Monday, October 10, 2011

Al Davis: Pioneer, Rebel, .......& certifiably crazy for a decade

Lots of glowing testimonials over the last couple of days over recently deceased Raider owner Al Davis. I guess that's to be expected and I guess that's appropriate. Al Davis did some great things.....many years ago. Many, many, many years ago. I'm appreciative of history though so I think it's ok to celebrate his impact in the old AFL, his record of hiring minorities, his willingness to go against the grain etc.  But even though many don't want to talk ill of those who have passed on, any discussion of Al Davis has to also include the fact that the guy was just plain nuts for the last 10 years. His decisions, actions, and attitude drove his own organization into the ground and we have to be honest that both he and the Raiders were a joke for most of the past decade.  Having said that,  a bad 10 years doesn't erase the 40 years before that made Al  Davis a legend. So I appreciate the young Al Davis who revolutionized some aspects of prof football and I mock the crazy old coot Al who gave me a decade full of "Weekend at Bernie's" jokes.   Rest in Peace Al. If you happen to make it to heaven try not to drive God crazy.

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