week 10-6
Overall:: 37-26

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