Friday, December 30, 2005

Can I get you something to go with that can of whoop-ass?

Ok, so I said I wouldn't be posting this week but I just had to say something about the University of Utah's complete dominance over Georgia Tech in the super-important Emerald Bowl last night. Tech's defense was I believe in the top 10 and the Utes made them look silly. Utah's backup QB shredded them for 381 yards and 4 TDs. It's always hilarious how teams like Georgia Tech and Oregon for that matter, get pouty about not getting the bowl bid they deserve and then lay a total turd on the field against a team they felt were beneath them. In the case of Oregon, I was one of the ones saying they deserved a BCS bowl. ---My bad. Oklahoma has been getting better and better that last half of the season but they aren't at BCS level this year. Neither were the Ducks apparently. Anyway back to the Utes....they rock! Sorta. I mean they ended up 7-5 (and I'm not sure I had ever heard of the Emerald Bowl before last night) so let's not get crazy here but I'm working 15 hour days when I should be taking vacation this week so a little happiness goes a long way. Ok then. I'm done. ---Utah Utes 2005 Emerald Bowl Champions!!! ---Sorry.


dolphinfan said...

Great game by the Utes!

buster said...

I had the same broblem I could not help but to post. The Utes did play good