Monday, October 10, 2005

NFL Thoughts: Week 5

Ram's Rant

---Imagine what the Ravens could do with the Ram's offense. Or what the Rams could do with the Ravens defense (and as long as we're swapping, can the Rams trade Martz for anybody?. Seriously anybody. That annoying Burger King mascot will even be ok with me) ----After writing this last sentence I clicked on ESPN's website and learned Martz might be gone 6 weeks due to his health. While I hope personally for Martz to rapidly return to full health for his and his family's sake, I do think the Ram's game management will improve. Still I feel a little guilty for the joke above. Ok... not too guilty but I had to say it.
Anyway, back to the point. It's sad to see teams that are good or great on one side of the ball and terrible on the other. You're always left with that bitter "what if" taste in your mouth (sort of like what Eagles fan face with T.O. ---"What if T.O. wasn't an absolute jerk and we could honestly root for him to do well this season" That kind of thing.) ........ If the Ram's defense can't even play average, then there is going to be many more sundays like yesterday. Bulger's and Holt's stats will be great but the losses will pile up. And as long as I'm on my soapbox, I'll throw my half a cent in on the Marshall Faulk situation in St. Louis. I know Steven Jackson is your starter but it might be wise to get Marshall some touches. Two weeks ago Faulk had only 6 carries and gained 50 yards. That's an 8.3 average! In the two games since he has carried the ball just 3 times and 0 times yesterday. He has looked quick this year and by no means ready for the rocking chair. I think Martz has taken Faulk's acceptance of a backup role to mean he can sweep him under the carpet. Despicable treatment of a guy who's been the face of the organization for a long time now. If he was showing signs of losing it (ala Eddie George in his last couple of years with the Titans) then I could understand, but the reverse is true. Faulk has shown flashes of his old self. We'll see how things go but I hope to see Marshall on the field on more than a few 3rd down situations.

Some other thoughts:

--The Jet's win over the Bucs didn't show us as much about New York as it did Tampa Bay. As Bronco fans found out, Brian Griese can look like the best QB in the NFL and the worst QB in the NFL in the span of two games.

--Come to think of it, Bronco fans have experienced the Griese experience with Jake Plummer as well (it's been rough since Elway retired). Although this season, with the notable exception of Jake's porn star mustache, Plummer's looked pretty good. The Broncos are 4-1 and sitting pretty in the AFC. The next 3 weeks are brutal though with the Patriots, Giants, and Eagles on deck. Word of advice for Jake: shave half the mustache off and freak out the D-linemen.

--Did Terry Bradshaw really make the comment that it was time for Brett Favre to hang them up and let the organization move on with Rodgers? I caught the end of segment where Greg Gumbel alluded to something like that. Some of these analysts like Bradshaw should have "BANDWAGON" tattoed to their foreheads. Bewteen the Bengal (Carson Palmer) Bandwagon and those ready to jump ship on Favre, I feel like the many of these so called "experts" forget that the season is not decided by week 5. The Packers are not a good team but neither is anyone else in the NFC North. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they could come back and win this division. It's a longshot but then again we were saying the same thing about the Packers in Week 5 of last year.

--I loved Dan Marino's comment to Bommer Esiason yesterday when Boomer tried to relate Alex's Smith's first half debacle to something all first year QB's experience. Dan shut Esiason up (no easy task) by saying "I never had that experience". It's true, Marino's rookie year was a thing of beauty and the only guy in recent memory to do anything close was Roethlisberger with the Steelers last year (even then the stats are no comparison). Hopefully Alex Smith gets better and not worse (David Carr sighting here) in the next couple of seasons. the way Esiason and Marino provided last year's tv comedy moment when Marino gave Boomer the stare of death after Esiason called Payton Manning "the Dan Marino of this generation". And no it wasn't a compliment. He was talking about playoff inefectiveness. Good stuff. If there weren't these kind of idiots on pre-game, post-game and halftime shows, I wouldn't even be watching. Keep up the good work Boomer!

--Speaking of tv idiots, I have to watch Sunday Night Football with the sound turned down because of Joe Theismann. It's too bad because Paul Maguire really gets descriptive in those replays. an ode to ESPN's Bill Simmons who does Maguire very well, here's a Maguire replay for you: "see this fist right here Joe? See that? Watch this, watch this right here, me knock your head in and shut you up. Bam!" ---Ahh. the sweet sound of silence. I am already getting the mute button ready for Monday Night Football next year when Joe (all knowing, name dropping) Theismann joins Al Michaels in the broadcast booth.

--Memo to Drew Bledsoe: Don't rip one of your guys for losing the ball when one of the main reasons you were kicked out of your two previous cities was for commiting turnovers. As well as Bledsoe played yesterday and as much as I dislike Keyshawn, Drew was out of line for yelling at Keyshawn (give me the damn ball) Johnson yesterday. It really was a pretty good hit and sometimes those type of fumbles happen no matter how well you are holding onto the ball. Even with Bledsoe's 10-3 touchdown interception ratio (a real surprise), he's got no room to talk when it comes to coughing up the ball. Just ask Tom Brady why he's starting in New England.

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