Sunday, November 20, 2005

College Football Thoughts for Nov 19th

First of all I had to work on Saturday and didn't get home until around 8 pm (MST). No college football for me. I missed Rivalry
Saturday! Obviously being tired and pissed, the only logical thing to do was sit down and watch a tivo-ed episode of "Ghost Whisperer" with my wife (don't ask). I totally forgot that USC was playing Fresno St at this same time and it was only by randomly flipping channels that I came upon the last part of the game. After seeing the score and getting an update on Reggie Bush's stats I proceeded to whack myself upside the head with a crowbar. - Holy Dick Cheney, did Bush have himself a game or what?! I'm not a big Trojan fan but I do like to watch exciting players. I think Bush qualifies. 513 total yards. 294 yards rushing.

Other Thoughts:

-USC still has to play a potent offense against UCLA and most likely Texas. They better hope Leinart, Bush, or White come up with their usual magic because that defense has not looked very good at times. - Put your tongue back in your mouth Vince Young. It's not polite to drool.

-I'm somewhat of a Texas Tech fan but even I can admit that I don't think that TD was valid that won it for the Red Raiders against Oklahoma. It sure looked like he was down before he got that ball across the goal line.

-Penn St. has to be the biggest surprise for me this year. They are flat out good and Robinson their QB is a star. I still think Joe Paterno ought to retire though. Why not go out in a blaze of glory? Or at least before we need to get him Hubble telescope lenses for those glasses.

-I think Oregon should be ranked ahead of both Notre Dame and Ohio St. There, I said it. Go Ducks. Any team that wears that color scheme should be given the benefit of the doubt.

-BYU and Utah played a pretty exciting game in the big rivalry matchup for my state. At least that's what I've heard. Deep breath. ok moving on.....Despite the loss, BYU is moving in the right direction. They are bowl eligible, which is step forward after 3 years of losing - The Utes 6 wins are a far cry from last year's undefeated season but they are a young team (QB was only 18) and maybe next year they will win some of the tight ones they couldn't close this year.

-Why does it seem that every Big Ten game is played for some kind of goofy trophy like a bucket, pig, axe, or the fossilized head of Woody Hayes? And do coaches actually use these things as extra motivation? Big Ten Championships are nice. But if you've got yourself a nice piece of pork in the trophy case then you've got something special.


Tony said...

As a PSU fan, I'm just happy they made it to the BCS. Too bad they weren't undefeated or they would have a chance to win the title...I really hate the BCSh**

Sports Litter said...

Man I know what it's like trying to watch sports when you have a woman in your life. My girlfriend constantly feels like watching reruns of The Golden Girls is more important than Sunday Night Football. And I don't even have a tivo :-(

Bush put up some sick numbers, and should win himself a Heisman, but I still think Texas can whoop them.

dolphinfan said...

Bush won the Heisman Saturday night in an amazing performance that may be the best of his career.

Sooners got hosed but we move on.

Corey said...

I agree on the Big Ten trophies, but you should look for the story behind Floyd of Rosedale, it's a great story of a man fighting a descriminatory system for his right to play football.

How the pig actually became part of the equation is less special.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

you're right about the history behind the trophy. It's a great reminder of what went on in this country. Too bad they don't play for the Ozzie Simmons trophy. Then schmucks like me wouldn't poke fun at the award.

buster said...

513 yards was his total of the game? I did not get to wach it because I went to the OU OSU game.