Saturday, November 05, 2005

....Or Not

Terrell Owens suspended indefinitely? In terms of signing T.O., how many times a day do you think Andy Reid says to himself, "what the hell were we thinking?" Also which team is going to step up and take their dose of T.O. up the wazoo next? You know there is another coach out there with an ego big enough to think he can control him. An experience my secretary had recently reminds me of the Owens situation. She really wanted to avoid getting the flu this year and the Human Resources office was offering free flu shots for employees. She knew that flu shots do some really good things for people. She also knew that these shots had given her problems in the past. She desperately wanted to stay healthy this year. So she took the risk and went and got the flu shot. Well, the result was inevitable. The next day she had a high fever, was running for the john every couple of minutes and basically had the worst case of the flu that she had ever had. She blamed the flu shot but she also blamed herself because she knew that for her, the risk was high. My point is obvious. The Eagles knew what they were getting. Any team in the future that is stupid enough to try this little game of T.O. roulette deserves what they get.

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