Saturday, November 05, 2005

College Football Thoughts: Nov 5

Some quick thoughts on Saturday's college football action:

What did BCS officials put in Marcus Vick's gatorade during the VA Tech/Miami game? Very disappointing performance by Vick and the Hokies. I know Miami's defense is good but Tech's offense was flatter than Kiera Knightley.

Texas and USC looked awesome again. Bush, Leinart, and Vince Young are the reason these guys are undefeated and should be the top 3 in votes received for the Heisman. That will be a close vote.

Another quarter and we would have had them!
UCLA bummed me out today. I had been hoping for a undefeated showdown between the Bruins and Trojans later this month. The boys from L.A. played with matches one too many times and finally got burned.

The ugly sister
Alabama is undefeated but they're not blowing your socks off are they? (sit down Bama fans, I'm ignoring you) It doesn't matter if they win out, if they continue to perform offensively like they have been the past few weeks, and the Longhorns and Trojans are still undefeated, nobody will have a beef that the Crimson Tide aren't invited to the party (still ignoring you Alabama folks). I will say this though, Alabama ought to have the chance to show what they can do if they run the table. A playoff system? What a novel idea.

Pink slip anyone?
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Trev Alberts on ESPN. Did this network watch any of Lou Holtz's press conferences when he was a coach? He lives in a world where coaches and officials should not be questioned, criticized, or ever be held accountable. No team should ever be thought of in bad terms. It's not like I have some sick need to hear negative stuff but his rosy view about everything gets annoying. It destroys his credibility. No new insight is ever given by Lou. No real analysis ever comes forth. I now have the mute button ready to fire when the Holtzinator speaks.


Tim Moore said...

UCLA's loss definatly took some steam out of a great USC UCLA game later in the season.... it would (and could still) be a good game

dolphinfan said...

I'm glad that UCLA lost now because they have been over-rated all season and USC is going to crush them. Now it will just look like they beat another average team.