Sunday, October 28, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 8

---During the offseason I had high hopes for the Rams. I thought this might be the year to take a weak division. At worst I thought they might be a .500 team. Not in my wildest dreams did I think they would be worse than the Raiders and Browns. So do I start looking to the draft yet? Somebody shoot me please. Actually don't shoot me. That's just a figure of speech you know. But seriously somebody shoot me please.

----How sick am I? It's Sunday, a fairly religious day in the Christian world and yet I'm watching part of the Patriots game (I don't know why I torture myself) and I'm praying for Brady to suffer a broken leg and Belichick to be taken out hard on some play going out of bounds. I'm mean I really want them both physically hurt. I'm not well. My Rams are 0-8. Did I mention that?

---My prediction for the big game next week: I think the Colts will make it competitive but it will still be a 14 to 21 point victory for the Pats. Think back to the playoffs last year. The Patriots almost beat them with crappy receivers. A few bounces went the Colts way and a few bounces went against New England. It could very easily have ended differently. Now the Pats have the weapons and I just can't see enough breaks going the Colts way. Believe me I wish I could see it differently but the Colts are playing great football and the Pats are playing superhero type football. It's like they are Batman and the Colts are Robin. Unless the injury bug hits New England (new voodoo dolls are being worked on--trust me) and/or they sit their starters for the last game of the season, they will smash through the regular and post-season undefeated. Bastards.

---What a crappy game in London. But what the hell, I mean the Brits are used to seeing boring games. They get low scoring snore-fests on a regular basis with their own version of "football".

---I can't believe how uninteresting the teams are in the NFL season are this season. The Chargers and Saints are starting to show some life which is encouraging but there are so many uninspiring teams out there that my NFL Sunday ticket on Direct TV is really being wasted. I just don't care about many of the teams or players. This is the season that will finally drive me to playing fantasy football. I've resisted for years but I can tell that with my Rams abysmally bad for the foreseeable future I'm going to need something to get me more excited about my favorite sport.

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