Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Hold the Obituary

Put down your shovels. Slowly back away from the gravesite. Favre is not done yet. Favre silenced many critics last night when he performed some of his old magic and almost singlehandely brought the Packers back against the Panthers. It almost had Al Michaels wetting his pants. Does anyone really think Aaron Rodgers could pull off what Favre did last night? True, he's not what he used to be, but hell, he never was the god many sportswriters and broadcasters made him out to be. He's a hall of fame quarterback who has had some fantastic games but who also at time plays reckless and throws dumb interceptions. When he has a good team around him, he's awsome. When he has a so-so team or a bad team around him he's slighly less awesome. In truth, he's not going to be able to carry this Packers team into the playoffs by himself. He's going to have some magical games this season, but if last night is any indication, even that won't be enough for a team that has been gutted by free-agency and injuries. Still, putting in the rookie this season is not an option. I don't care if Favre is retiring after the season and getting Rodgers reps would help the Packers next season. You don't bench a Hall of Famer with a consecutive game streak in Green Bay. That would be like benching Cal Ripken before he retired. Not going to happen. The state of Wisconsin and the NFL world would never let the organization live that down. If Sherman does it, he might as well start writing his own pink slip now. ----Just sit back and enjoy Favre's moments this year. With the team he's got, they might be few and far between.

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UltimateWriter said...

Finding a quarterback who can actually play in this league is so difficult, the Pack should hang on to Farve for dear life. Too bad they aren't making any effort to surround him with half-way decent offensive talent. That's not how you treat a hall of famer (see Dan Marino).