Saturday, November 26, 2005

College Football Thoughts for Nov 26th

-LSU, Miami, Notre Dame, & Texas all won but none of them looked great doing it. Still at this time of year I'm not sure any team should feel bad about a win, no matter how ugly. It's tough to make it through the season without some hiccups. Notre Dame's close call though gives a little more ammunition to Oregon supporters like me who think money shouldn't rule the decision on major bowl games.....yes I still believe in Santa Claus, why do you ask?

-Nevada is not a bad team (8-3) but Fresno State's run defense is
as soft as my favorite quilt (I love that thing!). I'm guessing Nevada has similar feelings of affection for Fresno's "D" as they dashed their way through holes the size of Rhode Island (261 rushing yards given up). Suddenly Reggie Bush's near 300 yards against the Bulldogs, while still incredible, isn't as superhuman as it seemed.

-I know that Florida lost some key games this year but they beat
Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida State. Now, none were as good as pre-season hype led us to believe, but they are hated rivals. Doesn't that buy Urban Meyer at least a year before Gator fans torch his house and sell his wife and kids on e-bay?

-Oklahoma and Nebraska fans can also call off the dogs as both teams got badly needed aesthetic victories. Neither was awful this year, but a 6 win regular season just wouldn't have cut it for these former Big 12 powerhouses. Prior to the Callahan experience, wasn't Frank Solich run out of Nebraska for eking out 9 wins? The nerve of that guy!


insomniac said...

Even if money didn't dictate BCS decisions (which is less likely than Santa landing on your roof this tmas), it's hard to argue that Oregon is deserving of a BCS bid. Through no fault of their own, the Pac 10 is pretty weak this year. My UCLA Bruins were able to get to this point in conference play with one loss, and their defense is one of the worst in the nation. Oregon has only one quality win, and that was a squeaker against Fresno State. (I'll still give the Bulldogs credit as a good team despite the loss to Nevada. That was just a classic letdown game after the battle with 'SC.)

Honestly, the only chance of Oregon getting a BCS bid is for the Ducks' sports information department to start circulating pictures of Oregon's cheerleaders (easily the hottest in the nation) to the networks. Then they might demand they be given a spot in prime time and a warm weather city. Otherwise, be prepared for more nauseating television pieces on Notre Dame's return to glory.

Benny said...

Florida, though losing 3 games, still had a good year beating the big 3. Gators fans will be happy with that. The Gators WILL win a national championship with Meyer. He'll get his players and tweak his system to fit in the SEC.

Sports Litter said...

Us Florida fans still love Urban Meyer and are still excited to see what he can do once he can get some of his players on the team. Zook gave him some nice weapons to work with, but Meyer has an unusual offensive system that will need certain types of players.

Florida will end the season 9-3 which is solid for his first year. Going undefeated at home was huge, something Zook could never do.

Greg said...

I was happy that Florida beat Florida St. I'm a Michigan fan, so, realistically I didn't care that much. But I just can't stand Florida St. and Bowden. B.C. should have beaten Florida State months ago, but they blew it (per usual). Nice to see Florida walk away with one.