Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shoes, uniform, and washable corporate tatoos are on aisle 10.

-As I saw ESPN's airbrushed pic of an emasculated Johnny Damon today, I wondered what would happen if the "Boss" and Johnny talk in the near future. I imagine something like this:

Damon-"Yo, George, hows it hanging?"

Steinbrenner-"how's what hanging?"

(awkward pause)

Damon-"thats cool dude, thanks for the cash. Hey how about we forget about this whole haircut, anti-beard vibe you got going on here?"

Steinbrenner-"Mr. Damon I'll see you on the field this spring."

Damon - "Wait man, ...hey I just wanted to say I think your an idiot"

Steinbrenner- "Excuse me?" What the hell did you just say?"

Damon-" it's cool, I'm an idiot too. It's a compliment dude."

(Steinbrenner walks out the door with a face as purple as A-Rods lips.)

Say this for the Yankees, they're not boring. I just can't figure out their clubhouse though. Could you find a better collection of guys that have less in common with each other?


buster said...

I am not abig of the yankies but my Granpa I am at my Grandpas house alote because we live so close and my Grandpa is alwas wathing the Yankies. He knows every new thing that happens to the yankies so he tells me alote of storeis about them. So mabe I do know a litle bit about them.

buster said...

Sory I mest on a sentese so I ment my Granpa is. Hey now were even on mystakes.

dolphinfan said...

We are working with Buster on his grammer and spelling.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

I'm still working on mine too.

Greg said...

My favorite thing is the need for ESPN to photoshop the Damon pictures. That's so cutting edge, man. Like, whoa.

ESPN stinks.

Funny conversation though. Strangely, I can see it happening.

benny said...

I wonder who out of those who make more than $10 million is the stingiest? Like maybe A-Rod will shop around so he can save 10 cents on a roll of toliet paper.

but I agree the combination of all those players is very odd

Sports Litter said...

I'm gonna miss the Grizzley Adams look.