Sunday, December 04, 2005

NFL Thoughts: Week 13

Only a few thoughts on this week's action. Couldn't watch any games so I'm relying on highlights and box scores:


- As a Ram fan I think I know how Ravens fans feel in a bizzaro world kind of way. One part of their team has always sucked, sucks now, and for the foreseeable future will continue to suck. No, I'm not talking about Brian Billick, but yes, he could qualify on a couple of those points. It's their offense that is similar in futility to the Ram's defense. Ram defense is a complete oxymoron. They don't play any. Redskins running backs have petitioned the NFL for 8 games against the Rams next year. No word on a league response but Portis is planning to dress as Mike Martz for his next alternative personality interview.


- The Bears defense is their best offense. These guys are starting to get a lot of hype like the Ravens and the Bucs did a few years back. You know what, I think they deserve it. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they won a Super Bowl with a score of 17-3 and the defense scored 14 of their points. I'm officially on their defense bandwagon. Is it ok if I don't sit next to Kyle Orton?


-I was frankly expecting a little more out of Garrard for the Jaguars today. His numbers don't look that great but I guess he must have picked it up in the second half with a couple of key touchdowns. I guess if your going to stink it up, it's better to get it out of the way early (that's why my office always smells better in the afternoon). It's a good sign that he could make plays when they needed to pull ahead. Also, Jones isn't a bad fill in for Fred Taylor, but when Fred is healthy and running well he's a weapon that makes the Jags a different offense.
- and congrats to the Browns for finally getting a running back (Droughns) to 1,000 yards. Who do they send that ball to, Art Modell?

-The Bucs got a needed win especially with Carolina beating Atlanta. Just like I thought, the Saints always play Tampa Bay tough. I cannot figure this division out though. It wouldn't surprise me if Tampa Bay, Carolina, or Atlanta won or lost a majority of their remaining games. It would seem that Carolina has the inside track. I'm not sold on Delhomme yet but I think if Foster can stay healthy he's a better back than people know.


-Biggest surprise for me the past few weeks? It would have to be the Chiefs. I honestly thought they would tank in the second half of the season. Good for them. It should make the AFC a little more exciting down the stretch. - Some Chief fan wrote a comment to me today that I thought was hilarious. He felt that I hadn't given enough respect to Tony Gonzalez and wrote, "you have proven that you were a highschool kicker and that is about all you should write about. Please do us all a favor and just write facts-not trash talk players in the NFL that are proven pro-bowler caliber year in and year out."
It was anonymous so I'm not entirely sure it wasn't Tony, but seeing how he had a game today, I'm going to assume it's somebody with a crush on Tony who gets a little butt hurt when somebody isn't singing the praises of the guy that he's got posters of on every wall in his room. It's funny first because I couldn't trash talk my way out of a high school cheerleader catfight, and second because of course blogs should be strictly about facts. That's some good reading. I stand chastened. Also, I indeed was a high school kicker but sadly my stories would tend to be embellished (60 yarders etc.) so again, facts here would get lost in the shuffle. By the way, I think Tony Gonzalez is a pretty good tight end. Dammit.... facts, not opinions. I'll work on it.


-Once you get past the fact that the Dolphins won with a guy named Sage at QB then you can appreciate the way they won this game. That was a clutch throw and catch with not a lot of ticks left on the clock. I've always liked Chris Chambers, he makes some amazing catches.
-Nice first 15 minutes for JP Losman and Lee Evans. They need to remember there are 3 of those quarter thingys left.


-Maybe we were wrong about that boat cruise scandal for the Vikings. Maybe they just needed a little lovin to get them going. Maybe Tice said, "two boats?, listen you bunch of numbnuts, if your going to do something then do it right! Now go out and apologize for the cameras and make sure you sign up for one of the 8 yachts I've got chartered for thursday night." Reports are that Mariucchi tried the same thing before he got canned but wires got crossed and "exotic dancers" was interpreted as toxic dangers. He ended up with a ship full of Matt Millen's jockey shorts.


Sports Litter said...

Garrard's stats do not look impressive because of the many many dropped passes Jimmy Smith and Wilford suffered from. Smith dropped 2-3 EASY catches right in his hands. Wilford dropped a td catch that hit him in the hands.

The game could have looked a lot different. We didn't rush Frye until the second half, and it showed.

Have faith in Garrard.. he can lead this team

buster said...

The Bears Defense is good and there offense is ok And I agree they are getting better.

The Zoner said...

Bears offense is pathetic, anemic and other adjectives that smarter people can come up with to describe how inept it is.

But agreed abou tthe Chiefs. I thought they would be total dogs and they are showing me wrong.

dolphinfan said...

The Bears will make a lot of noise just because of their defense. They can control just about any game.

Greg said...

Problem is, if a team scores more than 17 points on the Bears, they're in trouble. That's what happens when your QB is physically unable to throw the ball farther than 5 yards downfield. But their defense will give you a hot lunch, everytime.