Thursday, December 15, 2005

When we said "World" we didn't mean you!

Our Treasury department has decided the Cubans won't get to play in the World Baseball Classic citing policies regarding Cuba and Castro. On the flip side if the Iraqis actually had a baseball team they could send one now. If the Cubans really want to play in this thing they better ask us nicely to come invade and oust their dictator.


dolphinfan said...

More than politics Cuba might actually be able to field a team that could win.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

Dolphinfan has got a point. Our great government sticks their noses in everything we do.

Douglas Scott S. said...

haha.. i love the title.. i dont have a problem w/ them not playing, its fine w/ me.

i heard a-rod wont be playing.. thats interesting. it was funny when he said the dominican republic team would be more focused on winning and that the american team would view the whole thing as an exhibition.. but umm can you actually see manny, tejada, ortiz, etc. taking anything seriously? it would seem like the other way around..

The Simulator said...

well, then again, not all of the cuban team will actually be from the U.S. The guys from Cuba would certainly take it more seriously and they would probably be in for a good fight with the U.S.

by the way, wanna trade links?