Thursday, October 20, 2005



I was happy to see the Astros make the World Series. That is a baseball team that was due for some good karma. You just knew the people of Houston were saying the same thing Andy Pettitte said (Oh my God!)when he watched Pujols hit one out to win game 5. Similar to Cubs fans and Red Sox fans (prior to last year), some Astros fans were walking around yesterday morning with that "holy crap, we better not blow this" look on their faces. You have to hand it to this team who mid-way through the season looked like the only thing they had going for them was a shot at getting Bagwell and Berkman a calendar cover shoot for "Lumberjacks in Speedos". They really played well down the stretch and there is no doubt that their pitching is a huge part of their success.

A Place To Set My Cap

On the topic of pitching, I have a message for Roger Clemens. Pitch another year for the Astros and then retire. Under no circumstances should you ever pitch for another team. Has there ever been a guy like this (Lock Hall of Famer, Living Legend) who is widely respected in his ability and talked about as one of the greatest ever to play his position....and yet lacks an adoring fan base?(I guess A-Rod might qualify in a few years) I mean Red Sox fans despise him, Blue Jay fans feel he deserted them, and Yankee fans are pissed that he retired and then unretired for another team. Clemens is seen as a great pitcher but nobody loves him. Enter Astro fans. With the past two seasons Clemens has had in Houston, the fact that he is native Texan (never underestimate the power of this with people in Texas), and if he actually retires as an Astro, he will finally have a cap that he can wear in Cooperstown.

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dolphinfan said...

I'm not a big Clemens fan, but like Mike Jordan you have to admire what he has done. I picked the Astros to make it and now I'm picking them to win in six.