Monday, December 12, 2005

NFL Thoughts: Week 14

Vikings are supposedly on a hot streak. yippee. All I know is that my Rams are hard to watch on offense now (and that hurts, it really does). Harvard dude is mobile but like many rookies, completely lost. Does Mike Martz laugh or cry about this? If you're crying Mike, could you pass the tissue box?

It's good San Diego has the weather they do in January because the coming winter months are going to suck for them. Talk about a winter of regret.
-I've said it before but Chris Chambers is a very good WR. Frerotte made some of the best throws I've ever seen him make in the second half of this game. San Diego had to be thinking, "wait, who the hell is this?...we didn't gameplan this."


This game proved what most of us already knew. The Bears need to improve on offense to go deep into the playoffs. If their defense doesn't at least score once for them and the opposing team scores at at least 3 touchdowns, then Chicago is toast. I think Grossman needs a chance when he's healthy.
-The Steelers are one team that the Bears can't out-tough. Talk about old school. Bettis and Ward's TDs were some serious smashmouth. Not my favorite kind of game but effective considering who they were playing and the weather conditions. The snow was some nice icing for their cake.

I've taken my shots at Bledsoe this year and I really thought even with less than average KC defense, he would still find a way to lose the game for Dallas. What can I say Drew, I'm sorry. 300+ yards, 3 TDs. Impressive. hell of a game. I'll never doubt you again. Oh who am I kidding. Of course I will.


Other than some turnovers, I thought the Jaguars played a pretty solid game. Problem is, those turnovers really are killers and you need more than solid to beat the Colts. Marvin Harrison is one of the best receivers I've seen in the past ten years. Sure he's had Payton, but I'm convinced he would be great anywhere.

The Pats scare the hell out of me. I really would like to believe they will make an early exit in the playoffs. My gut tells me otherwise and that they have another date with Indy. Anything's possible with Brady in January. Is Brady undefeated in cold weather games? Anybody got a stat on this?


Did you see the shanked kick at the end? Saying it was shanked is actually being too kind. I'm joining the conspiracy theorists on this one. Somebody had to have walked up to the Texan's kicker before he went out for the snap and said "Think Reggie Bush. Do you want to keep your nuts?"

I'm just sad Curtis Martin is out for the year. One of my favorite running backs over the years.

I know the Raven defense can be tough but I'm guessing not too many have the Broncos rated #2 in the league anymore.


After playing Seattle tough last time, San Fran looked like a 6th grader at the high school prom yesterday.
Hasselbeck was great and Alexander continues his possible run at an MVP. I look forward to the Colts game. If Indy plays their starters for the whole game it will give us an idea of how good Seattle is against the AFC elite. If the Seahawks play them close or beat them then we might have the makings of an interesting SuperBowl.

I thought it was a mistake when I read that Palmer was under 100 yards passing for the game. Not exactly a statement game considering the scrappy Browns aren't at their level but it had to be a good sign for the Bengals that if Palmer is a little off, Rudi Johnson can step it up.

I have no idea how to read this division. The Bucs are certainly looking like the favorite now. They've beaten Atlanta and Carolina in the past month now and are much tougher than anyone expected. I'm not a Panther fan so I would rather see the Bucs or Falcons win out.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

There was some great games this week. I am happy for Dolphin fans, and yes, Chris Chamber is a great WR. I have him on my fantasy team. I am also glad the bears fell. Armchair, you forgot the best game on Sunday. Well ok maybe not the best game unless you are a huge Bucs fan like I am. The Bucs look like they might make a serious run into the post season. But I could have told you that, but then again I am partial.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

I've added it now. I think Williams is an exciting runner if they can continue to run well then they will have a realistic shot at a playoff run. Simms is getting better but isn't ready to shoulder it alone.

Alex said...

I'm not sure about cold weather games, but Brady is 9-0 in his career in the playoffs, which bears mention. If they can have some semblance of a run defense, I like their chances against anyone except Indy.

dolphinfan said...

The Dolphins have won three in a row and are now wondering about games that got away from them. Miami is still "alive" in the play-off hunt but are very much on life support. The next time New England wins the plug will be pulled on the Dolphins.

Sports Litter said...

The Jags played awful. Don't let the score fool you. You are right about the turnovers though, Brady had 3 fumbles himself!

The Jags only scored because the Colts went into Prevent. It was all garbage time points at the end.

mike d said...

Don't know if you saw it but they flashed stat during the Pats game that Brady/Pats were 6-0, now 7-0, when it's less than 32 degrees out.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

well that does it then, I'm praying for a warm spell.

Pradamaster said...

Colts have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, so if the Pats and Colts played in the postseason, it would be in the dome, where weather won't be a factor.

This is a key point, because New England has only defeated the Colts once in the dome (the goal line stand 2 years ago). All the other wins were outside.

buster said...

I am not a 49ers fn but I think your rite.