Saturday, October 29, 2005

College Football Thoughts Oct 29

Slippery Little Buggers Aren't They?
Amazing comeback by UCLA. I flipped their game on with 8 minutes to go (how lucky was that, to turn it on just at the right time?) and I'm thinking, "ok so the USC/UCLA game might not be the event I thought it might be", and in a matter of 3 or 4 minutes I'm thinking, "I can't believe Stanford is going to blow this thing." The Bruins must have some kind of twisted sense of humor to let all these teams go into the 4th quarter ahead and then rip their guts out in the last few minutes. But they can't keep doing this can they? I mean it's like me continuing to watch Lindsay Lohan movies with my wife---At some point this has to end badly. (Note: it might have happened at the end of Herbie:Fully Loaded when she realized that I was only paying attention to the movie when Lindsay was in a tight shirt or showing some cleavage)......anyway.....UCLA needs to kick it into gear a bit sooner or they are going to be sleeping on the couch too.

Settle Down People
Before people start dusting off a seat for Brady Quinn at the Heisman ceremony coming off that 400 yard plus game last week, they should realize it came against a BYU secondary that gave up 5 touchdown passes to Air Force today! Air Force has always been a running team but even these guys knew they could torch a defensive backfield that has to be one of the worst in the nation. Lucky for BYU, the Falcon's secondary might be worse. The Cougars hung 62 points on them today.

Cut Em Some Slack
The Gators didn't wow me today against Georgia (especially considering Shockley wasn't playing) but they are still in contention for the SEC and Urban Meyer has them playing tougher than Zook ever did. It will take another year (and better running of the option by the QB position) for his offensive system to click but I think they are headed in the right direction.

Caught a little bit of the Oklahoma/Nebraska game today. When does Bill Callahan start to get bricks thrown through his windows, or has that already begun?

Ok, Whatever
This is how sad football is at Kansas. They tore down the goalposts after beating Missouri today. Missouri? I mean, come on, they're no doormat but...please. That's the equivalent of Atlanta Hawk fans storming the court after beating the Toronto pre-season.


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dolphinfan said...

Bill Callihan is a joke. Name another coach who can take a team from the Super Bowl to a two win season in back to back years. How in the world did he land at Nebraska?

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