Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Knicks scored 72 points, shot 42% last night against the Jazz, and had 23 turnovers. Sounds like a recipe for losing doesn't it? Not when the Jazz shoot 29% from the field and only score 62 points. Kirilenko's out, Boozer is still out (I'm worried about the toughness of this guy) and Utah couldn't buy a bucket last night. Oh boy.


dolphinfan said...

Larry Brown has a great reputation of being able to build championship caliber teams in a few seasons. I think that reputation is going to be challenged in New York.

Tony said...

Just shows how much Kirilenko and Boozer are needed on that team. The Knicks played to lose...and without those two mentioned players, the Jazz played to lose better.

Brown should had never left Detroit. NY is a reconstruction team right now. Their fans don't even know what the Knicks are doing.

BTW: Thanks for the warm welcome

buster said...

Were did you think of the armchair Qaurterback?

The Armchair Quarterback said...

not very original I'm afraid. Armchair Quarterback is a pretty common term for many of us not involved in the sporting world but who tend to think we know what's what in sports. Usually we're a bit dillusional.