Monday, October 03, 2005


A Ram Fan's Frustration

Is it just me, or is Mike Martz the worst game management coach you have ever seen in your life. This guy goes through timeouts like I go through toilet paper after a big bowl of chili. --Geez Mike, do you think maybe those things might come in handy at the end of a game? ---Now the Rams didn't end up needing those timeouts against the Giants yesterday,-- but they could have, had "Mad Mike" not decided to get cute in the 3rd quarter down only 10 points. He calls a reverse play on 3rd and 3 on the 6 yard line. Are you kidding me?! Now even if it hadn't been fumbled there were enough Giants not fooled by the play that it still would have gone for a loss. When asked about the play after the game Martz was more perplexed at who he had in the game at the time of the play. He was puzzled that it was Steven Jackson tossing the ball. Martz said, "Marshall always does it, and Marshall wasn't in the game," "And that's an issue for me. We've always practiced it with Marshall. And he's supposed to be in the game at that time, so there was some confusion. ... That's a coaching deal all the way." ---Really, Mike? A coaching deal? Do you think maybe your lack of protection for Bulger, your haphazard use of the running game, your atrocious attention to special teams play, your horrific clock management, not to mention your 2-2 record are "coaching deals" too? ---I do.

Other NFL Thoughts On Week 4

- I absolutely hate the Patriots so it made my day yesterday to see Drew Brees shred their depleted defense. I don't care how they lose as long as it happens. It seems weird that I could hate a team so bad that actually gets what it means to be a "team". Their players and coaches understand what it means to play the right way. Their organization defines class. And even though Belicheck has as much personality as a Ted Koppel, he is still a great coach and as a Ram's fan I would trade Martz for him in a heartbeat (see above paragraph). It's not just the Patriot's beating the 2000 Rams in the Super Bowl that turned me against the Patriots (although that certainly jumpstarted the hate). And it's not just that they have won 3 of the last 4 Superbowls and I'm ready for someone else to win it (although there is a certain New York Yankee type of hate going on here). There is something more to it that I'll try to explain in a later post. For now I'll just revel in their defeat. It may not come again this season.

-You knew Payton Manning would eventually run into a defense that was ripe for the pickings. All those fantasy owners who have Payton need to calm down. He's not going to have the year he had last year but it will still be a good one. There are enough bad defenses out there that the Colts will still post the numbers. Hopefully what they have learned is that when the good defenses clamp down and drop 8 into coverage, you take what you can get. Manning's problem against New England the past couple of years is that he has refused to take a page out of Tom Brady's book and just take what the defense will give you. He gets antsy and want to force those 15 -20 yarders if he hasn't had one in a few plays. With a better defense and maybe a lesson learned the Colts might be the ones holding the hardware this year.

-I have to agree with Peter King (as much as it pains me) that the Lions should have won their game yesterday with the Bucs. No way was that replay on the touchdown throw by Harrington indisputable evidence. The call should have stood.

-I think it's too bad the Bills don't have a QB that can match their defense. Losman might be good in a couple of years but it ain't happening this season.

-Washington is two lucky bombs (Dallas game) and a missed field goal (Seahawks kicker) away from being 1-2. I'm not sold on them and I'll bet Joe Gibbs isn't either.

-You just knew the Ravens/Jets game was going to be ugly didn't you? Two teams that can't throw, used to be able to run but now can't, and two head coaches that annoy the hell out of you. Sounds like a game that you didn't even check out the highlights of.

-So when does the Bronco's Jake Plummer become Mr. Hyde? So far he's dabbled with Dr. Jekkll pretty well. It helps that Mike Anderson is running well and the defense is solid. I'm impressed but still waiting on Plummer's implosion.

-I think Atlanta fans cringe everytime a defender gets close to Michael Vick. The silence was deafing in Atlanta when Vick went down on Sunday. The guy is the most exciting player (note: not the best, at least not yet) in the NFL. That sigh of relief you heard when Vick walked off the field wasn't just from the Atlanta faithful, it was from the NFL execs who know Vick is one of the NFL's meal tickets.

-I like Donovan McNabb. He's tough, classy, and a great player. What he did yesterday against the Chiefs was amazing. Now if ony Terrell Owens wasn't on the team, I could actully root for the Eagles.

-The Bengals have shown me that they can win against bad teams. Now I want to see what they do against good ones. Pittsburgh and Jacksonville coming up in the next few weeks. We'll see.

The American Male

My brother came over yesterday and found me in sweats, undershirt, no shave, no shower, and a box full of donuts watching an NFL game. He looked at me rather pathetically and said, "living the dream huh?"

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