Monday, November 14, 2005

NFL Thoughts: Week 10

Well, that was definitive wasn't it? The Rams needed this game to save their season. I knew it was going to be a bad day when Bulger threw a perfect 1st quarter pass to Holt who was 10 yards from the goal line---he had beaten two defenders---a sure touchdown---and Holt didn't even see the ball until it bounced on the ground.

-It was ugly defensively for the Rams. Seattle could not be stopped on 3rd down. Hasselbeck made throws at crucial points and Alexander killed them running left all day long. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go break every window in my house.

By order of Sir Vick, I am not allowed to criticize his quarterbacking today. The Pack didn't make a lot of mistakes and they played pretty good defense all day on Vi....I mean they kept contained.

Let's see. Patriots need a TD to win with less than 3 minutes to go. I wonder how this one turned out.

Shannahan vs. Al Davis. One of these days Al is going to send a hit squad to Denver. Either that or he will just show up at Mike's house naked and without his shades on at 3 am. Cardiac arrest doesn't leave a trail.

--Great game again by the Broncos. They just don't make mistakes on offense or defense. Speaking of making mistakes, I was a little nervous for Collins at the end of this game. After all, a lot of those Oakland fans are wearing sharp pointy objects as part of their game attire. Two words for you Kerry. Police Escort.

I'm pretty sure Tom Coughlin turned a shade of Minnesota purple by the end of this thing. Really not a great day for NY. These are the teams you need to bust out the whooping stick on... not have that stick shoved down your own throat and pulled out your rectum.

--I know the Vikes won but it doesn't say much for your team when your only TDs come courtesy of your special teams and defense.

I watched Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson today and wondered how much we would be talking about this guy if he was on another team. Maybe the Eagles and Texans can work something out in the offseason involving Owens. The focus in Houston would still be on something negative but at least it wouldn't involve their games.

- Indy looks very efficient. Can they go undefeated? I'm starting to wonder. Tough games ahead. You would think at least one of the contenders they'll play will knock them off.

I came away with a couple of questions after this game. First of all, which local junior college loaned their uniforms to the Bears for the day?. Second, after a game of insane wind like this one had, do kickers from both teams go to a pub, get wasted out of their minds, and laugh hysterically until bar patrons slap them silly and yell "pull it together man!"?

-Also, Cedric Benson's injury made me cringe. Good thing Chicago stockpiles running backs. Adrian Peterson really came through for them (120 yards).

What's up with Trent Green this year? He doesn't look good at all. J.P. Losman outplayed him today and the Bills defense looked really good. I'm pretty sure Vermeil cried after this one.

First Vermeil last week. Now this. Gruden goes for two instead of tying the game up in the final seconds. I love this call. Now maybe if I'm a Buc fan, I'm chewing my fingernails off before the snap, and if it doesn't work I'm buying "Chucky" dolls and burning them in effigy, but come on-- this call took some testicular fortitude.

---Chris Simms played great and can expect papa Phil to drop by the house later to take him out for ice cream.

-A good game by Portis (144 yards) was wasted by the Skins but still, Washington is a lot of fun to watch this year. I used to tune in to games only to see how many times the camera would pan to Daniel Snyder after a bad play. I think he started hiding because he knew I was watching.

On the positive side for the Jets they held Steve Smith to 34 yards receiving. On the negative side, Jets QB Brooks Bollinger completed half his passes to Carolina defenders.

Matt Leinart a Raven? Phillip Rivers? It better be somebody else next year because Kyle Boller isn't the answer for Baltimore.

-Matt Jones played like the freak he's supposed to be today. He has made a couple of highlight reel catches this year but this was a career day (117 yards) for him. The Jaguars remaining schedule means this team will have a very nice record by the end of the year. If they can continue to score, then even taking down the Colts might be possible.

Joey Harrington, 3 TDs, 0 interceptions, 66% completion rate. Breathe. That's it. Take a deep breath. We're all going to get through this together. Remember, he was a first round pick. your hyperventilating again...stop. Just stop. He played well today, he really did, and Roy Williams is back, it's going to be just fine. Now all we have to do is figure out whether Joey starts over Jeff Garcia next week. Oh for crying out loud...get an inhaler!

"Sometimes you don't need anybody. Sometimes you need to use everybody." Tommy Maddox really has a way with words. Uh...Tommy, I'm pretty sure you do need somebody to take the snap. The Steelers had to use Batch, Maddox, and even Randle-El at QB due to Batch injuring his hand in the game. --Kinda crazy.

--Watching the success of Randle-El and Hines Ward at wide receiver after being converted from college QBs reminded me of the days when Kordell Stewart was called "Slash". Does anybody remember those games he played at WR for Pittsburgh and absolutely destroyed defensive backs? He could have been a great wide-out. He was adamant about playing QB though. I think his career (or lack of one) helped guys like Randle-El, Ward, and the Jaguars Matt Jones realize that yeah, they could probably play QB in the league (and be pretty average) or they could play a position that would really utilize their skills and allow them to be successful. Kordell had a couple of decent years at QB but I would be willing to bet his rookie card that he would have made a difference at wide receiver.

-Now I'm not saying all athletic QBs need to be converted to different positions. That's the kind of thinking that hopefully doesn't rear its head any more. Now more than ever with the speed in the game of football, an athletic QB can be a huge advantage. I'm just saying that not all guys, athletic or not, are cut out to be Pro QB's (Joey Harrington alert here). The difference is that if you are a great athlete (Matt Jones, Randle El, etc.) you have other options that should be seriously looked at. Ok, I'm now stepping down from the soapbox. Damn thing's too high anyway.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

Hey Arm Chair great sports blog. Yes, I am a huge Bucs fan, who was at the game and I did chew my fingernails off before Alstott's two points. It was one of the best football games I have seen, specially for the Bucs offense to keep us in it specially for the win. Check out my Buc Blog at

David Arnott said...

Good call on Kordell. Atlanta really needs to pick him up as their backup. First, it makes the backup at least similar to the starter, so it's not much of an adjustment for the offense should he need to come in. And second, they could put both him and Vick into shotgun formation, Vick on the left and Slash on the right, with three wideouts and Duckett between them and nobody would know what was gonna come.

buster said...

I agree Vick does hold the football well. And the pocket does kill him.