Thursday, November 17, 2011

NFL Picks: Week 11

Jets over the Broncos
I can't see the Broncos getting enough offense to win this. The Jets are no offensive juggernaut either but they should be good for at least 14-17 pts. Right?. I'm thinking something like NY 17 Denver 10.
Update: I just checked the Thursday night score and it looks like I've been Tebowed. Damn you Tim Tebow. .......Wait....Forgive me Tim Tebow. Forgive me. I'm pretty sure you've got more pull with God so I need you on my side.

Packers over the Bucs
The only teams that have a shot at the Packers are those that can score and at the same time have a defense that can produce a few turnovers. I don't see the Bucs at this point with either of those qualities.

Lions over the Panthers
The Panthers haven't looked as explosive as late. Is Newton hitting the rookie "wall"? No big deal, with this being a rebuilding season a nice draft pick would help next year's team.

Jaguars over the Browns
Just give the ball to Maurice Jones Drew.

Raiders over the Vikings
Minnesota is 5th in the league against the run so maybe Michael Bush won't go nuts this week. The Raiders just seem tougher than the Vikes though.

Bills over the Dolphins
Buffalo needs to get going again. I'm extremely impressed with Fred Jackson this year. He's another Kurt Warner type who had to fight to get into the league (ever heard of the NIFL or the UIF?) His career so far in the NFL has been so-so and then comes crazy numbers like he's having now. Doesn't make sense. Too bad he's already 30. Talk about a late bloomer.

Cowboys over the Redskins
Murray, Romo, Dez Bryant, Ware, ----the Cowboys have some explosive guys and the Skins don't. That should be enough in this one.

Ravens over the Bengals
This would be a huge step for Cincy if they could pull out a win in Baltimore. The Ravens haven't lost at home yet this year so I can't give Dalton and the Bengals the nod this week.

49ers over the Cardinals
Sounds weird to say that an Arizona win over San Fran would be a major upset. From year to year, the NFL has the best turnaround stories.

Rams over the Seahawks

Falcons over the Titans
Chris Johnson seems to be coming alive the last couple of weeks but the Titans are so inconsistent they can't be trusted. The Falcons are solid though. By the way, I liked the 4th down "go for it" attitude by Atlanta coach Mike Smith last week. Gutsy. Sure, maybe their defense stops New Orleans and they get the ball back. But I would bet that statistically speaking, the Falcons had a better shot at making that first down than they would have had getting the ball back in OT had they punted. I'll tell you this though, I didn't like the type of play that was called. A misdirection play or even a QB sneak had a better chance than a hand off straight up the gut.

Bears over the Chargers
I really want to pick San Diego here. But they always burn me. Got to go with the hot team here.

Giants over the Eagles
Philly couldn't handle the Giants at home and recent play gives us no reason to expect that they could take them out in NY.

Patriots over the Chiefs
I don't care if ex-Pats brass are holing up now in K.C. They can't play on the field and it's the field where Brady should destroy the K.C. secondary.

Last Week: 5-10
Overall:84-58 (59%)


notacynic said...

So, Bengals or Ravens? (You say Bengals in the headline but appear to contradict yourself in the text.)

The Armchair Quarterback said...

Good catch.I've fixed it now. I meant Ravens. Although I would love to see the Bengals take it. I watched Andy Dalton (as a TCU QB) destroy college teams I rooted for. I didn't like him then but now he's growing on me.

notacynic said...

Yeah, he beat the Badgers in the Rose Bowl last year. Helped, anyway.