Sunday, November 13, 2005

College Football Thoughts: Nov 12th

Look out here come the Bulldogs
-USC looked pretty decent against Cal but they better not look past Fresno St. (8-1) just because they are in the WAC. If they make the mistake of anticipating the UCLA game too early it might just end up being the battle between 1 loss teams in Southern California.

-Curse you Alabama. The last hope of really screwing up the BCS (unless something crazy happens with the Longhorns or Trojans) fell when the Crimson Tide did. Can you imagine the literal frothing at the mouth that would have gone on in the SEC conference if Alabama had gone undefeated and not played in the National Championship game (especially with Auburn being burned last year). That is exactly what we needed. A bunch of College Presidents from a power conference like the SEC saying, "screw the BCS" would have really mixed things up.

Texas A&M has to be one of the most disappointing teams in America this year. I really though Reggie McNeal was headed for a breakout year and the Aggies were going to give Texas a run this year.

Luck of the Quinn
- I'm reluctantly admitting that Brady Quinn for Notre Dame has been impressive this year. He looks good when he throws. Of course it helps that he has two NFL ready receivers to chuck it to (Stovall & Samardija). These two guys could be twins (except for the minor fact that one's black and one's white with a really bad 80's hairdo) with the way they play and the insane catches that they come down with. If you put a clip together with the top 25 catches in college football this year, these guys might be on a third of them.

Is there a site for
-Would somebody please punch Steve Spurrier out. Anybody? Dammit.

Speaking of nice hands
- Sophmore BYU Tight End Johnny Harline will be playing in the NFL someday. He made an incredible catch in the end zone Saturday that made me almost wet my pants. His 52 catches and 734 yards this year are second in the nation for Tight Ends. He catches anything and everything. By the way nice job for BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall who despite fielding a terrible defensive secondary, resurrected a program that had been driven into the ground in less than 3 years by former coach Gary Crowton. The Cougars are bowl eligible and will most likely end the regular season 7-4.

The letdowns
-Most disappointing teams this past week: Texas Tech, Florida, Alabama, & Georgia.


Alex said...

One thing I'm curious about is why SEC teams seem to do so poorly in the BCS rankings, when the SEC is generally considered one of, if not the deepest conference in football.

buster said...

I cant believe that Alabama lost that game can you.