Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Random Thoughts

Some quick thoughts today

1. Michael Vick may not ever live up to his hype but since I'm not a Falcon fan or Falcon hater I don't care. I still tivo his games.

2. Warrick Dunn is the other reason I watch Falcon games. That and to see if I can catch a glimpse of Jim Mora going back on his promise to abstain from the smelling salts. "just a quickie guys, just a quickie!...ahhhhhhhhh ...damn thats good."

3. Did Pat Riley pull Stan Van Gundy into a dark room with a single lampshade hanging over the table and say, "It's your choice on what you want to say at the press conference but know this...your done." Or did Stan just know that conversation was coming and he decided to save himself the sight of Riley dripping hair grease as he hovered over him. Either way, he was pushed out. I'm not saying Riley shouldn't be the coach. His pedigree is longer and better than Van Gundy's. Lets just be honest about why he's taking over. I haven't seen this much political manipulation in the NBA since....well....since Larry Brown.

4. Ron Artest is certifiably insane. Lets take a quick look at the past year and a half of his life through his eyes.

-Last year your team was being touted as a championship contender and you are seen as one of the best all-around (defense, offense, rebounding) players in the game. It's only logical then to mention to the Pacers and the world that even though the season has just started you are going to need a month off. Burnout is real baby, and you would be better off the second half of the season if you could take some quality time now to rest, relax and you know...promote a rap album. Cause your business ...no not basketball business....your real business...."Tru Warier" records (check it out you won't regret) really needs you.

-the next step in the how to win friends and influence teamates playbook is to go apeshit on some Detroit kid in the stands who just soiled himself as you prepare to take his head off (never mind that it's not even the guy who threw the cup at you.....speaking of which, do you know how dangerous those cups are? don't get me started on this...the paper cuts those things can cause are legit). The bonus part is you get some time off now and a good buddy (O'Neal) to hang with. The Pacer's season is screwed but "Tru Warier" records is off the hook.

-Now you are playing again and the Pacers are seen again as a legitmate contender. Your ability to excell in so many aspects of the game evokes faint comparisons to your boss Larry Legend. People tell you that you need to lay low this year, just play hard and your image can be rebuilt. Image? You're Ron Artest and Tru Warier records is the "shit", so what's to rebuild? Too much negativity in Pacerville baby. A change of scenery and people who understand a "tru warier's" needs is what the doctor ordered.

Ron Artest is not a bad guy. He's just freaking crazy. NBA players, they're fannnntastic!


Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with you, I also am not a Vick fan, but I love Warrick Dunn. He is the only bright spot on that team to me.

Then again I am partial to Dunn since he is an ex-buc.

buster said...

i kNOW THIS IS A OLD POST BUT i LIKE IT! Keep up the good work!