Monday, December 19, 2005

NFL Thoughts: Week 15

I like college football and all but I don't mind the fact that when it's on break for a month, I get NFL action on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That's a festivus for the rest of us.

I'm still under the gun at work to complete a huge project before the end of the year. My time for writing in this blog is sparse so again just a few thoughts this week.

--So congratulations to Lovie Smith for doing what many of us have been calling for: --give Grossman a shot when he gets healthy. Anybody who watched their game knows that when Grossman was in and there was a 3rd and long, there was actually a shot for a 1st down. It's the weirdest thing in the world for a 1st place team's fans to go ballistic when the backup QB comes into the game. If that doesn't sum up how bad the Bear's passing offense has been this season, I don't know what does. Grossman will throw more interceptions than Orton (in large part because they may actully throw it more) and it may cost them a game at some point. But how is that any worse than their offense costing them a game by not scoring? Grossman is not the second coming of Manning or Brady but he gives the Bear's offense something it hasn't had all season. Hope

--Vick looked about as uncofortable in the cold weather as I've ever seen from a QB. Horrible game.

--If it sets up as predicted the Jags will play the Patriots in the first round of the Playoffs. To me this is the easiest game of the year to call. Brady is the best QB in the NFL. Yes even bettter than Manning. It pains me to state this because I can't stand him, his coach or his team but If I've got to have clutch quality play from a quarterback in a crucial game, I'm taking Brady over Manning any day of the week. I've been saying it for awhile now but I think the Pats are still the most dangerous team standing in the Colt's way to the SuperBowl (especially since I don't think the Chargers will even be around for the postseason) . I'm still picking the Colts but I'm not sure it's out of conviction or just because I can't stand the thought of the Patriots back in the SuperBowl.

--Kudos to another Utah State guy (my Aggies are few and far between in this league so I've got to plug them when I can) , tight end Chris Cooley from the Redskins who scored 3 TDs yesterday. He's had a nice season for Washington.

--Speaking of Utah State guys, the Rams second leading receiver, Kevin Curtis had better hope Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't play another game this season for St. Louis. After week 11 Curtis had 48 catches for 678 yards. Since then, the rookie Fitzpatrick has taken over at QB and Curtis has had only 6 catches in 4 games for a total of 82 yards. 56 of those yards were in that crazy Houston game where he took a short receiver screen pass and won the game for the Rams in OT. What a waste of an offensive weapon.

--teams that surprised me this week: the Redskins, Texans, and the Jets (they lost but played tough against a decent Dolphin team)

--teams that didn't surprise me this week: the Chargers, Bucs, and Falcons.

--The Seahawks are winning and are the top ranked team in the NFC right now, but isn't it ridiculous that if the Chargers (who most likely won't even make the playoffs in the AFC) were in the NFC they would be without a doubt the odds on favorite for the SuperBowl. That doesn't say a whole lot about the conference.


dolphinfan said...

You have to mention my Dolphins cruising their way into just missing the play-offs.

LOL you said, "festivus for the rest of us."

buster said...

I hope my twice a day for every week visit is keeping your site at a good average per day. Because you have a good site.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

Thanks for visiting Buster. Tell your dad that his Dolphins played a nice game yesterday and if they can get a QB next year they will be a team to watch out for.

buster said...

Its okay people make mastakes thanks for the comment.

buster said...

Who is Lovie Smith and Vick did have a horible game.

Sports Litter said...

I never would have though Lovie would put Grossman in. The Bears were winning without him. But I guess if a starter loses his job to injury, it should be his when he gets back.

Kevin Kimmis said...

- I don't think Smith's decision to pull Orton means Grossman is going to be the better quarterback next year ... just for right now. Orton had a pretty good year at Purdue before being drafted, and he may yet surprise Rex at next year's camp. That being said, I like Chicago's playoff chances with Grossman in. He looked good.

- I live in Edmonton; our local American affiliates are all from Spokane; and that means I have watched more Seahawks games than I ever wanted to (thank God for Sunday Ticket). As such, I agree 100% that Seattle's record is not indicative of anything more than the weakness of their division in particular and the NFC generally. The Ghost of Dave Kreig still haunts this team, and as such they won't make the Superbowl -- Chicago or Carolina has a better shot.

- I hate the Patriots. Please let Miami rise up and kick the crap out of these guys next year.

dolphinfan said...

" I hate the Patriots. Please let Miami rise up and kick the crap out of these guys next year. "

Amen brother!

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with everything you said Armchair. I think Grossman does give the bears a better shot.

After the beating my Bucs took, I pick Tom Brady over any QB and I pick the Pats for the SuperBowl. Sore Dolphinfan, maybe next year. I would rather see the Dolphins in it then the Pats but then again I would rather see the Bucs in it then the Seahawks.

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I meant sorry Dolphinfan, I got typing to fast.