Friday, October 14, 2005

A Message to White Sox Fans from Tom Brady

Hey White Sox Fans, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots here. I know many of you must be feeling kind of hollow and empty about that win you got in game 2 huh? Hey there's no reason to feel guilty about wins that involve dubious mean controversy. A win is a win. You know, according to the rules, the tuck rule....uhh....I mean the umpire technically didn't have to make it clear whether or not it was an out or a ball in the dirt. There is no way to know for sure if the mean the Angels could have won that game even without the ref's help...uh...I mean the controversial ruling by the umpire. Hey anyway, keep your heads' up. Sure the media and the Angels won't let you forget it if you happen to win it all but at least you'll have the win. A win is a win whether it's legitimate in the world's eyes or not. Trust me, I have a ring to prove it.

signed Tom (long live the tuck rule) Brady.

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