Friday, October 28, 2005

Marcus Vick and the Hokies

I thought that was a pretty good showing by VA Tech last night. Vick was as good as I've seen him this season. Yes, he does remind me of his brother but the guy he most reminds me of is Donovan McNabb when he played at Syracuse. Runs well when he needs to but has decent touch on his passes. I think this kid as shot at being better than older brother Michael. That's saying a lot because the Falcons star may not be the best passer in the NFL but he's still a force at QB because of his legs. Brother Marcus has a ways to go but other than a few bumps this season he has played great for a first year starter. If he can keep his head straight and not be tempted by the draft after the season, he will return as a frontrunner for the Heisman with a legitimate shot at being the first player chosen in the 2007 draft. We'll get a better idea of how good Vick and the Hokies are this season after they play Miami and possibly Florida State (ACC title game).

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Sports Litter said...

I would love to see Va Tech and FSU in the ACC championship game. I live in Jacksonville and am definetly getting tickets to that one. I'm off to the FL vs GA game tomorrow. I'll check back in here on Monday. Go Gators !!