Friday, October 07, 2005

Braves and Padres

Baseball Playoffs

Great game for Smoltz last night. I guarantee that if Maddux and Glavine had ever consistently pitched the way he has in the post-season, we would be talking about the Braves of the 90's in the same breath the 1996-2003 Yankees are mentioned. By the way, great HR by Brian MCcann against the Rocket. I think he soiled himself running around the bases. Can he really be 21 years old? Did someone do a birth certificate check on this kid? That face looks like he's 12. Okay....maybe a 12 year old on steroids but still, I'm betting that chin has never seen a razor.

What can we say about the Padres? I mean they were 2 games away from being a .500 team this season. Has there ever been a series where the outcome is this inevitable? Lindsay Lohan has a better chance of marrying a Papparazzi photographer than the Padres have of coming back against the Cardinals. I'm not even going to watch another game in this series. ---Unless of course the Padres get Lindsay Lohan in their lineup. Now that I'd watch.

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